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Dozens of Muslim students of a government-run Urdu school in a Bihar village have refused to take mid-day meals cooked by a Dalit woman. “We will not touch the food. There is no question of taking food cooked by a woman belonging to the scheduled caste,” said Nurjahan Bano, an eight-year-old student of Amri Urdu […]

Source:The Observer Leading British companies are being accused of supporting a system of apartheid in India by failing to ensure that they treat members of the country’s lowest caste equally. The International Dalit Solidarity Network (IDSN), which campaigns on behalf of the caste, pejoratively known as ‘untouchables’, says UK companies with operations in India are […]

Caste is integral to Hindu social life and so is integral to equitable economic wellbeing. Indian premature economist’s very erroneously seen impact of caste virus on Indian macro and micro economy. They have always denied such link. First there is literally handful of articles in this area even if they are there; they are sort […]

 A Dalit man approaching a community water pump would not have imagined what crime he was about to commit. But as he washed his hands, a group of people came down upon him, beat him up and also filed a police complaint against him. Pic01: Fighting for life Ramlal, 40, sustained three fractures in his […]

The statements made by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) of India at the 5th United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) sessions appeared as if the NHRC is confused about its own mandate. The NHRC is a human rights monitoring institution constituted by an Act of Parliament, ‘The Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993’. The […]

An incident in Guruvayur draws attention once again to the `untouchability’ practised in Kerala’s Hindu temples. Please read Frontline article

IN a recent trend, Ahmedabad is witnessing “only-Dalit” residential societies — around 300 of which have come up in the last few years. However, for most Dalits, it is not a matter of choice, but of compulsion. “Even if a Dalit can afford a flat in areas dominated by the upper castes, they are often […]

One person was killed in Nurmehal after the police fired at a mob, which had gathered to protest against the suicide by a Dalit labourer, his pregnant wife and five-year-old daughter following alleged torture by the Punjab Police.    Continue reading Indian Express

As many as 12,000 government jobs reserved for scheduled caste (SC), scheduled tribe (ST) and socially and economically backward castes (SEBC) are still vacant.  Continue reading Times of India article.

This was the 3rd continual day of court proceedings of Khairlanji case. Mukesh’s deposition got over today. Before that defense lawyer adv. Niraj Khandewale cross examined Mukesh for half and hour. Special public prosecutor requested the court to re-examine Mukesh on 3 points. From which two were rejected and the one point that consisted ~ whether […]

Today during court proceedings Mukesh Pusam reported that he did not see Sudhir, Roshan and Priyanka while being beaten. On this second day,  court started in the morning at 11.22 pm. and ended at 4.20 pm. Following is the short saga of what Mukesh deposited before the court on 12th June: Mukesh said, “On the day of incident […]

‘“I am dying; oh Mother!” cried Priyanka before she was being caught by killer group and put to death. “Save me, save me” uttered Roshan’, said Mukesh Pusam, one of the main witness of Khairlanji Massacre when called by senior Judge S.S.Das in order to depose before the court. The court was in session entire […]

It is not unsual to deny the admission to a bright Dalit in India where the affirmative action in the form of reservation system becomes half hearted attempt in providing level-playing field to the oppressed. However killer-skills have been aquired by castiest-authorities heading Educational Institutions and they are onto playing dengerous game while denying the admissions to such students. Till date […]

After 2500 years of oppression and inhuman output of caste system, the Wall Street Journal reporters now found time to write on the Indian problem which has become single most hurdle in creating just society in India from eons. Click here & read the article. It is a recent article published in Wall Street Journal by an […]

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, one of the longest surviving facist organisation in the world operating from India is not comfortable with Indian constitution right from its inception. Every now and then it creates uproar and tries to press its anti-democratic agenda by asking unwarrented review of Constitution without understanding the core. Even if article 368 is embeded […]

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“Caste” One Billion Eyes, the annual Indian documentary film festival organised by the Prakriti Foundation, Chennai, is in its third year. This year’s theme is Caste. The theme for 2005 was ‘Arts, Activism, Animals’, and for 2006 it was ‘Our Cities: the Real and the Imagined’. In India, caste consumes everyone. From the brahmin priests […]

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information from its local partner the People’s Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR) in Uttar Pradesh (UP) regarding the alarming increase in the number of attacks against the members of the dalit community in the state. It is reported that after the defeat of the former administration […]

Ambedkar counterposed the concept of nation as against the concept of caste, which was the pre-eminent mode of social organisation in India. For him, the idea of a nation was not just political sovereignty. A nation was a people who were socially bound as one. India however was divided by caste groups and people were […]

Following  article is sourced from TOI written by Shobhan Saxena with very simple yet clear understanding of the movement launched by Dr Ambedkar. Mainstream media showing some glimpses of sporadic understanding off late. Anyways for Dalits that doesn’t matter at all. There life is devoid of sensationalism where heart of media lies.  Indian Media is  engulfed into (dignified?) blitz […]

Born in 1982. Grew up in Etah in Uttar Pradesh. Gained admission in 2002 at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Such a long journey with stupendous effort, Ajay Singh studying in his MBBS final year talks to Tahelka Team in Delhi …… “I was in Class viii when I first heard about AIIMS, the All India […]

 A Dalit was thrashed and his head shaved off on the Agra District Court compound on Tuesday. No arrest has yet been made. Uttar Pradesh Principal Secretary (Home) K. Chandramouli told newspersons on Wednesday that a first information report was lodged against lawyer Ravindra Singh and his associates immediately after the incident. The FIR was […]

This is just disgusting; readers please crawl through the video and understand if this can happen to son of Union Minister in 2007; where is India heading with inhuman caste system.. Watch video Hindu society needs to change its ideals; otherwise its doomed to decay.  Caste system is central to religious injunction. (Purush Sukta) In this light […]

An ugly caste conflict loomed large in Rajasthan Friday with the Gujjars and Meenas clashing over the quota pie given to Scheduled Tribes as the situation spiralled out of control and the state remained virtually cut off from the country.Though the government has categorically refused to put out any more casualty figures, reports from Dausa […]