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 Tehelka Exposed writes .. If what Mr Ram Jethmalani has said is true (High Corruption is result of Caste system and presence of Higher Caste people in position of Governance), it would imply that other coutries that are free from shackles of CASTE SYSTEM or control HIGHER CASTES should be free of CORRUPTION. USing that […]

High caste governance of independent India was responsible for rampant corruption in the country, senior counsel Ram Jethmalani, representing RJD, headed by Railway Minister Lalu Prasad, today told the Supreme Court. …more

Can loads of data, provocative questions and fresh perspectives make a dent on an Indian politician’s mind? The answer turns out to be yes, but so can practical gut feeling have an impact in better understanding such data and, possibly, new trends. Take globalisation and caste, for example. Fifty years of carefully collected data suggest […]

On a hot, dusty highway some 40 miles (70km) from Delhi, a human column snakes its way towards the Indian capital carrying a unique message of defiance to the country’s leaders: “Give us back our land.” Some 25,000 of India’s poorest people – tribal peoples, “untouchables” and landless labourers – have stopped traffic for nearly […]

P.Sainath is known in general as a thought provocative author, a truth seeking  journalist and grandson of  V V Giri (One time President of India).  But quite few know him  as thinker who champions the cause. He has been writting and educating Indian elitist club on Dalit issues every now and then. He has authority in putting pains […]

Investigative weekly Tehelka on Thursday unravelled the truth behind the 2002 Gujarat riots. Tehelka had ‘irrefutable’ evidence that the killings of Muslims post-Godhra train carnage in Gujarat was ‘not a spontaneous swell of anger but a genocide’ planned and executed by top functionaries of the Sangh Parivar and state authorities ‘with the sanction’ of Chief […]

In this study, Ashwini Deshpande & Katherine Newman attempts to trace the differential pathways that dalit and non-dalit students from comparable elite educational backgrounds traverse in their journey from college to work. While the training they receive in the university world is quite comparable, dalit students lack many advantages that turn out to be crucial in shaping […]