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Satyanarayan Goeka,  head of the Vipassana Meditation Centre Research Institute, that has branches worldwide, spoke in front of the newly converts to Buddhism in Mumbai. He said that the dream of Dr Ambedkar is almost go complete in coming 50 years. He dreamt of Buddhist India with just society and people will relate each other thru the lens of […]

Here is another case happened in Raibareli where a man who come from dalit background was killed by the castiest forces for not working on the fields. Strange is Railbareli is a constituency of Congress leader Mrs Sonia Gandhi. It is said that the Takur community landlords beating the group of dalit labourers is a […]

Here is a brillient article sourced from Guardian for readers benefit. The article is not direct on India but it acts us a cue to question the objectives of emerging economies like India. In a pursuit of blitz economic growth, all is not going well, the marginalised are thrown again on margins. Last week, Prime Minster of India criticised heavily the Page-3 behaviour […]

In a shocking incident, a mob stripped a Dalit youth, tied him to a tree, shaved his head partly, spat on his face and assaulted him for more than an hour in Agra on Tuesday afternoon. All this took place on the campus of Agra district sessions court. Most of the persons involved in the […]

Dalits came from long corners of Maharastra Source:AP

 Cyba writes May 28th, 2007 “I am very happy to see that other than Mahar community in Maharashtra finally realizing that Hinduism is worst religion of the world, it cannot give Nirvana and not even promise of equality, so it’s heartening to see that everyone is coming with Babasehebs philosophy and its the only option for […]

Ω      Invitation     Ω  Hunger and starvation deaths in the eastern Uttar-Pradesh continue to haunt communities during the last one decade. Every year people are dying of different diseases particularly Malaria, and Japanese Encephalitis (brain fever). While the names have changed the target of these viral diseases remain the same communities.

π Confirmed reports say it was huge crowd of 150000 ( not 100,000 as reported yday) came here with a will to relinquish old social superstitions and enter moral life followed by Buddha, seen first time after 1956; no surprises, even Chief minister of Maharastra was taken aback. π 42 caste converted to Buddhism π 50,000 […]

Maintaining that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s remark on corporate salaries had been taken well by India Inc, Sunil Bharti Mittal, the new president of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), said the lobby group will soon appoint ombudsmen to monitor progress on affirmative action. .

Vishwa Hindu Parishad, threatened World Buddhist Organisation members of dire consequences if they hold the mass conversion of about 1 lakh dalits into Buddhism on June 15 in Baroda. Anant Anand, 27, who later came with a group, indulged in a scuffle at a press conference called by the WBO officials reacting to minister of […]

Thousands of tribal and Dalit Hindus in India are to embrace the Buddhist faith at a huge gathering in Mumbai. The ceremony, which may be presided over by Tibet’s exiled leader, the Dalai Lama, is billed as the largest religious conversion in modern India. The converts hope to escape the rigid caste system in which […]

 A number of researchers in economics have started to look closely at political reservations. In one recent instance, Professor Rohini Pande of Yale University has found that reservations in state legislatures do increase influence in policy-making for scheduled castes and tribes. Tarun Jain reports. Affirmative action policies scholars argued not only directly benefit lower castes through […]

 Ridiculous but true; the chances of Senior IPS officer Pankaj Gupta may be rewarded the post of commissioner of Nagpur city police are maximum. Gupta`s misdeeds during Khairlanji let the criminals move out of custody easily. Gupta, belongs to the 1976 batch of IPS, is a senior officer with doubtful corruption history. Pankaj Gupta — who heads the anti-naxal operation cell […]

“From a lawyer to a school teacher, amateur actors in Manu-Kalank to tell the story of Dalit killings with a moral”, reports Anosh Malekar & Pia Chandavarkar     It is a play on one of the most violent incidents of Dalit killings in Maharashtra, but what the Prabuddha Rang Bhoomi’s ‘Manu-Kalank’, a play in Marathi, wants […]

Zero contemplated actions from any quarters of society invites ease somehow, but with big unforeseen trouble. One of the international funding agency is doing exactly the same mistake. UNiCEF is reported to have indulged into funding a project which is  ill-conceived and which is no way near to the larger goal of releasing Dalits out of the shackles of caste based prejudices. The project, however, would do opposite.  Please […]

Yet another incidence shows how a dalit woman when gets empowered a bit; ridiculous Indian social system make her go through tyranny. The contractors of the system make her step down silently otherwise  she is  parraded naked or raped or  beaten till death. In Khairlanji, mother and daughter died for same reasons. Such empowerment then makes mockery of constitutional arrangements. The responsible […]

Taking strong exception to the prevailing caste bias in the running of the Mid-day Meal (MDM) programme in government-run schools, the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has directed the Kendrapara district administration to comply ‘the action taken report’ for the undoing of the alleged discrimination. The recruitment of Dalit women for school kitchen in a […]

The M.A. and Ph.D. programmes offered by the Dr. K. R. Narayanan Centre for Dalit and Minorities Studies at Jamia Millia Islamia here have been generating a lot of interest among foreign learners. The Centre — conceived by Vice-Chancellor Mushirul Hasan — was inaugurated in 2005 and since then has received a good response from […]

Following is a comment from Dr Rajesh, who has compared the misery on the rural streets in India to the agony in urban life. He suggests social action here. “hi, Caste in academia is evaluated and confirmed at AIIMS, the premier MEDICAL institute of INDIA. A report by SK Thorat has been submitted to Minister of Health and […]

 Here is a comment from a Punjab Youth, named Johny who comes from an underprivileged caste background. Hindu Celebrated ‘Valmiki’ name given to a section of Dalit community to which Jonhy belongs by social pundits in India serving nothing better than a methaphor. Naming this way is an effective strategy to contain the rising sentiments of edcuated minds against caste slavery; just like Mr Gandhi […]

A Dalit woman was beaten to death in a Bihar village on mere suspicion that she stole a cow. The death triggered protests by hundreds from the community.Kari Devi, 45, of Dhansir village in Gaya district, about 100 km from here, was Friday beaten severely by former village head Saroj Singh and his relatives who […]

Satara district, in western Maharashtra is known for sugarcane production and the development of co-operatives. The district has mixed features as some areas gets good rainfall and thereby also has irrigation facilities while others like Man and Khatau talukas depend on rainfall which is extremely irregular and has hardly one crop. Man taluka is extremely […]

Congressman Trent Franks (AZ-02)  introduced a Concurrent Resolution of which he is the original sponsor, “expressing the sense of Congress that the United States should address the problem of untouchability in India.  In accordance with the Resolution, Congressman Franks offered the follow speech on the Floor of the House: Pic01: Amrican Congress The Resolution   […]

Rational thinking of Dr B R Ambedkar served as a guiding spirit for the emancipation movements in India, opined renowned writer Professor Kamala Hampana.  Progressive struggles in post-independent India were inspired by the ideas of Dr B R Ambedkar, opined renowned writer Professor Kamala Hampana. Speaking after releasing 17 books published by Dr B R […]

‘India Untouched!- Stories of a People Apart’ will exclusively screened in Mumbai, Hurry up!!  The filmmaker will be present for discussion. Day : Friday 25th May | Time: 6.30 pm Venue:  Bhupesh Gupta Bhawan, 85 Sayani Rd, Prabhadevi (diagonally across from Rabindra Natya Mandir) Film Name: INDIA UNTOUCHED- Stories of a People Apart 110 minutes. […]

 Following write-up takes world view that BSP uprising is part of  social movement ongoing in India . Of which political and economic fall-outs are not be confused with the indicators of overall success. As proposed by Dr Ambedkar, the goals should be aligned to world’s pursuit for self-healing(take your responsibility and heal yourself); a unique approch  present day economists are threading. ♣ The UP government under the aegis […]

 The eminent members of UK parliament who discussed on Dalit issue;  Pic02:  Mr Jeremy Corbyn  Pic01:Rob Morris   8 May 2007 : The discussions—continued Hundreds of millions of people in India have that potential, but they do not receive the kind of patronage that Dr. Ambedkar was fortunate enough to have in his youth. They do not […]

In an ironic display of misplaced priorities, intense caste prejudice in Chakwada village of Jaipur district has been ignored to make way for the village panchayat bagging the prestigious Nirmal Gram award of the Union Ministry for Rural Development this year. While the award adorns Chakwada with the status of a clean and open defecation-free […]

BSP @ Centre


Many in elite circles inlcluding Indian media have started noticing after a long time that  BSP is not only an organised National political party but it’s a part of larger movement started way back in India. The movement for just society; some put it not right not left but at centre; the middle path as […]

“It was May 2002 when I was on a Padyatra in Bundelkhand. After nearly 10 days of the yatra, we were in a tribal village of Kols who were threatened by the forest department and police officials every time they tilled their land”, VidyaBhushan Raut adds further….. The day we reached this tiny village on […]

A discussion on India (Caste System) Time:11 am Month: May   Mr. Stephen Crabb (Preseli Pembrokeshire) (Con): I am grateful for the opportunity to raise the subject of caste and human rights in India with the Minister, who I hope will share many of my observations and thoughts. I say from the outset that I […]

“Entrepreneur who escaped the rigid caste system warns that it is becoming more divisive as India grows richer”, says Amelia Gentleman in Agra As a child, Hari Pippal slept alongside his six sisters and eight brothers on a stretch of pavement. As a teenager, he pedalled a bicycle rickshaw to help feed the family. Now […]

We at Atrocitynews, salute BSP and party activists ( cadre) for their hardwork. They really worked days and night together for many years ; slept without taking food often only to make alive the dream of JUST SOCIETY. A society living on  trinity of  liberty, equality and fraternity as enshrined in Indian constitution! Their hardwork has resulted into the decisive victory (209/403) in […]

The court assembles at 11:15 but the working of the court is delayed due to absence of Adv. Jaiswal. Then at around 12:30 pm. Adv. Jaiswal enters the court room. Adv. Jaiswal: Sir, I am sorry for my coming late. There was traffic jam on Nagpur- Bhandara highway because of accident. But I can not […]

Prosecution (Bhotmange)- Adv Nikam Defense( Accused)- Adv Jaiswal, Adv Bederkar The witness brought before the court is Mukesh Asaram Pusam, who is an eye witness of the massacre of Bhotmange family. As soon as he stands in the witness box, judge S.S. Das questioned him. Judge S.S. Das:  What is your name? Witness: Mukesh Asaram […]

1000 American High School Students Learn About Caste Discrimination and the Dalits In American public high schools, the caste system in India is briefly studied and given only cursory attention. However, in Highland Ranch, Colorado, over 1000 high school students at ThunderRidge High School (TRHS) attended a Dalit Awareness Day Assembly where speakers from the […]

Caste-based discrimination maybe abolished by law in India but it remains a major cause why backward classes, especially the Dalits, remain confined to menial tasks like manual scavenging and removal of dead animals, a latest report by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) on discrimination in the job sector has said. Affirmative action has been able […]

Dalits in Pakistan have written a letter to Pakistan President Gen. Pervez Musharraf urging him to take “swift action” to ensure an end to “many forms of untouchability, caste discrimination, human inequality and humiliation” at the hands of caste Hindus and those who have converted to Islam. The letter was written by the founder president […]

Elected Dalit presidents of villages in several districts of Tamil Nadu are prevented from conducting their roles with dignity  Pico1:M. Muthukrishnan, president of Siruvai village in Villupuram district, who fled the village after being harassed by caste Hindus. THE successful conduct of elections to panchayats reserved for Dalits in four villages in Tamil Nadu in […]

Hindu hardline groups are active in at least 40 U.S. universities operating under different names and are busy spreading “communal feelings” in the Indian community, says a sociologist from New York Aditi Desai, a former lecturer at Delhi University, has studied Hindu-Muslim relations closely. Based in New York, Desai is a consultant for the U.N. […]