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Satyanarayan Goeka,  head of the Vipassana Meditation Centre Research Institute, that has branches worldwide, spoke in front of the newly converts to Buddhism in Mumbai. He said that the dream of Dr Ambedkar is almost go complete in coming 50 years. He dreamt of Buddhist India with just society and people will relate each other thru the lens of […]

Here is another case happened in Raibareli where a man who come from dalit background was killed by the castiest forces for not working on the fields. Strange is Railbareli is a constituency of Congress leader Mrs Sonia Gandhi. It is said that the Takur community landlords beating the group of dalit labourers is a […]

Here is a brillient article sourced from Guardian for readers benefit. The article is not direct on India but it acts us a cue to question the objectives of emerging economies like India. In a pursuit of blitz economic growth, all is not going well, the marginalised are thrown again on margins. Last week, Prime Minster of India criticised heavily the Page-3 behaviour […]

In a shocking incident, a mob stripped a Dalit youth, tied him to a tree, shaved his head partly, spat on his face and assaulted him for more than an hour in Agra on Tuesday afternoon. All this took place on the campus of Agra district sessions court. Most of the persons involved in the […]

Dalits came from long corners of Maharastra Source:AP

 Cyba writes May 28th, 2007 “I am very happy to see that other than Mahar community in Maharashtra finally realizing that Hinduism is worst religion of the world, it cannot give Nirvana and not even promise of equality, so it’s heartening to see that everyone is coming with Babasehebs philosophy and its the only option for […]

Ω      Invitation     Ω  Hunger and starvation deaths in the eastern Uttar-Pradesh continue to haunt communities during the last one decade. Every year people are dying of different diseases particularly Malaria, and Japanese Encephalitis (brain fever). While the names have changed the target of these viral diseases remain the same communities.