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Sixty-four years after caste untouchability was abolished by the Constitution, more than a fourth of Indians say they continue to practise it in some form in their homes, the biggest ever survey of its kind has revealed. Those who admit to practising untouchability belong to virtually every religious and caste group, including Muslims, Scheduled Castes […]

Why escaping caste by conversion is not liked by High Caste in India? Why these High Caste self proclaimed leaders find change in constitution.  Do they accuse the fathers of constitution have not felt need for it? All questions direct towards hidden hand  of Modi’s Government. The silent move is to make pluralist Indian democracy […]

A caste panchayat in a Barmer village in Rajasthan ordered that the nose of an alleged Dalit rape victim be chopped off, reportedly at the behest of the suspect. The victim on Monday met the district’s superintendent of police and sought police protection from the villagers and the suspect, who happens to be her father-in-law. […]