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Dalit’s hands, legs severed in MP village In a shocking incident, three persons allegedly chopped off both hands and legs of a 27-year-old dalit youth at Pagari Bangla village under Malawar police station limits in MP’s Rajgarh district, apparently over a petty issue, police said on Sunday. The victim, identified as Jagdish, has been referred […]

Following are the villains of humanity in Lathur last week who being wealthy with their influence crushed the dreams of  50 Ambedkarite families in a night by burning their houses; almost they might have killed them had not the scavenging community (Bhangis) didn’t give them shelter/protection. They all are protected by caste Hindus & thier political top brass in […]

MEMORANDUM 27th January 2012 To The Chairman Dr. P. L. Punia National Commission for Scheduled Caste Lok Nayak Bhavan, Khan Market, New Delhi-110003 Subject: Demanding Stringent and Immediate Lawful Action against Culprits of Caste Atrocities on Dalit (Ganda) Families at Lathore village (Bolangir District), Odisha.   Respected Sir, We are writing to you with deep […]

Two life In India; touchable and untouchable. Caste violence in Odisha Lathor , Upper caste vandalized and burnt the whole dalit Vasti. The recent Lathor caste atrocity shows that India is yet to be a united of nation. It is not only Lathor where dalit are being victimized but it is the nature of Indian […]

Atrocitynews reporters from Lathur writes us….There is a problem with the Rehabilitation site that is located at Govt. High School with some 210 people and 49 families. They are soon going to be moved to a Local Collage campus as the high school(hindu) students are going to strike against the over stay of the camp at their […]

From TV report the Odisha Chief Minister declared to give 1 lakhs to each victimized family as compensation. These are the victimized dalits: SL NO Name of the Victims  Male No Female No Boy Age under 14 Girl Age under 14 1 Gouranga Suna 2 3 1 1 2 Byasa Suna 1 2 2   […]

This morning DSP paid a visit to the relief camp for families affected due to Upper Caste Mob atrocity at Lathur in Bolangir.  Camp is not quite far from the sight of atrocity. The atrocity sight is still under investigation for the total damage  it cost both to man and infrastructure. RatnaKumar and Jadumani the […]

Lathur Caste Atrocity: Fact Finding Report By Jadumani &  Ratnakumar 1.1 The situation The present situation is pathetic.  From the last four days justice is being denied to victims, rally by rally and protest by protest are happening in all around the districts of Odisha. Families are poorly  contained in the Same Govt school. Innocent […]

We take pleasure in inviting you to ‘Grand Buddha Festival’ starting this month from  26th to 29th January 2012 at Diksha Bhoomi grounds, Nagpur (India). Please watch the Promotion Video that affirms  the Vision of the  Buddha  Festival. This is the second year of this festival. In the year 2011, in its very first year, the festival was planned […]

The supporters of the Upper caste Mob were the BJP supporter Agrawal community who own the Petrol Pumps in the region. The Petrol pumps have provided the petrol for FREE to burn the 50 Households of the Lathur. They have even suppiled the Liquer to the Upper caste Hooligans who have set the houses on […]

Our correspondant from Odisha, Bolangir has sent few pictures of the Burnt Remains of Households for whom the worth of the assets is more than their Life. This is the life taking inhmanity witnessed by many in Bolangir district. Lathor is silent today ! All the roads leading to Lathor are blocked by the Upper […]

Do the people of India have privilage to dream a civil life?  The answer is NO ; suggests the recent Atrocity done by Upper Caste Mob on Dalits, some of those have recently converted to Buddhism. Please watch for yourrself the remains of Caste_violance..

Caste atrocity in Lathor, Bolangir district of Odisha that has given a Black Face to CASTE Ridden Odisha. More than 50 houses are burnt by upper castes here considered to be the violent event after independence. The incident took place in wee hours. However the houses were torched yesterday 3.00 PM (22nd Jan, 2012) at […]

“Right to Education Act 2010- is a loaded gun without a trigger. The gun was loaded for sure. And yes, with the best of ammunition. But nobody seems willing to pull the trigger now, just like Prevention of Atrocities Act 1989 that has all elements to control caste violance but cant do so due to […]

A 40-year-old Dalit widow was beaten for two hours and paraded semi-naked at Mulgaon village in Patan taluka of Satara district on Monday noon by members of an upper caste family who suspected that her son had eloped with their daughter.Though the police initially refused to register her complaint, five persons of the Desai family, […]

Brutal attack on Dalits settlement in Kizlsathamangalam village of Pondicherry, India made by the dominant caste people on 01/01/2012 by the dominant of the Melsathamangalam village. Nearly 100 Dalits’ houses were attacked by 300 upper caste members using swords and other sharp and deadly weapons. Many Dalit houses were broken and properties like house, TATA […]