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A Dalit man was beaten to death by his neighbours after he demanded his due payments from one of them at Dhaneshpur village Bihar’s Samastipur district. Superintendent of Police Surendra Lal Das said on Friday that Lakendra Paswan (35) was tied with a bamboo tree and lynched for daring to ask for payment from one […]

The court concludes the  accused statements  Today was the last day of the recording of the statements of the accused in the Khairlaniji case . The last accused questioned was Shishupal Dhande. He was put questions regarding the statements of the witnesses Yadnapal Khobragade, Rastrapal Narnavare , Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange , Mukesh Pusam , suresh Khandate […]

reports-aiimsGovernment constituted a committee headed by Prof SK Thorat to enquire into allegations of differential treatment of SC/ST students in the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. This was in the wake of media reports and complaints to the Government about the said harassment and abuse. The committee was given the mandate to look into […]

There were 100 families living in a village near Palampur in north Gujrat. When one upper caste  Rajput tried to usurp a Dalit’s land , he filed a suit in the court . That Dalit man won the case . But after that he was murdered by the high caste people. And those people forced […]

Following is the observation cum fact sent by Atul Biswas from Calcutta  depicting nature of CPI leadership and politics in westbengal that only breeds caste based discrimination in every form of life. With such naked dance of caste-virus, who is going to make that change where the % of SC crosses 15% of population of the state?  Offcourse […]

Neo Buddhists are far ahead of Hindu Dalits Dr. Shura Darapuri Dr. B.R.Ambedkar, on 31st May, 1936, in his address to a public meeting at Dadar (Bombay) on the subject of “why go for conversion?” said, “I should like to impress this thing on your minds very clearly that religion is for man and not […]

Pic01 Savi Sawarkar, excellance beyond par By Vidya Bhushan Rawat   Every time Savi Savarkar wanted to exhibit his paintings at the Ravindra Bhawan at the Lalit Kala Academy, Delhi, the hidden agenda of the Hindutva ensured that he does not get space for his paintings.  After many efforts he got permission to exhibit those […]