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Vidya Bhushan Rawat accounts life of a person who was born in poor dalit family  but  achived excellance at par.  Dr Bachchu Lals’ life is an inspiration to those who aspire to rise high despite disabilities of caste and wealth. He comes from the lowest of the low rung among the untouchables in India and yet could […]

It is a great victory to the aspirations of the civil society in India. The sensitization has turned out to be quite effective. The state government acted on the news and has removed Principal from the job displaced him. The principal sprinkled cow urine on the Scheduled caste(Dalits) to purify them because they belonged to […]

 Prashant Tambe writes.on Apr 25th, 2007 “Dear friends for the cause… The post khairlanji protests and the way they were made and the support it got made people and even activists think that may be dalits are insured for at least five years !! we never knew it would be so short lived !!!. sources […]

Delhi University faculty and students for Equal Opportunity have called for a demonstration at Jantarmantar from 12:00 noon to 2:00 PM on Tuesday, 25th April, 2007, against the repeated lewd rulings of the Supreme Court’s against reservation for OBC in institutions of higher education. Nowhere in the world (with the exception of India ) judges […]

The latest face off in Vidarbha’s caste battles is unfolding in a school in Bhandara district. Madhavi Raut, a teacher in the school, allegedly sprinkled cow urine on Dalit students to purify them. The act led to an uproar forcing Raut to apologise. But days later, she still insists she hadn’t singled out Dalit students. […]

 A Dalit in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh has created a history of sorts when he showed the temerity to defy the upper castes in the caste-based Indian society. Surender Ahirwaar, a Dalit bachelor, decided to sit on a horse bedecked as a bridegroom and lead his wedding procession when he gets married. […]

The ZP school runs classes from the standards I-VII and has 210 students, including 20 Dalit students. Last month, Tilottama Tembhurkar, headmistress of the school, who belongs to a ‘lower’ caste, was transferred but not relieved of her charge. However, teachers from the In the last week of March, Tembhurkar handed over charge to senior […]