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The court again reassembles after lunch-break . Adv.Khan continues his arguments. Adv.Khan: As to the corroboration of the evidence , the complainant can not be termed as the eye witness since  he has seen the incidence.Now, I will move to the 3rd stage of the crime i.e. the Disposal of the bodies or the destruction […]

Injust, inhuman


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Following is an article from an educated Indian in DNA, please go thru it.  Concerned Indians are slowly starting to realise how malfuncational th genesis of caste systema and hindu social order. P. Sampath   The quota system may be flawed, but so is our idea of social reality Nothing brings out the tiger in the […]

Adv.Khan begins his arguments. Adv. Khan first of all gives the explanation of re-registering of crime which was registered as F.I.R. No. 56/2006. He says that the case was transferred to C.B.I. on 27/ 11/2006. Before that the Maharashtra govt.’s request had been turned down by the authority because of the lack of the staff. […]

As already scheduled , today was the date for the important stage of trial i.e. Arguments.But the court looks deserted even at 11:15 P.M. Slowly 3-4 local dalit activists along with Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange and his security guard  and two activists from Nagpur  arrive in the court. Later , the defence lawyers , Adv.Khandewale, Adv. Jaiswal […]

“We cannot fight just as Dalits,” was a message she repeated. “I understand for centuries people have fought each other. It is not easy to bring them together. But we have done this in U.P.” Pic01:Posters of Kumari Mayawati, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, India’s largest state, are for sale in a market in […]

Preliminary facts finding There is the simmering heat of anger and frustration in the minds of the dalits in the Marathwada , the region of Maharashtra which once was the territory of the Nizams . The powerful upper caste , the Marathas regularly with the vicious contempt perpetrate the atrocities on dalits . These Marathas […]

WASHINGTON: A top democratic lawmaker has asked the United States to work with India to find “new approaches” to solve the problems of the Dalits in the country. In a resolution introduced in the House of Representatives by Congressman from Pennsylvania Robert Brady, it has been pointed out that more than 160 million in India […]

– Pic 01: Baban Misal, the lost leadership among oppressed. Master Murder Planner : Bharat Jadhav, MLA, BJP  In a shocking incident, the newly converted Budhhist was hacked to death when he was going to Jamkhed from his residential village of Sonegaon. Baban Sitaram Misal was borne into Matang Caste which is included in the […]

 Baban Misal Mr. Baban Misal, a Buddhist from Ambedkarite Background, who embraced Buddhism on 50th occasion of Peaceful Revolution, was heinously killed by caste hindus, in Jamkhed, Maharastra, India   Paying tribute to the Martyr More than 5000 activists, villagers and people from different organisation at funeral.   Battle for Rights, Equality and Dignity   […]

On behalf of Insight & National Dalit students’ Forum, following report is made by visiting IIT delhi campus in the wake of recent inhuman caste atrocity in the campus, one among few which got noticed, hundreds like this go unnoticed. Thanks to media and faculty that successfully bred the caste-virus over the years in such […]

This one of the worst crimes committed by the Religious wicked who consider conversions does not give Dalit a equalising identify. Still newly converted Buddhist fignt by peacefully. Following is the Report prepared by ATN Correspondant by taking  survey of the situation. Lets make everyone of us aware of this heinous act and make ready the generaton […]

A group of upper caste Hindus in Dholpur district allegedly killed four dalits on Wednesday when the dalits were reporting at the worksite of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) at Dhondekapura village. The police has launched a manhunt to arrest the persons involved in the incident, but no arrests have been made so […]

Himachal Pradesh (state) DEATH of a 16-year-old Dalit school boy in Himachal Pradesh has shocked the people of Una district. The Dalit people are up in arms against the incident and the way the situation is being handled both by the police and the people of higher castes. Surjit, a class X student died after […]

Under pressure from the National Commission for Scheduled Castes/Schedules Tribes Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi had its arm twisted to take back the students it expelled. . Akhilesh Kumar, a fourth year student of mechanical engineering at IIT-Delhi is one of the 12 SC/ST students who were terminated from the institute this year for poor academic […]

The court assembles at 11:15 A.M. The discussions  going on mistakes that creeped in the typed depositions of the court. After that special public prosecutor Adv.Ujwal Nikam seeks for the adjournment of the court since he is engaged in the case of extradition of Abu Salem going on day to day basis. Adv.Nikam: Sir, I […]

On this date, the court rejected the application of the defence to call the public servants in view of the allegation that C.B.I. lured the witnesses to depose in their favour. The petition regarding this already being rejected by the High Court  and directed to seek redressal in trial court , the defence pleads in the session […]

 Due to alleged terror created by Akalis and police, around ten families belongs to Dalit community who voted for Congress in MC election in ward no 14 of Sirhind had fled after locking their houses.Harjit Kaur, who  had  unsuccessfully contested the election from this reserve ward against the SAD candidate Baljinder Kaur, had also left […]

This was the important day for the proceeding since on this day all pending applications before the court were decided by the court. Following were the decisions given by the court regarding the applications put before the court. 1.Inspection of the spot of the crime – The application was submitted by the defence that the […]