Caste Perpetuating in RTI activism: Targets Mr. Ratnakar Gaikwad


There has been sudden upsurge of frivolous castist activities happening on Web Media especially social portals. Such a virulent agenda is put forth  by none other than a few fundamentalist groups including self-regulated RTI  ( right to information) activists who are internet-savvy. Targeting the credentials of honest officers coming from particular social groups is on their agenda.

For example, Chief Information Commissioner ( Mr Ratnakar Gaikwad) even his family members are  made easy targets.  Claiming  fake identity, such groups merely talk about transparency in all walks of life leaving behind the equality. Moreover they forget the definite roots put into pseudo Caste System, which  was never ever  could be transparent to  a common man.  NO effort is made to uproot the caste virus and bring in practice values of liberty, equality and fraternity. They simplly don’t have courage to do so ! READERS, BEWARE OF SUCH PSEUDO ACTIVISTS   !

We have specific proofs on Atrocity News . Please see the post, link on ‘Comment section’ posted by  Mr Krishna Rao indicates ill efforts to malign the honest officers from the specific community indicating a caste slur.

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One Response to “Caste Perpetuating in RTI activism: Targets Mr. Ratnakar Gaikwad”

  1. 1 Bala

    This is a impotent last astra to attack honesty! Hope there are many law professional in dalit mass, why should not they file writ on banning the geeta, veda and other bluff story of hinduism which spoils dalit, sudras and general public in many ways. first of all gita should be banned from judicial use since it is not go well with majority low caste large numbered indians also it is a part of crimes wars. There must be a collective mass RTI seeking on the temple head and priest, judicial upper caste icon, political icon like ss.swamy, functioning of NGOS like anna, kejri, AND thakre, rss, vhp, bajrra, govt bureaucrats of upper caste, subsidized corporates sector and their heads etc… This is nothing but to prove ugliness, mess in their activity as well as neutralize the one sided approach OF INDIAN SYSTEM.

    hope, I am not given any bad idea!

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