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 Tehelka Exposed writes .. If what Mr Ram Jethmalani has said is true (High Corruption is result of Caste system and presence of Higher Caste people in position of Governance), it would imply that other coutries that are free from shackles of CASTE SYSTEM or control HIGHER CASTES should be free of CORRUPTION. USing that […]

High caste governance of independent India was responsible for rampant corruption in the country, senior counsel Ram Jethmalani, representing RJD, headed by Railway Minister Lalu Prasad, today told the Supreme Court. …more

Can loads of data, provocative questions and fresh perspectives make a dent on an Indian politician’s mind? The answer turns out to be yes, but so can practical gut feeling have an impact in better understanding such data and, possibly, new trends. Take globalisation and caste, for example. Fifty years of carefully collected data suggest […]

On a hot, dusty highway some 40 miles (70km) from Delhi, a human column snakes its way towards the Indian capital carrying a unique message of defiance to the country’s leaders: “Give us back our land.” Some 25,000 of India’s poorest people – tribal peoples, “untouchables” and landless labourers – have stopped traffic for nearly […]

P.Sainath is known in general as a thought provocative author, a truth seeking  journalist and grandson of  V V Giri (One time President of India).  But quite few know him  as thinker who champions the cause. He has been writting and educating Indian elitist club on Dalit issues every now and then. He has authority in putting pains […]

Investigative weekly Tehelka on Thursday unravelled the truth behind the 2002 Gujarat riots. Tehelka had ‘irrefutable’ evidence that the killings of Muslims post-Godhra train carnage in Gujarat was ‘not a spontaneous swell of anger but a genocide’ planned and executed by top functionaries of the Sangh Parivar and state authorities ‘with the sanction’ of Chief […]

In this study, Ashwini Deshpande & Katherine Newman attempts to trace the differential pathways that dalit and non-dalit students from comparable elite educational backgrounds traverse in their journey from college to work. While the training they receive in the university world is quite comparable, dalit students lack many advantages that turn out to be crucial in shaping […]

 Mr. Mari Suresh comments on the research article ‘Caste based Discrimination &  Economy’ published on Atrocitynews.  He takes a historic view in devolving the caste virus and its genesis. Readers if like to evaluate the stand, please write back: Sir/Madam, The practical reality is more harsher than what you have written in the article. People from the lower castes who are well […]

The Legacy of Social Exclusion: A Correspondence Study of Job Discrimination in India is an article by Sukhadeo Thorat and Paul Attewell that examines the prevalence of discrimination in the job application process of private sector enterprises in India. The study is based on a field experiment where authors replied to job advertisements in major English dailies […]

Dr Buta Singh, Chairman, National Commission for Scheduled Castes, Lok Nayak Bhavan, Khan Market New Delhi                                                                                October 23rd, 2007 Re: Urgent appeal to save the five Balmiki families of Dogadda Garhwal (Uttarakhand) from eviction from Balmiki Busttee by the Nagarpalika. Sir, We would like to bring to your notice the fear of displacement lurking over […]

S Madheswaran, Paul Atte’s  paper uses National Sample Survey data to examine the wage gap between higher castes and the scheduled castes/tribes in the regular salaried urban labour market. The main conclusions we draw are (a) discrimination causes 15 per cent lower wages for SC/STs as compared to equally qualified others; (b) SC/ST workers are […]

From The Economist print edition India’s labour divisions SIR – Your briefing on business and caste in India claims there is “no strong evidence” that companies discriminate against dalits and other members of the lower castes (“With reservations”, October 6th). Our two-year study, which we will soon present, found widespread discrimination against highly qualified low-caste […]

This paper done by Sukhadeo Thorat & Katherine S Newman provides an introduction to the study of discrimination with particular reference to the caste system. It sets the stage for the empirical papers that follow, by highlighting the ways in which caste persists as a system of inequality that burdens the Indian economy with inefficiencies in […]

India is said to be the country of 33,00,00,ooo Gods and Goddesses.  No one can imagine how they took birth on this land where nearly 40,00,00,000 people  habituated to hunger on one side while on the other nearly 5,00,000 people are frustrated with obesity.  Later feast themselves in Clubs, night parties whereas former worship Gods and Godesses in a hope to see tomarrows  […]

Over 2,000 people embraced Buddhism on Shramner Diksha at an event organised by the Ogawa Society at Deeksha Bhoomi on Friday, claimed the Society’s founder president Sulekha Kumbhare. Various organisations across the city and the Vidarbha region were organising several events to celebrate the Dhammachakra Pravartan Divas on October 21. Thousands of devotees and many […]

SUICIDES ARE not new in Bangalore’s Indian Institute of Science (IISc), with academic pressure taking a toll on its researchers. But the suicide of 21-year-old Ajay Sree Chandra, a student from Andhra Pradesh, has thrown up allegations of caste bias, possibly for the first time in the institute. Ever since the Biology student pursuing an […]

National Commission for Denotified, Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Tribes Report on the incident involving Pardhis, Madhya Pradesh, 9-11 September 2007    The Commission represented by Sh. Balakrishna Renke (Chairman), Sh. Laxmibhai Patni  (Member) and Dr. Meena Radhakrishna (Director Research) visited Betul district in Madhya Pradesh on September 29-30, 2007 to investigate an incident involving Pardhis on […]

Gail Omvedt is a name that commands respect in both, scholarly circles and also in wide  Activist’s forums. She writes only to make minds open so that sane can pave new way to the enlightened society. In India wishful thinkers are many but writers who understand the societal and individual sufferings and who could dream a ‘just society’ are very few. While the wealthy […]

In an unprecedented happening,  State Govt. of Maharashtra got into action after noticing the plight of Bhaiyyalal, who was on indefinite hunger for his two demands : 1.  Constituting a Special Court for Speedy disposal of Khailanji Case 2. To release all the activists detained after Khairlanji. In a very pretending manner, the officials from […]

Today Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange went into 2nd day of hunger. The  people are joining him and  boosting the morale of campaign against State arrogance and inefficiency . Today Local MLA joined the hunger strike. No idea what is the hidden motivation! But in general people are feeling the gravity of the issue now in Bhandara, reports ATN correspondant Pic01: Bhaiyyalal’s hunger building people […]

Come CHANDRAPUR and its your entry into AFRESH Buddhist world.  Today India enters in 51st year of peaceful movement towards ‘just ‘society. The Life-wheel accelerated by  Dr B R Ambedkar on same day of 14th Oct. in 1956 is worth noting that brought fascinating change in Indian society without  shading single drop of blood.  This has invariably helped to set in egalitarian conditions for […]

This is been an year ending to  Bhaiyalal Bhotmange’s reeling under the awe shock.  He is missing his family after all members were exterminated by Castiest forces on 29th September. He is not feeling the life as it was earlier. Not a single chance left by existing Govt. in preventing irreparable loss done to him and society at large thereafter.   Not […]

Ramesh reports….. It was reported in Daily Vruttratna Samrat that on 27th March 2006, Zilla Parishad School at village Vaksh Taluka-Nilanga Dist-Latur is practicing untouchability during distribution of mid-day meal. Mr. S.G.Barmade an upper caste Headmaster of the school used to provide mid-day meal to SC & ST children separately & Non- SC & ST […]

World famous magazine ‘Newsweek’ publishes ranked eight powerfull women in a report ‘Women and Leadership: My Journey to the Top’. These eight women come from many different backgrounds, but they all had big dreams. The path to power meant facing obstacles and their biggest fears. The first Indian to figure in it is BSP Leader Mayawati; this is rarest […]

In a response to the emerging political situation in Maharastra, Home Minister  Mr R. R. Patil is holding rounds of talks with his colleagues and ‘brave’ officials, today, for waiving the charges on the activists who came on streets after ghastly Khairlanji Massacre last year. Pic01: Mr RR Patil; Home not in order, state of Ministerial crime […]

“Judges tend to become apologetic in cases of murders arising out of caste”  “Has this hands-off approach led to creation of casteless utopia?” Bench says considering the gravity of offence, death penalty ought to have been awarded  + New Delhi: The Supreme Court has asked the trial courts and High Courts not to show any […]

Just 3.4 per cent of those looking for white-collar jobs through a popular website in the country belong to the Other Backward Castes (OBCs); another 1 per cent belong to the Schedule Castes and Scheduled Tribes (SC/ST= Dalits) category. This gives some idea of how skewed the white-collar job market is, given that OBCs are […]

Most of the time of court went into referring the Postmortem report. Please avail the details of Court proceedings in following newspaper cutting:

When it comes to the poorest, percentage of OBCs is double that of ‘others’  the percentage of the ‘rich’ in the ‘others’ category is high. There are 19 per cent SCs, 8 per cent STs and 40 per cent OBCs in the country The middle income groups among the Other Backward Classes (OBCs) and ‘others’ […]

A Kerala government school has stirred up a controversy by asking 85 primary school students belonging to Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) to wear uniforms of a different colour than the other students. The Moolankavu Government School at Sultan Battery in the Wayanad district introduced two different uniforms for its students in June. […]

Dr Vasu is a voracious fan of Atrocitynews articles. We would like to bring in front of larger audience his angered comments on Dr Ambedkar’s leadership in contemporary world wherein Dr Vasu castigates Dr Ambedkar’s approach towards Buddhism as ‘sham’. NO wonders; Dr Vasu represents elite (celebrated brahminical) Buddhist camp who have least time to […]

Nickeloden News With Linda Ellerbee Travels to India to Reveal the World’s Biggest Democracy’s Dirty Little Secret;and you can see in ‘The Untouchable Kids of India’ World Premiere on 21st October Sunday, October 21, at 8:30 P.M. (Et/Pt) On Nickelodeon NEW YORK, Oct. 10 /PRNewswire/ — With one billion people, India is the world’s largest […]

Narender writes.. “Very commonly it is believed that seniors commit atrocities over junior staff members. But a news in Times of India, “AIIMS faculty member cries caste bias”, on 25 Sep 2007 is eye opener. A senior Doctor (Dr Suman Bhaskar) has complained to the SC Commission alleging caste discrimination by her colleagues against her, […]

The court assembles at 11 A.M.Adv.Nikam is redy to begin his examination of the last day’s witness, Madhukar Galbale who is standing in the witness box. Adv.Nikam: What happened on 11/10/06 at 5 in the evening? Wit: I was sitting in a hotel with 3-4 other persons in front of the police station of Andhalgaon […]

They are in absolute peace, they are silent, they are careful and they walk. People looking them feel inspired and confident. These are Buddhist Monks leading a peace March in s busy megalopolis Mumbai; protesting against the bloody rule of Junta in Burma, inviting democratic support to democratic struggle in Burma. The Peace March followed […]

Sadhus and mahants of Ayodhya belonging to scheduled castes along with groups of Dalit activists have raised objections to a board put up at Tulsi Udyan garden in Ayodhya. The board has verses of Ramcharit Manas, which the sadhus and mahants allege, is insulting to the Dalit community. The verses inscribed are: Shapat tarat purush […]

The court assembles at 11 A.M. The next witness is called in the  witness-box. He is given the oath for truthfulness by Hon. Judge,S.S.Das Judge: Your name? Wit: Madhukar Ramchandra Bokade. Judge: Where do you live? Wit: In Khairlanji. Judge: What is your education? Wit : I am 10th std. fail. Adv.Nikam: Since when you […]

  Articles Published in The Economist 1. ‘ Business and caste in India : With reservations’, Oct 4th 2007, ( 2. ‘Untouchable and unthinkable’ , Oct 6th 2007, (

Following are some links indicating  coverage of Y’day’s  ‘Free-Burma’ Candle March; seen in the Morning papers . One must piquantly remember such supportive Media coverage was missing for Khairlanji issue and also during post-issue peaceful agitations for reasons pretty known to Indian Caste mindsets! Anyways unfettered, voluntary compliance to democratic notions could be the best solutions for several superstitious ills observed in […]