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  Present status :  14 Caste-Goons arrested   2 accused still free, enjoying blessings of DYSP Mr Sonavane? However….   Thanks to the activism !

The activist have shown yet another time, that India is living and there is a hope. Despite their personal commitments, many have seem to intiate the Protest March against heinous caste violance, wherein a retired teacher Mr Sadanshiv Salve was murdered by the Catiest goons in Phule Pimpalgaon in Beed district.   National civil consensus […]

The national media is oblivious, the local Print media has taken some notice, but see for yourself, the reporting style and magnitude of the CAUSE.  ‘How can people unite  against such atrocities’ is a test for ‘Civilisation in Progress’. Wait and see  some activists owning up the cause.  You may not join them but voice your protest  just by writing on […]

 Atrocitynews has been following very closely caste atrocities in Beed district as it is a strong hold of Castiest Goons who still take pride in Caste hierarchy despite no class of education.  Dalits have no way to go except (Blog)Media as the Police slips out of the picture, nay, backing perpetrators at times. See this ghastly incidence wherein […]

The SKA earned a big victory when the Supreme Court put the onus of ending manual scavenging on District Collectors. write S.R. RAGHUNATHAN from Frontline.   WHEN a few young South Indian Dalit men and women, out of anger and anguish, set out in 1986 to run a campaign against manual scavenging, it was a […]

Not only rural areas are infested with caste virus,  but urbane India is not far behind. Travel around Pune , come to Pimpari-Chichawad, the hub of economic activity in the western region, you will see caste ghettos and lavishly spread concrete jungle.  Economy grows at its pace but its no way fascinating to some section of human kind in 21st Century! […]

“Learning the use of symbolic means: Dalits, Ambedkar statues and the state in Uttar Pradesh” is a nice paper written by french scholar Nicolas Jaoul which explains the social theory and rationale behind the ever increasing no of statues of Dr Ambedkar in India. Nicolas Jaoul is a research fellow at the Centre d.Etudes de […]

 Following is a thought-provoking article by Jag Surya and yet a very down to earth realisation of  present Indian society which is far from catering ‘one man- one value ‘ as coined by father of Modern Constitutions, Dr Ambedkar. The segregation remains at worst in Indian villages , exemplified in Khairlanji .  Irony is  ane ducated lot from Indian middle class when crosses national bourdarieds  […]