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To, The Chairman, National Human Rights Commission, New Delhi. A. COMPLAINANT’S DETAILS 1. Name: Manuski Trust State: Maharashtra – 411006 B. Incident Details 1. Incident Place: Kharwandi, Ganeshwadi, Taluka: Newasa 2. State: Maharashtra 3. District: Ahmednagar 4. 1st January, 2013 C. Victim Details 1. Name of Victim a. Sandeep Thanwar Male 26 Yrs Kinhi, Bhusawal, […]

Assaulted, near fatally injured, molested, pushed off a cliff and left for dead, reports Divya Sarathy. Exclusive Report *   These were definitely not the thoughts that were running through  Vaibhav’s and Mohini’s minds before they set out on the evening of  January 22, 2013 to their village temple. But these are the words that  […]

Mehtar or Valmiki caste is least protected when it comes to anger from Higher Caste that was never collectively reaslied by the suffering caste-groups. The constant caste brutalities are becoming order of the day but within diffrent walls of caste. The people with typical caste atrocity would goes on Air now with due efforts from […]

Recalling of his own experience in the high court, former Supreme Court Justice and present Chairman of Press Council Of India Mr. Katju said that even lawyers would vote on caste lines. “I don’t blame the uneducated, but am talking of the educated people. Professors of physics department, head of department … would vote as […]