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Vidya Bhushan Rawat accounts life of a person who was born in poor dalit family  but  achived excellance at par.  Dr Bachchu Lals’ life is an inspiration to those who aspire to rise high despite disabilities of caste and wealth. He comes from the lowest of the low rung among the untouchables in India and yet could […]

It is a great victory to the aspirations of the civil society in India. The sensitization has turned out to be quite effective. The state government acted on the news and has removed Principal from the job displaced him. The principal sprinkled cow urine on the Scheduled caste(Dalits) to purify them because they belonged to […]

 Prashant Tambe writes.on Apr 25th, 2007 “Dear friends for the cause… The post khairlanji protests and the way they were made and the support it got made people and even activists think that may be dalits are insured for at least five years !! we never knew it would be so short lived !!!. sources […]

Delhi University faculty and students for Equal Opportunity have called for a demonstration at Jantarmantar from 12:00 noon to 2:00 PM on Tuesday, 25th April, 2007, against the repeated lewd rulings of the Supreme Court’s against reservation for OBC in institutions of higher education. Nowhere in the world (with the exception of India ) judges […]

The latest face off in Vidarbha’s caste battles is unfolding in a school in Bhandara district. Madhavi Raut, a teacher in the school, allegedly sprinkled cow urine on Dalit students to purify them. The act led to an uproar forcing Raut to apologise. But days later, she still insists she hadn’t singled out Dalit students. […]

 A Dalit in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh has created a history of sorts when he showed the temerity to defy the upper castes in the caste-based Indian society. Surender Ahirwaar, a Dalit bachelor, decided to sit on a horse bedecked as a bridegroom and lead his wedding procession when he gets married. […]

The ZP school runs classes from the standards I-VII and has 210 students, including 20 Dalit students. Last month, Tilottama Tembhurkar, headmistress of the school, who belongs to a ‘lower’ caste, was transferred but not relieved of her charge. However, teachers from the In the last week of March, Tembhurkar handed over charge to senior […]

A theatrical performance from Prof Sanjay Jiwane on Khairlanji Massacre got clearance form the censor board today. It was shame on Indian censorship that it affords special consideration for bollywood 3rd grade movies but thinks  inappropriate to give clearance to the drama based on real happening thats potrays true picture of Indian society, nothing more nothing less. […]

Journalism is called the fourth pillar of democracy and media has always raised a vociferous debate on the caste cauldron in society. But has the Fourth Estate itself ignored the principles of democracy in their institutions? According to a survey conducted across the newsrooms of top newspapers and television news networks by Centre for Study […]

This is yet another shocking news from Bhandara district. The district is already  into limelight for wrong reasons;  horrendous Khairlanji Massacre happened here last September. We all know after Khairlanji incident, entire Maharashtra along with many parts of India burnt for many days. Khairlanji Massacre was nude dance of inhumanity. The fate of Khairlanji case  still hangs in uncertainty; credit goes to upper caste […]

A Dalit youth was severely assaulted by some upper caste people after he dared to enter the altar of a ‘yajna’ and participate in the puja in Nuapada village under Aul block on Wednesday. A 10-day ‘asta prahari yajna’ is being organised by the villagers to propitiate the village deity. Though a large number of […]

This is a field study done by Vidya Bhushan Rawat. We feel happy in sharing his study with our readers. Hope readers find it effective in reaching out to those who are least reached due to heinous caste system.  Laar is a small town in Deoria district of Eastern Uttar-Pradesh. Like any other town in Uttar-Pradesh, this […]

A  dalit boy was asked to prove his non-indulgance in  crime in a very strange way in Solapur last week. Though such cases are not so uncommon here. The inhuman brutalities and sufferings are the order of the day for the depressed sections of societyin India, only form changes.  In this case, a boy coming from converted buddhist background was forcibly asked […]

T.S. Ranganna reports that many governmental departments do not have specific programmes for their welfare. Some of the  departments divert funds mandated for  Dalit welfare to other purposes.  There is strong need that Finance Department should review implementation of SC/ST programmes.  Following is a case for study, it depicts sorry state of affairs in Karnataka State. While […]

Ms Swati from Stockholm reports.. “A demonstration was held in Stockholm city. We worked hard towards mobilizing students and people but we were 17 people on the day of demonstration, there were many factors and things we learnt in the process. We, Joanne D’silva and I,  are very grateful to Dalit solidarity network for supporting […]

 For the Dalits of this non-descript village in Srirangapatna taluk, Ambedkar Jayanti was ironically a bitter day. Despite the presence of Rapid Action Force and Karnataka State Reserve Police platoons in the village, the Dalits are still in a state of terror after a brutal attack on them by caste Hindus on Friday. Indeed, the […]

As many as 17 Dalit panchayat presidents in Madurai district admit that caste-based discrimination, including the `two-tumbler’ system, still exists in their villages. A few of them even allege that the vice-presidents, mostly caste Hindus, occupy chairs at official meetings while they sit on the floor as “mute spectators”. The presidents have signed a statement […]

Ms Swati reports from Sweden: “We started the seminar with the introduction of Prof Adsule ( Mumbai University) and Mr. Hans Magnusson (Member of Dalit Solidarity Network). In the first part of session, we screened  documentary ‘Lesser human’, and in the second half we showed a 4 minutes documentary which highlighted important statistics of increasing atrocities and brutalities on Dalits in […]

For the first time in Pakistan’s history, the 116th Birthday of Baba Saheb Dr B. R. Ambedkar was celebrated in three different cities of Pakistan and attended by thousands of people. 1. The first function was held in Lahore on April 13 where Governor Punjab Khalid Maqbool was the chief guest. I (Surendar Valasai) also […]

The students of DR. B.R. Ambedkar hostel at Gaya had organized a procession in the morning. They had already informed the administration about the program. When the students reached near the statue of Baba Saheb they found the gates of the park closed and the whole campus and the statue was very dirty. They sat […]

Around 1,000 Dalits in Orissa’s Kendrapda district Saturday embraced Buddhism in protest against having been denied entry into a Hindu temple by upper castes and the local administration despite a court order. About 2,000 Dalits of Keradagarh and its nearby villages in the coastal district of Kendrapda congregated at Aul village, 30 km from here, […]

The nation Saturday remembered Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, father of the Indian constitution, great economist and Champion of human rights, on his 116th birth anniversary.  Pic01 PM paying tributes (File picture) Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress chief Sonia Gandhi led a battery of political leaders to pay floral tributes at his statue in the parliament […]

Following lines are poems composed by the saints from progressive humanist-spiritual  movement in India. Indian society is so much infested with deadly caste virus; it requires great psychological effort on part of Common man to bring in scientific temper into practice which in turn would throw out caste-virus from minds. —————————————————————————- What plight of humans(Dalits)! From the belly rises […]

Hollywood director Roland Joffe’s ‘The Invaders’, has met with a unique controversy. The $-40-million project, said to be an Indian version of ‘Braveheart’, with the first Anglo-Maratha war as its plot, tells the story of the defeat of the English by the Marathas. However, Raja Sekhar Vundru, editor of ‘Dalit Millennium’ says the movie would […]

In the latest simmering caste-bound conflict, the upper caste parents have stopped sending their wards to a government-run primary school in a remote village under Marshaghai tehsil Kendrapara district of Orissa to register their protest against cooking of mid-day meals by scheduled caste women. The state of affairs is showing signs of snowballing into a […]

The community of Big Brother winner Shilpa Shetty(bollywood actress) ran ‘Bollywood’ dance bars in Mumbai where Dalit women worked as prostitutes, it has been claimed. Dr Sanjay Aparanti, Deputy Commissioner of Police in Mumbai, who had the bars closed down, told Black Britain that there used to be several Bollywood dance bars in the area: […]

“Surveys by the NSSO and the NFHS classify people on the basis of their broad responses and do not enumerate the caste categories”, says Rajalaxmi  THE recent Supreme Court order staying the 27 per cent reservation for Other Backward Classes in admissions to Central higher educational institutions has raised the issue of the validity of […]

The accused in the case of burning a dalit woman, a mother of 3 kids was arrested today reports Atrocitynews correspondant. The Police Inspector, Mr Tamgadge(47) who is in charge of Mohadi Police station, was when contacted by the correspondant, told that Mr Babu Bhagat, the absconding killer of Indubhai Tandekar,  mother of 3, is arrested. He […]

UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination calls on Indian government to find a solution to segregation. Caste discrimination also has a religious dimension. The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) has called on the Indian government to ensure an immediate end to violence against Dalits and repeal the ‘Armed […]

A Dalit woman was allegedly set on fire by an upper caste man in a Maharashtra village, about 12 km from Khairlanji in Bhandara district, where a full-scale caste war nearly erupted six months ago when four Dalits from one family were killed over a dispute with upper caste villagers. Pic01 : Mother of 3 […]

In an interview with Tehlka correspondant, Arundhati Roy, a celebrated writter from India wished many things to be changed. Something which may struck immediately to a civilised nation is captured in following paragraph. It is also one of the bold statements which carrries tremendous real time weightage; if India is to progress in 21st century. […]

INDIA UNTOUCHED will make it impossible for anyone in India to deny that Untouchability is still practiced today. Director Stalin K. and his team spent four years traveling the length and breadth of India to bear witness to the continued exclusion and segregation of those considered as ‘Untouchables’ . The film introduces leading Benares scholars […]

Hubli, April 7: A departmental inquiry has been ordered into the case of a Dalit primary school teacher who had set herself ablaze following harassment at the workplace, Karnataka Minister for Primary and Secondary Education Basavaraj Horatti said today. On April four, the teacher working at the Venkatapur village primary school, had tried to burn […]

As a Class IX student, Hari Kishen Pippal pulled a rickshaw at night, hoping to fund his education after his shoemaker father was laid low by paralysis. Now the 56-year-old Dalit owns a state-of-the-art hospital in the Taj Mahal town. In these parts of western Uttar Pradesh, several Dalit entrepreneurs run hotels, own factories, even […]

Defination of democracy: “Government of the people, by the people, for the people … ”  President Abraham Lincoln Defination of democracy deficit ( Source:WIKI): A democratic deficit is considered to be occurring when ostensibly democratic organizations or institutions (particularly governments) are seen to be falling short of fulfilling the principles of the parliamentary democracy in […]

West Bengal does not usually feature in the list of Indian states with caste discrimination. Uddalak Mukherjee and Anusua Mukherjee travel to Malda and discover that the real picture might be different .   Pic01: Any sign of change?  “No group ever sets itself up as the One without at once setting up the Other […]

clash writes to Atrocitynews in a very natural flow and concatenates the events that followed pre and post Khairlanji…  . “There are some sections of the society that holds the view point that, these atrocities never happen anymore in shining India. Reservation for sure is a contentious issue and it should not be used for […]

Prime Minister of India, said to be a regular economist and passed out from London School Of Economics says he has not applied his mind on ‘caste census’ issue. Either such ignorance on the part of alumnus indicates fall of LSE or  suggests fall of Indian democratic institution where  premier is not acquainted with existing Social evil and its infestations; affords […]

Peaceful demonstrations are planned in Sweden against Caste discrimination and caste based atrocities in India. We must remember such protests worldwide do six things 1. They make Indian Public administration responsible for observing rule of law 2. Possible Worldwide sensitisation and help for suffering individuals 3. Educate global civil society on global human rights movement […]

As a follow-up of the worldwide protest against caste discrimination, Indian students in Sweden have organised series of lectures in Stockholm. The topic for next-lecture is, though new to the audience, but is illuminating in many ways. The topic is related to burning issue: ‘caste virus’. Such series of lectures would go long way to […]