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Supreme Court on Monday took strong view of khap panchayat troubling dalits in Haryana and resorting to rasta roko agitation for withdrawal of cases against upper caste people in the Mirchpur village burning case. A conglomeration of 12 khap panchayats had blocked traffic for 11 days demanding release of accused in the Mirchpur case, whom […]

Please find the comment of  Justice Ms. Sheela Khanna, the Chairperson of Madhya Praesh State Commission for Protection of Child Rights, made to the AHRC staff members during a visit to the Commission in October 2010….. “My suggestion is to appoint a Brahmin priest in each of these centres and require the priest to verify the horoscope of […]

Yesterday was the January 2011. This was 62th Republic day of India. On this day Dr Ambedkar handed over the ‘Magna Carta of human rights, equality and freedom’, also known as ‘the constitution of India,’ to the Nation in 1951. We see today the followers of Dr Ambedkar committed to the constitutional vision despite the rapes, atrocities and […]

Osmanabad District in Maharastra saw a brutal caste atrocity in day light could have given black image to the developing attire of Indianess . This is not a new chapter in the history of caste India.  Four minor girls from Terkheda village belonging to Paradhi Community were forcefully taken for ride by the high caste groups. They were raped and humiliated. The kind of caste […]

  Three Dalit youths were allegedly paraded naked by a panchayat for stealing a grass cutting machine at Sonta village here. Not just that, teh atrocities against Dalits also encompassed a fine of Rs 3,000, which was imposed on Adesh, Ajit and Nitu, all aged between 20 to 25 years, sources said today. Anil, a […]

JIND: The Jat agitation seems to be heading for a showdown as the situation remained fluid at the dharna spot on the railway tracks near Jind railway station on Friday after protesters rejected Haryana government’s move for CBI probe into the Mirchpur caste violence. The government on the other hand maintained that the agitation was […]

The first-ever caste census of India Inc’s human resources has revealed that the proportion of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe employees in the private sector in some of the most industrialised states of the country hardly reflects their strength in the general population of those states. The only exception is Tamil Nadu, which ranks number […]

A Rohini(Delhi) court has directed the Haryana government to move 100 undertrials of Hisar Jail to a prison in the Capital following the transfer of the case related to the alleged attack on Dalits by members of the upper caste community in Mirchpur Village in Hisar last April. Additional Sessions Judge Kamini Lau asked Jail […]

Dronacharya, Guru of Pandavas and Kauravas in the epic Mahabharata, came in for some harsh contemporary scrutiny in the Supreme Court, with the apex court terming as shameful his action in seeking the right thumb of tribal Eklavya to clear the way for his favourite, Arjun, to emerge as the best archer of the times. […]