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An encouraging report on  Atul Paswan from NDTV. * Thirty-one-year old Atul Paswan has successfully changed what many may have said was his destiny. A Dalit from Siwan district in Bihar three years ago, the village schoolteacher’s son set up a software company in Bangalore. Pic01 Atul PAswan Indo-Skura Software Private Limited is perhaps the first […]

Meet in Bangkok


Leaders of non-governmental organisations campaigning on human rights of Dalits in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka will gather in Bangkok. This meeting is designed to build strategy to strengthen Dalit rights movement in Asia. Approximately 20 participants from Dalit groups, as well as solidarity groups, will be attending the meeting. Asia Dalit Rights […]

In a recent book written by him  and published by the Gujrat State Information Department Modi says, “Scavenging must have been a spiritual experience for the Valmiki caste”. The book titled Karmayog is yet to hit the stands. Is this BJP stand? Please watch IBN 7 Analytics below:    

Dag Erik Berg, an academic at the University of Bergen, points out the consequence of the award: “Norwegians have now learnt the word ‘Dalit’ properly. It hasn’t to date existed in dictionaries, and the press have used old-fashioned names in its place.” Divakar, NCDHR’s national convenor, is jubilant: “At last, the issue of Dalit rights […]

Atrocities against Dalits have added an ugly chapter in Madhya Pradesh when a man was stabbed to death and his body set ablaze because he lashed a bull decorated for Govardhan puja. Kailash Bagri, 40, grabbed a stick and beat the animal, which was tied to a poll by his neighbour Suresh Patidar, an OBC […]

The Dulina lynching case, in which five Dalit men were killed by a mob in 2002, is still being heard.  Rattan Singh and his wife, Ramwati, who lost a son in the Dulina lynchings, now sell toffees to feed themselves. Pic01: Old Parents IN one of the most heinous crimes committed in recent times, on October […]