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‘The recent verdict of the Bombay High Court in the Khairlanji massacre case convicting all the accused to life imprisonment could have been a welcome one and gone a long way in restoring ordinary people’s faith in the country’s justice system and its rule of law framework’ says Samar. Please read what he observes in an […]

Poeple with diffrent backgourds joining in the demonstration…  

In a row, turn by turn, cities of Maharastra are burning up for justice  in Khairlanji. High court has declared the Khairlanji is normal cene of crime which has nothing to do with the caste issue. Pune the city of several movements is looking agitated. Civil society in India is surprised to learn the High court’s […]

Following is the best piece of writing from an eminent scholar Manoj Mitta , Senior Editor, Times Of India.  This goes well with an idea that  tests the spirit of any  scholar or an activist at times when he/she deliberates on Caste realities, please read and comment ! —– Whenever a caste Hindu kills a […]

The March has progressed from Zero Mile and on the streets many many activists joining and making it a peaceful demonstration    

Please Join in this is NEw India where nothing will be discriminated on the basis of Birth…Lets tell Indian Establishment, we will not settle down if the injustice happens anywhere in this land.