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Following piece is a reflective thought from Yogesh, who is studying in Nagpur University  B.A. ( Ambedkar Thoughts). He is amidst writing a Novel ‘ The Sentient Being’. He has just finished his 150th poem.  This particular writing gives a sense of direction to the conflicts arisen/arising in the day to day struggle for equality. Please go thru the piece  and comment>>   […]

Dear Readers, Please find the Model Draft for Parliamentary Standing Committee written by People-Activists who aim Caste-less India. Atrocitynews supports them. Will you? Please send any other model to the Standing Committee. Lets believe in the force of Parliament than in any A-nna! ** September 1, 2011. Adv. Abhishek Manu Singhvi Chairman Parliamentary Standing Committee. […]

Sitting at his desk, Tejas Shinde looks behind at all the events that occurred during Anna’s agitation, he is left with more questions than answers because of the way event has unfolded.   -**- Anna Hazare’s movement began with a stir against corruption. There cannot be any denial to the fact that anger and frustration […]

Please find the protests on Delhi Streets against the unparliamentarian attitude of Anna and team. Media included in manufacturing this claut of fascism. Lets join hand to fight against them..  

Why are such masses of people (apparently: in our village some came out for a morcha organized by the Maharashtra Navnirman Samiti) following Anna Hazre, when it is now clear that his Lokpal is an authoritarian, centralized and undemocratically pushed proposal?   Several articles, including those by Arundhati Roy and Aruna Roy, have made this […]

Here we have  two India(s) fighting for the cause:  Caste-India Vs Democratic-India,  lets see the features of both and decide whom do we want to support….Present Goverment is supporting the Caste India. Factor Caste India Democtartic India Who are they? Anna Hazare,  Kejriwal, Bedi& All Upper Caste Middle Class, Elite Civil Society, Along with Mainstream Print & […]

Please find  following picture , speaks for itself.  The Lokpal agitation driven by Kejriwal, Bedi and Hazare brews up on the support of Fascist-High-Caste-Elite-Quarters those want no-affirmative action. The whole fasting is a drama to bring masses into a trap and make them stand against reservation-Affirmative Action Program for 85% of the population. Anti-nationalist stance, Caste-India protests and plays against […]