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It was active day of People’s March in Gevrai . A protest lead against insane administration that is covering perpetrators and failed to arrest  ‘castiest bulls’ in Ranjani rape case . The March was lead by a delegation that demanded: 1. Rehabilitation of the family of (dead) Laxman Aher family 2. Government should take responsibility […]

Gang rape of a Dalit minor by a Hindu Priest and his accomplices is worst incidence in line with the atrocities piling up in Beed District. Kidnapping Victim from her home  in Rajni village near National highway and gang rape in adjacent farms to Ahemadanagar Road – 8-10 km  from Beed is a ghory summary. […]

By day, they work together, consulting with each other to help their patients. But at lunch, the 150 doctors at this medical college in Muzaffarpur head to seven separate rooms. The menu in each cafeteria is the same. Daal, rice, sabzi.  But “the kitchens are separate for Harijans, Thakurs and Brahmins,” says Shatrughan Rai, who […]

The gruel caste minds manage to escape out from the police scan due to many reasons.  Atrocitynews correspondent confirms that the accused in the caste Atrocity where Laxman Aher was brutally murdered for beating the drum during festive time are not arrested . The gang of 3 are out of Police vigil till date. It […]


Jaswant Singh who as part of core think tank of BJP and also involved with the Rastriya Sawyamsevak Sangha on Wednesday equated the RSS design of NEW INDIA at par with white American group Ku Klux Klan (KKK) . He had been unceremoniously expelled from the party a week ago. “Please don’t ask me. I […]