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n a shocking incident, a disabled 45-year old Dalit, was severely beaten up by upper caste villagers and he succumbed to his injuries later.The incident happened at Namala village in CK Palle mandal yesterday at the Adhar card distribution centre.When Harijan Tirupal went to get his Adhar card at the distribution centre, there was a […]

“While the UPA has focused on bettering the lot of the Dalit community, it is dominated by upper caste Hindus, very few of whom are genuinely concerned about the plight of dalits,” the American Embassy said in a cable sent under the name of Ambassador David Mulford on June 22, 2005 ( 35177: confidential), and […]

Ref: Mandavgan Farata Caste Atrocity ( Since a year, Atrocitynews team is following a caste atrocity that took toll of quite several Dalit  families including that of Ritesh (Balaji) Walmik Walke, At – Po- Mandangaon Farata, Tahsil- Shirur, Dist- Pune. Disasterously slow Police action protected the caste goons. They roamed freely  even till now especially during the hearing of the case at Pune District Court. The  accused and his upper caste supportive […]

Calling a Dalit by his caste is a serious offence that cannot be condoned even if both the accused and the complainant arrive at a compromise, the Supreme Court said. A bench of justices Markandeya Katju and Gyan Sudha Mishra said the only way of ending the feudal mentality of those insulting the Dalits would […]

The Supreme Court on Monday asked the Haryana government to identify the persons and organisation responsible for holding demonstration in December last against booking of some upper caste people in connection with the Mirchpur Dalit killings case. A bench of justices GS Singhvi and AK Ganguly also directed the government and the Railway Board to […]