Bitten up; Birth rewards: Caste-Virus 002AP2011


n a shocking incident, a disabled 45-year old Dalit, was severely beaten up by upper caste villagers and he succumbed to his injuries later.The incident happened at Namala village in CK Palle mandal yesterday at the Adhar card distribution centre.When Harijan Tirupal went to get his Adhar card at the distribution centre, there was a big queue. He met the officials concerned and explained to them that being physically disabled, he cannot stand for long and requested them to issue him the card early.

Following his request, the officials asked him to sit in the chair and wait for some time.Meanwhile local villagers B Venkatarami Reddy and Narendra Reddy along with two others, who were present there, took exception to Tirupal circumventing the queue and sitting in the chair in front of them.They dragged him from the chair and beat him up mercilessly. Left out of breath, Tirupal returned home and narrated the incident to the family members.

He suddenly collapsed complaining of chest pain and even as the family members tried to shift him to Dharmavaram hospital, he succumbed to the injuries.When the news spread today morning, Dharmavaram DSP Vijayakumar visited the village. CK Palle police registered a case.


Source: Indian Express

2 Responses to “Bitten up; Birth rewards: Caste-Virus 002AP2011”

  1. abolish this discrimination

  2. This is what our interior India is. Are concerned agencies sleeping?

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