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Nagpur tense


The Kherlanji news as  spreads all over Maharashtra , the demonstrations are taking shape in diffrent form and police is taking cautious stand. The Road blockade was observed in Medical square, Nagpur. Police steeped in. Lathicharge sent  4  injured to Hospital . Some burning of tyres also reported. We will keep you informed>>

Daily news Sakal reports six more people have been arrested in concern with   Kherlanji Massacre . It includes two females  who are considered to be  major planners. This takes arrest tally to 44.  The arrested are – 1.Manda Dhande(female) 2.Kamal Dhande(female) 3.Bhanudas Dhande 4.Karu Dhande 5. Hasan Dhande 6. Roopchand Dhande Meanwhile the second postmortem has come up which is negative for rape […]

“Save Us!”


Innumerable attacks on Buddhists in India. There are 231 rapes and 51 murdered last year. The families are helpless, only hope is help from world community !    “Every hour two Dalits are assaulted,  Every day three Dalit women are raped, Every day two Dalits are murdered & two Dalit houses are burnt in India….” (Report of […]

Speak up !


1. In a village named Kherlanji, Priyanka was reading “Political Science” for her semester examination when Killer mob approched her house.  She is no more now, thanks to caste dynamics! However she left behind the reflection of her creativity in her handwritting!                  2. Another book she was to read is  on sociology that includes theory of Varnashram, theory […]

To  correlate the roles of people, we are providing you with the names of victims, planners , inspection roles , accomplice and killers in  Kherlanji cruel episode. The victims Bhotmange Family- A Buddhist family in Kherlanji killed by shameless villagers. Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange – Single person left in Bhotamange family . His is a father. Surekha Bhotmange- Wife of […]

Come October and celebration season starts for 80 million Buddhists in India .The celebration marks freedom from Caste shackles and entry into a dignified life. But for Bhotmange family such month never came . All family members, expect the father, were butchered by the Villains of humanity in their own village, Kherlanji. Kherlanji is a […]