Gevrai: Hindu Priest Rapes Dalit Minor


Gang rape of a Dalit minor by a Hindu Priest and his accomplices is worst incidence in line with the atrocities piling up in Beed District. Kidnapping Victim from her home  in Rajni village near National highway and gang rape in adjacent farms to Ahemadanagar Road – 8-10 km  from Beed is a ghory summary. Again “Instead of justice police outraged her modesty”

Name of Victims
:     Smita Pawar
Caste :     Hindu untouchable caste- Mang
Type of crime :     Kidnapping and Gang Rape
Date :     23/08/2009 to 24/08/2009

Name of accused :

1. Uttam Mane ( Upper Caste- Aarradhi Priest)

2. Babalu Turukmare

3. Three unknown persons masked their faces

:     376,328,109,366 ( IPC )  Police Station     :     Tal – Gevrai  Dist- Beed

Background of the case:

Smita Pawar (name changed) is 15 year old girl, occupation- landless labour. She belongs to Mang caste (Schedule Caste). Her native place is Rajnai village, Tal – Georai and Dist – Beed. Three months back she got married and she was living with her husband.

Victim Smita and her husband came to her parent’s home for the religious ceremony (Paradi programme) at 12 pm on Friday Dated 21 Aug 2009.  On Friday night Uttam Mane came for this religious ceremony as a priest (Arradhi). He resides in Beed town and another two priests and one boy also accompanied him, namely Kondiram, Babasaheb and a boy Babalu Turukmare.

After finishing religious ceremony (Paradi programme) Uttam Mane lived in victim’s home for two days.

On Sunday 23rd Aug 2009, Uttam Mane told victim to visit Aaai (i.e. Goddess) temple in the field to perform remaining rituals. Victim believed and went with him. But when they came near Gadhi Phata of National Highway of Beed, an auto rickshaw came near them and Babalu got down from it. Uttam Mane asked Babalu to take her with him. When she denied Uttam forced victim to sit in the rickshaw besides Bablu. She feared and doubted their intention and refused to sit in Rickshaw but Babalu took her scarf and put on her mouth and forcefully made her to sit in the rickshaw.

Then Babalu took her to Beed Bus stand. Babalu called up his friends and immediately three friends came and sat in Auto Riksha. Auto Riksha took turn near Shivji Statute of the Beed and directly proceeded on Nagar Road. They went approximately 8 – 10 Km away from the Beed. Auto Riksha halted near secluded place in the farm near a Neem tree close to a well. There was a hut in the field. The time was around 4.30 pm. Babalu and masked friends (probably Uttam) forced victim to eat white tablets. They told her this tablets is for avoiding pregnancy then Babalu and his friends removed her Sari, and inner garments and they also snatched away gold and silver ornaments. Initially Babalu brutally raped her and afterward three others raped took the turn. She fainted and went unconscious.

On 24th Aug 2009 around 7.30 am to 8.00 am when she regained her consciousness she found herself in Auto Riksha again. Babalu and his friends were also seating next to her. She also found that she was wearing purple colour panjabi dress instead of her sari and also carrying white – chocolate colour purse containing bangles, scent bottle and vico cream.

They went to Gevrai in Auto Rikshs and left her on the Gevrai old bus stand. She was under fear and tremendous stress. When she walked down towards border of Gevrai, her brother Mr. Hanuman and village people met her there. Her brother brought her to Shanta Bai’s house. Her brother gave her water and meal. They went to Georai government hospital. Then victim’s brother, mother, father and victim herself went to Georai police station. They registered compliant. Again they went to Georai government hospital but doctor advised to admit in Beed civil hospital. They came in civil hospital and Victim admitted in the civil hospital in Beed.

When police called victim and her father for writing statement, they went to Georai police station . Instead of registering the complaint  PI (Police Inspector) beat and abused the victim.

Without the  intervention from SPMM and CHR, the atrocious system would easily been covered up similar to earlier Atrocities. They helped the victim in many ways.

* Psychological support and counseling,
* Legal support, counseling and legal aid,
* Helped for the medical treatment of the victims.
* Put pressure on police and also government by Dharane Andolan and Rasta Roko.
* Pressure on the political leader and police administration
* Advocacy of the present case at local, district and state level through electronic and print media
* Networking and Collaboration of all Dalit organizations and political parties (which supports Dalit cause) for this issue.
* Documentation and reporting
* Documentation and publication

Present situation:

* Police did not put clauses of POA in FIR

* Still main accused are not arrested by the police
* Instead of giving justice police has beaten and abused the victim on 28th Aug. 2009

Local Media:

Pic 01 : News in Sakal on Gang rape of a Sheduled caste woman by an Uppercaste Priest

Pic 01 : News in Sakal on Gang rape of a Sheduled caste woman by an Uppercaste Priest

Pic 02 : News in Surajya- Gang rape of a Sheduled Caste  by an Uppercaste Priest

Pic 02 : News in Surajya- Gang rape of a Sheduled Caste by an Uppercaste Priest

6 Responses to “Gevrai: Hindu Priest Rapes Dalit Minor”

  1. Love the new look, keep up the great work the number of visitors must have increased?.

  2. 2 selvakumar

    Sir are they human being or any animal being?
    Manu quoted in his Manusmriti that the outcaste people are not the human being so the other caste people can use them as an animal. If the Hindus are realy the animal being they can do this kind of things.

    These Hindu fanatics found something special in the outcaste people tha’s why they always taste the dalit women. they do not find anything in their women.

    Such a stupids they are.

    • 3 STG

      You are totally misguided selvakumar…. In Manusmriti it is not said anything like what you are saying. Manu has written a constitution for that age. And dont mix religion and criminals. You are totally false and misguided person.

  3. 4 Baliram Nade, Mumbai

    Jai bhim to all

    In Beed district in this current situation no. of atrocities are happed. For this the local police administration is responsible, and govt.( not our) is also support to the accused. In this case the both Pandit (MLA and ex. MLA) had intervention and support to accused.

    For getting judge we can bring more pressure on govt. and admn. I and My friends are making action plan of how we handle this case and race the issue nation and internation level.

  4. 5 Surendra Rote

    Dear all,
    Since long time we have been facing this humiliation and hostility from the Caste Hindu people. We are protesting many times but frequencie of
    Dalit atrocities has not been decreasing. It is really disturbing for us. It is fortunate of India that India got Ambedkar. Ambedkar given us Buddha. Therefore we are all following path of peace and non-violence even while protesting against injustice. Otherwise……..we would have been shown that to these Castiest minded hindus what is brutality and how to kill the person. But it is fortunate of India, India have Buddha and Ambedkar and both of with us.
    We will never loose our strentgh. We have to strongly protest on each and every step collectively. We have to reinvent more strategies to make socially economically and educationally strong to SCs, STs

  5. what we have on garden furnitures are bamboo chairs and rattan based tables—

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