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Mr. Nagin Ranchod Solanki (40) and Mr. Harish Magan Solanki (49) were manual scavengers employed by the Vadodara Municipal Corporation in India’s Gujarat State. At about 8:00 pm on 26 May 2008, Nagin and Harish were asked to work inside a foul sewer to assist the repairing of a damaged valve. At around 10:30 pm, […]

The court assembles at 11:30 A.M.Adv.Khan rises to continue his arguments before the court . Adv.Khan : Sir, I will now put forth my aguemnts regarding the statements of Mahadev Zanzad . Entire evidence of him can be said out . But I will limit myself to what he said in his cross-examination and what […]

See for yourself how the Manhole cleaning in India is unashamedly practised by covanants of the local government. Thanks to political sluggishness and caste mindset of Indian elite who dare not to go against it even if many people are killed, permanently disabled or deceased life long. Pic01: Manhole system murder: Babalu in ICCU in […]

The court reassembles at 3.30 pm after lunch break. Adv.  Azaz  khan continues his arguments. Adv. Khan: – sir, I will now peruse the statements of Sunil Lede before this court He says,  “ On 30.9.2006, at about 6.00 to 6.30 A.M. ,acused Jagdish Mandlekar came to my shop to drink tea. He demanded tea […]

A resolution, recently passed by the Naloor panchayat in Narikudi block of Virudunagar district in Tamil Nadu state is the quintessence of caste based discrimination in India. The panchayat convened a meeting a few months ago and resolved that the proposed construction of a public library building in the panchayat must not be permitted. The minutes […]

By Saint What is happening in the Digital world? Ever since internet and IT became part of our lives, there is a tremendous transformation of our communication system, communication media, interpersonal communications and also in the press and TV media. This is a great challenge for the traditional media, so they have all facing this […]