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Mr Osamu Suzuki, Chairman of Suzuki Motor Corporation, one of the leading automobile companies in the world has just come to India. He is here to take the stock of the situation at Maruti’s troubled Manesar car factory. The Manesar plant of Maruthi Suzuki was burnt recently due to  insensitivity of Maruthi Management on caste issue. However,  in order to save face, Mr Osamu unilaterlly […]

There has been sudden upsurge of frivolous castist activities happening on Web Media especially social portals. Such a virulent agenda is put forth  by none other than a few fundamentalist groups including self-regulated RTI  ( right to information) activists who are internet-savvy. Targeting the credentials of honest officers coming from particular social groups is on their agenda. For example, Chief Information Commissioner ( Mr […]

Essays by Perry Anderson Perry R. Anderson is a British historian and political essayist. A specialist in intellectual history, he is often identified with the post-1956 Western Marxism of the New Left.  He is Professor of History and Sociology at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and a former editor of the New Left […]

Hindu caste system has left its virulent scar on Every part of the world. It has humiliated the people of land wehreever it went. May it be Pakistan, the land of Islam. Caste virus can not be locked into any religion. Such is the product of Brahminical system (BSO). Chander Kumar is a dalit activist […]