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In yet another shocking instance accused in Suryawada Atrocity Case were acquitted, which has now become a rule rather than exception in India when the convictions had sunk below 1% . Principal and sessions Judge Hon. S.S.Buradkar in Bhandara , acquitted the two accused named No.1 , Sharad Kaitade No. 2 , Mrs. Madhave Raut […]

Editor Khailanji massacre occurred exactly 2 years before. On this very day in 2006, four members of a Dalit and Buddhist family were killed mercilessly by the caste Hindus. The agitation that followed showed not the anger of people against the caste system, but genuine need to look at the issue of the caste system […]

Today Khairlanji witnessing people in general, social activists, lawyers, doctors, politicians and Buddhist Monks congregating from all corners of the world for paying floral tributes to a family that shade their lives for dignity. Khairlanji massacre has become a WATERSHED that sensitized media, civil society and politic by producing a realistic perspective on caste violence […]

Here is a counter argument from Armugam that pin-points  falacies in Jerry’s comment…   “I find this post Racist than beautiful. Even Dr. Ambedkar completely dismissed the idea that the Dalits and OBCs are a disticnt race as compared to Dwijas. There are several loopholes in this racist theory. There are many SC/OBC who are of eurasian origin […]

Khairlanji Massacre: Charter of Demands from the Citizens  The Khairlanji Massacre of 2006 brought out ugly facts of the caste based discrimination and violence. During the trial the caste angle was brought into the notice of the Honourable Judge. The Khairlanji massacre is the straightforward and clear case of caste atrocity. There are special provisions […]

Jeery, a vigilant reader, has plucked the chords with those beautiful lines. He comments … “Khairlanji and Barabanki Verdicts may be partially in line with law but I do not agree with punishment to the accused as they are not the real culprits. It is the castism and hatred towards so called lower castes by […]

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