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The ‘untouchables’ are hoping to break centuries of discrimination with thehelp of the charity One World Action. Andrew Buncombe reports from Dhaka Saturday, 20 December 2008   Ramu Nandikolla’s dream is quite simple. He hopes that unlike himself, unlike his father, unlike his grandfather and unlike every member of his family for centuries, his four-year-old […]

The Prime Minister’s Office has ordered a freeze on hiring 91 reserved category faculty at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences despite a government panel mandating the recruitment drive. The order from the PMO to the health ministry has sparked fears among faculty members of an outburst of fresh caste battles similar to those […]

  The man of action , the man of courage , the man who lead the civilisation, Dr B R Ambedkar is remembered today for his thoughts, spheeches and solidarity that constitutes a new nucleus of Enlightened society. Also no private TV news channel is covering the great congregation at the Chaitya Bhumi which has not given any importance […]

Recent terrorist attack by Muslim militia and growth of Bramhan militia activities ring bell and should set us thinking about what can be done to better the situation, which is polarising so fast with a potential to flare up the violence which will affect the common citizens. As the followers of Babasaheb, what should be […]

Though he was selected without any concession being made for his disability, the powers that be threw all fairness to the wind. Such a case occurred in an ‘educational’ institution, the NG Acharya and DK Marathe College of Arts and Science.. IN ALL societies, there is a conscious effort to give some advantage to those […]

On 29th Nov.2008, the workers of Shivsena , a Hindu political party in state, on the pretext of an  old acrimony, instigated accused , Sandip Juneja, Kiran Kulkarni, Rahul Jadhave , Rakesh Jadhav , Suresh Wadari, with 10-12 others  to attack the family of Sudhakar Wagh. They wounded the victims with swords and broke framed images […]