Mr Osamu Suzuki, Chairman Suzuki Motor Corp celebrates ‘Honeymoon with Hindutva Forces’


Mr Osamu Suzuki, Chairman of Suzuki Motor Corporation, one of the leading automobile companies in the world has just come to India. He is here to take the stock of the situation at Maruti’s troubled Manesar car factory. The Manesar plant of Maruthi Suzuki was burnt recently due to  insensitivity of Maruthi Management on caste issue.

However,  in order to save face, Mr Osamu unilaterlly  denied any prejudices during a press conference in Delhi. He claimed that the worker and the deceased Officer share similar caste background. Mr Awanish Kr Dev , GM (HR) died in the anger oose out. Maruti Suzuki Workers Union’s maintain that that the mob fury was only triggered by “casteist comments/abuses” allegedly made by the Officers against a Dalit worker.

After turning down the caste angle, Chairman prefered to visit Gujrat. A honeymoon was in waiting with the Hindutva forces. It can be seen clearly in the inset picture the Suzuki pride; trying to redeem the diplomacy that is socially damaging.

Pic 01: Honeymoon of Mr Osamu Suzuki with Mr Modi;
Courtesy : The Hindu

The social and potical strategist  back at home in Japan are still silent on the acts of Chairman. He seem to be ill-advised at wrong time when Japan is looking for a peaceful  non-communal international imprint. Mr Suzuki is risking the future of Japan.  The rising Dalits movement  is paving way  for representations in all fields including free markets. The day is not far when Suzuki and his high team may need to answer evil collabrations. This hour,  to stay in Indian business, any Enterprise must understant India’s constituional vision; liberty & equality and social endosmosis. For which Inc may bring regular Social Audits at all  levels. They must distance themselves from fundamentalist forces like RSS.

Moreover 100’s of millions  ‘Indian Buddhists’ ( of the Size of Japan)  will not appreciate the doctored (blind eye) treatment to lower caste workers . On part of  Japanese counterpart caste issue could be backbone of Overall understanding of Bussiness Environment in India wherein the large section of this class joins Indian Middle class market. Albeit Mr Osamu Suzuki continue to form an evil Nazi  Axis (RSS)  like the way Japanese did in 1945.

The days gone when Japanese Samurai fought for equality and dignity! Mr Osamu Suzuki, is new  Brahmin-ghost that Japan liberates while  importing Caste structure to its land ! Beware !


Buddha Smiles!

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