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The Media Surveys are absolutely not doing any justice as more than helping; they are misleading the people opinion. They have been proved wrong umpteen times and yet their influence cannot be ignored. Channel surveys differ and at times differ so much that they are far away from reality. The Surveys could have been a […]

  It is another election season, and we have the explosion of caste analysis in the media. Everything is about caste permutation and combination, caste vote banks, etc. Many “progressive-minded” Indians think that caste politics is the bane of India. If it were not for the politicians who are stoking the fire of caste, India […]

The recent analysis shows that if Dalits and Muslim unite and vote for a candidate, they could lead the nation. They can elect the Prime Minister of India by shear voting. This is the beauty of Democracy in India. The  tyranny of castist and fundamentalist Indians is increasing on these peripheral groups. Their unreasonable support is making ultra […]