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Kherlanji today


Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange, the only survivour of Kherlanji Buddhist Massacre, has left for Delhi today on an invitation from Prime Minister of India. He is to meet Prime Minister tomorrow and tell-request-plead for strong effective steps from Central government for justice. In a press conference held in Mumbai, he already said–his remaining life is only for […]

Latur city is critically tense today, though otherwise cool city, is going through difficult times since few days due to piled up atrocites on Buddhists in the area. Central places of the city such as Shahu Putala, Shivaji Putala, Golai area and Collectorate office were all surrounded by police to avoid any untoward happening. Lathicharge was the […]

Aurangabad 7.00


Late evening the curfew is relaxed in Mukundwadi, a part of Aurangabad. The reserve police force were petroling the area since police firing here on yesterday. Meanwhile there are reports of attempts to stop Sachakhand Express between Mukundwadi and Chikhalthana Railway stations in the afternoon at about 1:35pm. Sporadic incidences of stone throwing also reported. […]

Protest in MP


Activists staged a roadblock here for nearly an hour and shouted slogans.The protestors also burnt Yadav’s effigy at Roshanpura square, police said. A large number of activists took out a rally in Mhow in Indore district and submitted a memorandum to a Sub-Divisional Magistrate demanding immediate action against those reponsible for the alleged desecration.The protestors […]

Mumbai 6.20


End of the day, around 1500 people were reported to be arrested in Mumbai during Band. However not a single fatality reported. In general people and protesting crowd was angry over Governance – in UP and Maharatsra and centre’s inability to intervein –is the clear signal that could not go unnoticed.

The people started the protest right from the morning, people joined in hoards – few some groups within turned violant in the pocess. Two buses were set fire by them, it was reported. The news of stone pelting is also confirmed. In the evening the city looked pretty tense and about 30 people are fixed […]

Thomas Carlyle coined a phrase ‘pig philosophy’ to refer to humans who only pursue sensual pleasures. Intellectual and social pleasures do not count for those who believe in ‘pig philosophy’. Pigs indulge in the sensual pleasures; they have, due to evolutionary faults, no access to sublime pleasures of intellectual pursuits and friendship. (Our intention is […]

Puna life 5.44


Puna the hub of IT received a stroke in the present protest ridden situation. Today the protests all around, effected normalancy in Puna that hit IT-world too. Almost 60 IT companies in Aundh have been reported to have closed for today. Among the top rungs, the software companies that remained close were–Veritas, GS Lab, Symentic […]

Nanded has been witenessing continuous tense climate since the murder of a buddhist youth.Today the situation escalated further and seeing law and order situation, Police has declared City under Curfew. We at Atrocitynews would like to request the friends especially Youth not to take violant means in hand. And help those who are affected by […]

Situation is quite tense. Friends are adviced not to travell if they are in the city.

Pune 4.30


Buses are not moving ahead.Complete standstill reported. Even our reporter is struck from last 6 hrs, he has to go to Mumbai.But Mumbai has similar situation.

Today Mumbai is obeserving band in the wake of Kherlanji but recent mishappening in Kanpur protest has added fuel to people anger. Some parts of mumbai are completely paralysed while some are silent. Situation has been reported very tense in major parts of Mumbai. Police is noticable everywhere at 4.15. RN- In Thane- Thane Municipal […]

Meera Nanda, in her book, Prophets facing backwards, showed how important it is to promote secularization and democratization of Indian society. The fundamentalist view of treating society as a monolith is detrimental to the organic development of the society. The society therefore needs a culture of secularization, scientific rationality and democratization. Without such a culture […]

In Pune, curfew has been clamped in 14 localities since Ysterday. Situation in many parts of Pune is silent but under tension. Buses are not moving.

2 more killed


 Two buddhist killed in an indicreminate firing in Osmanabad, reports Sahara News. 400 Km west from Osmanabad, Ulhasnagar firing already killed one in the morning and and 300 km off towards north- Nashik witnessed one death in  police firing yesterday. Click here to view video–how police is using all ill tactics to get controll over the furious mob, beating […]

Mumbai is witnessing a doubtful silennce under great tension.Yesterday Chembur saw sporadic events of public outrage, but today the fire has spread and situation is aggrevating and becoming more tense. But people protest seem to under complete police controll. When reports came at 2.3 –Chembur, Mankhurd, Laldongar, Ghatkopar- Ramabai colony, Mulund, Thane … everywhere in […]

Pune bound deccan queen express was burnt near Ulhasnagar by errant crowd today morning, though nobody was hurt but 2 (not 9) boggies burnt completely. In police firing 1 person is reportedly succumbed to bullet injury.

Yesterday the foul play with Ambedkar statue at kanpur has made the situation worst which was getting  little settled after Kherlanji . Mumbai- Riot similar situation Pune- band Ulhasnagar- 1 dead in firing Nashik- one dead in police firing Aurangabad- compete chaos Nanded-One dead Maharastra Into deep  crisis….severe crisis. Amidst chaos, Administration is trying all ill tactics to take […]

Express Message


Kunda, Pramila and Nilakantha, the members of a team that stormed in CM office in Mumbai in the wake of Kherlanji Protest  has sent us a message. With pleasure we want to share it with you. They write, “You people have done great work. All the circumstential evidences should be restored with accurate care. Now it is OUR responsibility to build […]

Phule -Shahu -Ambedkar missionaries have organised a Nishedh March against the Congress-Rashtravadi-RPI government in Maharashtra state.The peace march will start from Chaityabhoomi dadar to Azad Maidan  Mumbai on 29th Nov.2006 at 12 PM onwards. Following are the  issues of concern to peace March- 1.Delay in investigation from state Govt., Why? 2.The case is not yet handed […]

The Kherlanji Massacre got a hit in Rajyasabha when Vrinda Kharat, a member of Rajyasabha and CPM politbuero member raised the isssue. She demanded a fresh enquiry into the incident at the hands of C.B.I and the report should be made public at earliest. She also said the criminals should be tried for serious punishment. Vrinda was in […]

Media realises


After ‘The Hindu’, it is the turn of ‘Indian express’ to realise the non-objective, unsympathetic and full of hatred stand that Media always takes against Buddhist and Dalit issues in India, continuing till today. However violation of human rights is always been a central area to address for any nation or society if it wants to achieve a committed […]

A mamoth gathering is expected on 4th of December in Nagpur. All the factions of Republican Party of India have issued a circular that they all will unitedly lead the ‘Equality March’ on VidhanSabha in Nagpur when Assembly is in Session. Thousands and thousands of people are expected on the day as two days later i.e. on […]

One of the main accused in the Kherlanji Masscre and the master mind which we told you before, BJP MLA, Madhukar Kukade was taken by CID police for interrogation. He was said to be responsible for instigating the assilants, giving protection to them and destroying the evidences by pressurising the public officials. The details are […]

The Civil Surgeon, Bhandara Civil Hospital, Mr. Ramteke was summarily suspended, yesterday, after the report submitted by 5 member doctor panel. The panel observed sheer level of criminal negligance on part of Civil Surgeon in postmortem of deceased bodies. —————  Atrocitynews earlier reported 5 DOCTORS PANEL ON VISIT TO KHERLANJI The deputy director of Health department Maharastra Government has constituted […]

The atrocites on buddhist-dalits are not going to stop unless and untill there is State willingness. The state has no ears, no eyes and no heart, if its a matter of human rights violation is ocncerned. Even after the long protests all over coutry, the statemen have not come along with any concrete plan. However […]

In the series of protests, Geneva is not left out. The city of international agencies, Geneva atlast heard voice of Kherlanji injustice from a human rights activist and research scholar, Deelip Maske. He made it a point that the killings of Buddhist family in Kherlanji does not go unnoticed in the most happening city. And here it is, his hunger protest surely […]

“Is the plight of Dalits not considered newsworthy or profitable enough?” asks reader Ravi George Mathew of Chennai. He continues: “This newspaper has a proud heritage of exposing caste violence and oppression. This lopsided news coverage is extremely disappointing and mirrors the general press attitude towards Dalit issues.” Mathew is not alone in this perception. […]

Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange, father of Piyanka and only survior of Kherlanji masscre is in Mumbai today. Mr RR Patil, Home Minister,Maharastra and Mr R. S Gavai, Governor, Bhihar wanted him to come for talks in Mumbai. Recent news came when Bhaiyyalal was in Home minister`s cabin, he provided names of the accused in Kherlanji Massacre  who are still moving […]

THE NETWORK OF WOMEN IN MEDIA, MUMBAI   Sir/Madam, The Network of Women in Media, Mumbai, is having a discussion on the murder of four members of the Bhotmange family in Khairlanji village in Bhandara district at The Press Club on TUESDAY NOVEMBER 28, 2006 . The incident has led to widespread protests all over […]

Seeing the lukewarm speed of Investigations, frustrated Rajan Gajbhiye, has given warning to State government that he would immolate himself during Assembly session on 4th December infront of Vidhansabha, Nagpur. Rajan is a relative of Bhotmange and an eye witness of Kherlanji Buddhist Massacre. He has given such letter to Parliamentary Committee, District collectorate, Bhandara and Superintendent of Police, […]

Human rights activists including academicians and professionals residing in USA have gathered in front of UN office in NewYork,on 24th Nov., to condemn the Kherlanji Massacre and associated  hindu caste system in India. This protest was to make aware and educate the international civil society. Ambedkar Centre for Justice & Peace i.e. ACJP delegation presented the demands in the form of […]

It is reported that the protest against Maharastra government are observed in Gulbarga , a district of Karanataka. The members of the Federation of Dalit Organisation burnt an effigy of the Maharashtra Government in front of the Deputy Commissioners office in Gulbarga on Friday. Pic1: The news of Kherlanji protest in Karnataka The Economic progress  […]

AICC findings


As reported earlier, All India Congree Committee arived in Kherlanji today. They were here on fact finding mission. They interviewed most of the villagers and public officials here. The findings they have come up with are mainly- 1. The local bodies in Bhandara are ruled by NCP& BJP and home ministry belongs to NCP, hence they are […]

Along with Atrocitynews team, the BBC News Correspondent went to Bhabal, a village in Bhandara district near Kathurli. Where they met Buddhist women who are not allowed to take water from public tap. Women without fear  narrated the complete story- how they, their sons and daughters are made targets everyday. The correspondent was surprised to see even […]

Two noticeable events witnessed by Atrocitynews members  in Kherlanji today. 1. All India Congress Committee,AICC was in Kherlanji for fact finding mission. AICC team had parliamentary body members . They undertook few close doer meetings with some of the villagers in Kherlanji. They are supposed to submit the repot to Sonia Gandhi soon. 2. BBC News, South East Asia correspondent Monica […]

 A12 member  All India Congress Committee (AICC) delegation would visit Kherlanji tomorrow. The delegation is on a fact finding mission. The delegation is lead by Yogendra Mackwana, former union Minister. The delegation would leave for Kherlanji and return back on the same day.  Initially Chief Minister Deshmukh was asked to meet the delegation but he […]

Assistant Police Sub Inspector (ASI) Nathu Badwaik has been found guilty of not complying with his duty in the Kherlanji Case and therefore he has been placed under suspension. The police did not ask the medical officer to ascertain during post-mortem if deceased priyanka has also been raped.

Amaravati Tense


Body of Dinesh Wankhede as arrived in City, the gathering for condolances was so huge that the Administartion got alert. Pic1: Times of India news   Pic2: Dinesh sacrificed his life for human cause The news of CBI still not taking over the case is confirmed, as is reported by TOI, today. Pic3:CBI still out […]

Adv.Varsha Kamble & Adv. Neelam on Nov 23rd, 2006 said: “Its really shame on to be an Indian, where innocent people do not even have right to leave, what does the state do whose duty is to provide security to the people according to the constitution. It is really shocking that till today none of […]