-BBC Visits

A team from BBC, UK visited Bhandara to take the stock of the situlation. The co-producer when met Mr Bhotmange, only father survived after Kherlanji Massacre and interviewd him, she could not stop  her emotions and broke . Such was ugly portrayal of humanity! The team is in a postion to cover the massacre and details in few days.  The documentry is said to be hosted on BBC world service soon.  We will try to put the exerpts of an interview with Mr Bhotmange on this site.We will also try to keep you  informed about the BBC news coverage here as soon as it is ready! It is learnt BBC is going to air complete documentary on the event on 14th Nov 2006.

Update 1

Seeing nationwide ongoing protest on Kherlanji Massacre, BBC has extended its research further. For which the BBC team requires time to cover contriwide Agitations.The co-producer and her team who recently met  Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange has informed Atrocitynews that the programme which was to be aired on 14th Nov is now postponed to 16th Nov. As this is online programme you can view  it any time throughout the day.

Update 2

As reported earlier the international Media had taken cognisance of Kherlanji Buddhist Massacre right in the intial stages. The efforts of BBC team are worth appreciating, as everybody across the globe can now  share the feelings of the suffering civilisation in India. Though the assignment talks on Kherlanji it also talks elaborately on cuase and effects of slowly growing Dalit-Buddhist movement in India across diffrent States, among many castes and reaching out to globe audience appealing reformation of world only on trinity of liberty, equality and fraternity.

Please  Click here>>> for BBC Radio

A Letter from BBC

“Dear friends,  ……Our radio programme about the Ambedkarite movement goes out today on BBC World Service at 9:05, 12:05 and 20:05. It is also online here and should be available in the online archive indefinitely: Many thanks to all of you who helped us to make the programme. It presents the story very much from a socio-economic point of view without attention to Buddhism as a spiritual path — the editor was very clear that this was what they wanted for their news & current affairs slot. I was also discouraged from including some of the subtleties of the history and politics which I would have liked to have included. Given these constraints, I hope you find it a reasonable representation.  We have been asked to make a longer version (27mins instead of 22) for BBC Radio 4’s programme Crossing Continents (ie. on BBC domestic radio for the UK, as opposed to the international World Service). I let you know of the transmission date when I have news of that.  Again, many thanks to everyone who helped, Jai Bhim!  ……Tessa Watt..”

BBC interview  exerpts

Mr Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange , the only survivor from the deceased Buddhist family in Kherlanji Massacre, is admitted to Bhandara Civil Hospital . He is a broken father whose children Roshan, Sudhir and Priyanka were tortured to death while wife  Surekha was brutally raped and killed.   When BBC correspondent visited him, he was looking into deep agony and mental stress.

BBC correspondent: We can not imagine the situation you are going through, can you please tell us something about the whole tragedy!
Mr Bhotmange: Sir, I am not in a condition to tell you, Sorry! The whole incidence comes again and again in front of my eyes and I get pained.
BBC correspondent: Ok, we do not wish to trouble you more.
Then Mr. Bhotmange was well advised if he opens his voice, it will be heard by the world. So this is right time to speak out!  He was told that whole world is with him. Then he got up and said loudly…
Mr Bhotmange:  Siddharth Gajbhiye is our relative. He used to visit us and support us in our fight for land. Recently not quite long, he was manhandled by the caste assailants from our village, which my wife and daughter witnessed. They testified in front of police.  It infuriated the assailants and they threatened us. I thought it’s not that serious. But they were!  They killed my family. They killed all!……
Mr Bhotmange closed his eyes and uttered   “my wish – hang them to death!”
Seeing his distressed face, BBC team left the room (ICCU) with wet eyes.

Update 3

In the background of Kherlanji Massacre, we urge you all to watch the following CNN IBN  analytics on Caste based visible oppressions in India carried out mostly on Dalits i.e Ambedkarite Buddhist. They are taking effort to continue the research. Lets wish them best for their research in this area, the hidden area.

Please  Click here>>> for CNN IBN7 analytics.

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45 Responses to “BBCview”

  1. 1 amol

    i have full sympathy with mr. Bhotmange and i wish to give maximum punishment hang them till death to criminals

  2. 2 kishor Mankar

    This is the most barbaric ,inhuman act perpetrated on dalits by castists people. This is shameful act not only for Maharashtra but also for entire country. Needs to be condemne in strogest word possible. People who believe in equality and social justice should not stop till perpetraters of this heinous act are brought to justice

  3. 3 Sudhamoy Mandal

    A whole family has been killed brutally, but it was not reported widely! It was really utterly shocking! At least BBC has done its bit.
    This heinous crime on Bhotmange family by casteist scoundrels points fingers to our democratic system of the country. Our democracy has failed to bring social justice to the Dalits of this country even after nearly 60 years of our indepence. When a PM or a CM takes oath of office, he/she pledges to bring social justice and equality to all the people of this sovereign country. But unfortunately, till now, social justice has been a mirage to the Dalits of this country.
    We give a clarion call to all the Dalits of this country to rise to the occasion! Take a solemn pledge to fight for our sovereign right. With a united fight, we should ensure that the incidents like the inhumane killing of Bhotmange family dose not recur!

  4. 4 dipak sonawane

    Thanks to BBC…Indian media(Specially Mumbai) is still sleeping cause their stakes are not involved in this,why they are not following up this.They have time to cover all the nonsense things & events but when it comes to cover something genuine thye just ignore it.


  5. 5 Vivek

    I can not expect truth from the biased indian media.BBC has done commendable job in the exposing the brutallity of caste Hindu.
    The criminals should be hanged.

  6. 6 ATTRI

    true vivek indian media is crupt tht don’t show people wats going on in this india. bbc has taken the gud step ….

  7. 7 manoj_del

    true indian media and judicery is very biased…….we have to fight very hard …..the insidence is very shcoking n shamefull for us ……n we should punish them if they manage to escape from law/court….but i wanna know the master minds and how provked the villegers

  8. 8 Milind

    This is insane and must stop as soon as possible…

    Is this a jungle Raj…?

    Why the poor women are victimized all the time in these events…

    There is something more then just revenge in these kinds of incidents, which shows the mentality of men who take the opportunities and the monster in them come out…

    All the people who were part of this will go to hale…

  9. 9 Arvind

    No matter how much India grows economically , India will always remain an underdeveloped country ‘third world’ country as long as such suppression and oppression exists in the society.


  10. 10 rajiv khobragade

    jai bhim sir,

    this is rajiv here,inhabitant of bhandara,the
    “unhumanistic atrocity “done by perpetrator is a symbol
    of extinct democracy of this country &anger of the
    people who patronage the “MANUVADI MENTALITY” toward
    the uprising buddhist of this country

    but one quries in my mind we always say ,we developed
    in all sphere of life we have IAS,DOCTOR &ENGG bullshit
    ,our people r suffering here in so called democracy what we r doini g 4 them ,but one thing i have 2 mention here it is a result of our counter-revolution .
    and i m dam sure that we will win SOON


  11. 11 amit.n

    hang them till death and expose this brahminic side of india
    in front of this world so that the whole world spits on their face

  12. 12 anil.r

    all of them need to be killed for such a shameful inhuman act, but we need a retrospection about how in a place like Bhandara such a thing has happened and if don’t take up some concrete steps now, the situation will be more difficult for us.

  13. 13 J Jaykumar

    i realy felt very sorry for bhatmange family & this should not happen again with any one. i wish the criminals should get maximum panishment. & even find out the hidden subtle forcec behind this kind of incidencece & panish then also. & from now onwards buddhist people will not tolerate this.

  14. 14 pradnya

    this indian media is realy curupt never give the real news & keep misguiding the masses. every women from world should bycot this kind of thing. i would say go to police costudy & punish the criminal who r in the police costudy by amputing their penis. all the men should get this punishment by the women if these men dare to do this kind of rape incidencec. In a way maharashtra govt. is not doing any thing so lets women should take part & punish the fuckers.

  15. 15 rajesh

    after having democracy of more than 58 years, this kind of oppressions are inflicted upon the dalits, what could be going on during last 2500 years in india, when brahminical rule was prevailed.
    even after so many days not much investigations are going on that suggest that what kind of governance we are having. this makes me ashamed to be called indian.
    brethern, we need to be united, to fight such a evil social structure which takes so proud in identified them as civilised and rich in culture.


    i am fully supports to mr bhotmange … this is inhman and barberic act let whol world should se wht bhotmange sys to bbc reporters… culprtics must be punished in fast track court god bless to four human beings…..

  17. 17 Sachin Potdar

    I realy felt very sorry for bhatmange family. I pray god that such thing should not happen even to my enemy. Aisa lagta hai kee apane samaj mein log insaniat nam kee cheeze bhul gaye hai..

    I would like to add below thing.

    Above described is our BHARAT. Very sorry to say this but it is true.

    And whereever there is a foreign HI FI culture in the big cities like Mumbai, Banglore, Pune etc, it is called INDIA.

  18. 18 Janaki

    Women are always the victims of any violence. I never knew that Indian villagers are still barbarians. The actual meaning of Bhraman is Civilised people. As somebosy mentione din the above letter, “where did such brutal idea came for these barbarians to torture other human?” The most of all, the doctors who did post-mortem and the police who denied to protect the family should be suspended and should be sent out of the country without any passport. Next, all those brutal fuckers should be burnt alive. I think that’s the best punishment. The rest of the villagers who remained passive when the incident happened should be made to witness the scene of “burning these brutals alive.” I request BBC to telecast this world wide. The provisions, electricity, trade etc., everything should be stopped to this village for 6 months. I pray god that such thing should never happen again to anybody in any part of the world.

  19. 19 Ramakant

    First of all Thanks to BBC for coverage of such a genuine news. i being in the same community i always felt shameful to be HINDU, Thanks to Bramhnic (MANUWADI) culture of india. These Top class people within the same religion-Hinduism (Bramhins) are the masterminds of all social injustice in india, how could we call this brotherhood expected in the same religion.

    Inspite of being educated NRI but from the the lower caste i also experiened this caste biased unhuman system so many times not physically but mentally when staying with so called upper caste INDIAN people in sydney. if one wants to know the background of this lower class torture system (Hinduism) in india he should read “RIDDLES OF HINDUISM” and many more books Written by Dr. Babasahem Ambedkar, true indian.
    surprisingly even in this cyber age indians are not taught the real History of india, coz these politics, Judicial system, Media, and Buerocratic system in india is in hands of these so called upper caste people. they are the education planners. they know how to divert any genuine issue like kherlanji just throwing few lakh rupees and using other means. and i wont be surprise if these brutal criminals to society would be seen free after some time when this issue is forgotton. in fact i cant expect anything else from this (developing?) India.
    thats why i say mera Bharat mahan. this killing of mahar family has some background of anti-reservation propoganda of inidan media.

    if there is little justice in india i would like to see these criminal to be hanged.

  20. 20 Sabina

    I am not an indian, but married with an indian. All my life I kept India ( the Yoga Bhoomi ) and indians with great respect in my heart.
    I knew that there is nothing like a perfect society in this world but still had great respect for indian society and it’s high moral values and more than anything for the great value of it’s women citizens.
    This news was a great shock for me and my husband. It brought tears in his eyes and anger and frustration in my heart.
    This incident and the pain that it causes goes beyond the loses of Bhotmange’s family or any other victims of the casteism and all the rest of the -isms. It’s a great loss for humanity and all that this mean.
    How it can be that things like this still hapen in a great country like India.
    So much hate and brutality among the children of the same Mother India. And all the coruption, greed, agresiveness, lust, envy, gelozy and hate covered in this so called religious matter.
    It is hard to belief and it is even harder to understand how it can posibly happen such things in a country that is known worlwide for it’s tolerance.
    It seems to me that acountable for this atrocity is the perverted collective counciouness that failled to evolve and the corupted autorities that fail to work for the wellbeing of all the citizens.
    It seems to me that the greatest challenge of this century for the indian society is not the terorism, nor the nuclear threat, or any other threat but the social order based on false concepts……like casteism.
    All human beings are free and equal by birth and nobody can change it as this is a law of God. Nor can anybody comit crimes of anykind in name of God, religious beliefs or any high/low so called caste.
    I hope and pray that the indian goverment, politicians, NGO’s, all the autorities, media, social groups and citizens likewise on individual and collective basis, will work hard and with dedication to put away for good this man-made casteism that breeds hate, intolerance and crime at the base of the society.
    Yes, I hope and pray that things like this will not happen again anywhere in the whole world because it is hightime now for love to flourish and to put away all the things that keep us back from our spiritual ascent as individuals and comunities, as human beings.

    ( I mention that my husband is from a so-called high cast. But for us this man-made clasification has nothing to do with the inner qualities of human beings.
    Shri Ram accepted and ate the berries tasted before by a low cast women, but all he felt was pure love for his devote. Same case with Shri Krishna.
    It’s time for us humans to folow the example of God and start to love our felow human beings. This is the only thing that makes God happy, to see that His children love each other. )

  21. 21 Suhas Yadav

    Biased Indian Media
    It`s true Indian Media is bias when it comes to show true colours of upper caste Hindus. It is basically beacause till media in India in in clutches of Brahmins. In Maharashtra not a single prominent daily took cognizance of Khairlanji incidence. When Dalit organisations started aggressive agitations then and then only local media published news items regrding Khairlanji. Incident took place on 29th Sept 2006 and almost all editors wrote editorials on Khailanji in November 2006. Thats all.

  22. 22 Khushi


  23. 23 vishal

    i have full sympathy with mr. Bhotmange and i wish to give maximum punishment hang them till death to criminals

  24. Dear Tessa,

    Thanks for the coverage of this heinous caste crime which is a speciality of India. More so, as I have been telling you the Indian media is totally biased against the caste crimes.
    BBC has a strong role to play there.
    Did you visit Deekshabhoomi? You narrowly missed the massive gathering at Deekshabhoomi on 2 October this time.

    Thanks to BBC.

  25. 25 Sidharth Dhale / Prakash Ohal

    Thanks to BBC for this role. Now the world would know the real face of Hindu and its culture,The Hindu based news agencies, media channels, and the governing departments. Is, only the death punishment enough for such kind of crime, ‘No’, now it is the right time to get united all those who are against such kind of Hinduism. (Muslims, Christians, Buddhist and all so called lower caste in Hinduism) and fight back with these MANUWADIS. All Buddhist countries in the world should come forward and give a helping hand to the Buddhist in India.
    (Can UNO take note of such kind of bad culture of Hinduism in India)

    Everyone should hate such kind of Hindu culture.

    And everyone should remember that we are not HINDU, MAHAR, or DALITS. But we are only and only BUDDHIST, we have no relation with this HINDU.

    Once again thanks to BBC!

  26. 26 sidharth Dhale / Prakash Ohal

    Thanks to BBC.
    Shame on Hindus, Hnduism, and its culture.

    Let the whole world know the real face of Hindu culture (manuwadi)in India.

    Once again thanks to BBC!

  27. 27 Prashant

    shame on Hindu culprits…Why d hell shud these ppl still 2 b call hindus..? This is real picture of real hinduism..Whtever they devoloped Hinduism for d sake of thier benefit and improvemet of their supreme power and also to compress large part of Society which is other than Brahmins,mostly “SHUDRAS”…

    Jai Mulnivasi

  28. 28 sreelatha

    the telecast was indeed an eye opener for millions unaware.One thing that is pitiable is the mention of the caste in particular and humiliating the very essence of a particular religion.This has indeed been one of the worst and ruthless sin ever committed.It is an issue that is being diverted from the main cause and effect.FOUR HUMAN BEINGS-2 FEMALES n 2 MEN were butchured and treated as meat.A sin on HUMANITY.We should join hands and protest against the sleeping and lethargic Indian Government!! None will be left scot free.Be it a hindu or any other religion for the matter.The World has awakened this time..remember…

    Jai Hind
    Sreelatha. M

  29. 29 sidharth Dhale / Prakash Ohal

    Respected Sreelatha

    I dont want to make an issue of about your comments, but let me clear it to you that it is not caste but the human beings are of Buddhist religion who have suffered and such kind of sin is being created by Hindu religion only, from ancient India and even now it is continuing. It is observed that the Hindu religion doest not have respect for any other religion and that is why, our god, Dr babasheb Ambedkar ebarrased the original Indian religion “Buddhism”.
    I again say that these Hindu (Manuwadis) should not be hanged to death but their legs, hands, and their penis should be cut and left them to live till their natural death. So that other Manuwadis will learn a lesson and if they have some kind of shame for their religion they wll not dare to touch Buddhist person or any other person from any other religion again. It is not the matter of protesting against the government but it is the matter of culture of this Hindu religion (Manuwad.


  30. To Respected sreelatha and sidharth Dhale / Prakash Ohal

    55 landless peasants of lowered castes (dalits) burnt alive by landlords as they fought for wage-hike.

    In 1984 thousands of sikhs were butchered in karolbagh and corpses were left on the streets.

    helpless tribal women were gangraped in public by STF – Forestry officials and till date they are fighting for the justice.

    muslim men, women and children were killed in cold-blood and were buried in whet fields on which cultivation went on.

    27 dalits were killed in a brutal lathicharge and were forcibly drowned in the river. a child that was thrown out by a drowning mother was caught back by the police and thrown back to the river.

    naroda paatiya…
    In 2002, morethan 3000 muslims were massacred in broaddaylight with the state orchestrated planned techniques by RSS-BJP-Bajrangdal combine. i don’t wish to narrate the countless brutal unimaginable gangrapes.

    Two dalits who rose up against a local upper caste DMK hoodlum for getting back their money, were forced to eat human excreta.

    illiterate, poor, dalit cow-merchants were brutally killed as they violated “hindu-dharma”.

    and now, kherlanji….

    i have given a list which i remember and i am sure that there are much more incidents left out in the list which may be beyond of my memory or my knowledge.i have given this list to say that kherlanji is not a lonely incident and these dastardly incidents perpetrated show the so-called ‘liberal’ Hindu macho psyche.hence, scriptures according to the wish of some persons doesn’t form the essence of a particular religion but it is the practice of the religion.

    you may be a muslim, christian, dalit, buddhist, zorastrian or whatever, if you rise up against the ‘Hindu dharma’ (Typical class-caste hierarchial indian feudal system’s economic-cultural oppression) which says that you are by birth a ‘neech’ , you can always pray and you can’t raise your voice at any cost. if you break that status-quo, hell will loosen on your head, on your genitals and your throat will be slit.

    ghastly acts don’t start and end by their own. With the same cruelness, thousands of oppressive acts are heaped out on dalits and other oppressed sections in india everyday. These incidents only show the extent of the countless subjugations on the oppressed people which the existing system has created and the futility of the judiciary, policing and representative bodies.

    In that way ambedkar’s solution of conversion can only be a start but can’t safeguard the dalits forever. kherlanji also evidences that. only a revolutionary party armed with marxist-leninist ideology, arms and with mass mobilisation on revolutinary politics can safeguard the lives and future of all oppressed sections of this country.

  31. 31 Sidharth Dhale / Prakash Ohal

    Dear and respected arasubalraj

    I cent percent agree with ur thoughts, but what to do to stop such kind of harrasment for poor, dalits and other religion given in India. Dr. Ambedakr has given us a solution and I think one should follow it. But as u say it is just a start, than how to end this. Because this goverment (whichever it is), police department, and media (of India)all are corrupt. Now just see BBC team can go at Kairlanji and give the news but our Indian media (what they show) actress Aishwarya Rai fell from the cycle while shooting, is important news to Indian media, some actor is hospitalize is the important news for Indian media, supertitious news are important for Indian media. So what I say is people like ur thoughts should come, contact and get together on one platform for the permanat solution.

    Do not misunderstand, these are our feelings please, we are ashamed of say “we are Indians”

    Thank you

  32. Dear sidharth Dhale / Prakash Ohal

    ofcourse I can understand your feelings.we can contact and get together on one platform for the permanent solution. keep in touch.

  33. 33 sreelatha


    We are given the liberty to express our views and suggest ways how to tackle the aftermath of the heinous sin. The punishment described by many, aptly befits those involved in the crime.

    Speaking about religion, let me emphasize that it’s the People who made Religion and not vice-versa. Some people profess Buddhism as a separate entity and they having no connection with Hinduism. Kindly flip through the pages of ancient History, one will find that Buddhism has originated and emerged from testimonials of ancient Hindu mythology.

    It is easy said than done to shun a particular sect, but can one ever imagine the hardships people face or have been facing for the mere fact of being Mahars, Dalits or Manuwads.Who have been making the rules to bring about the caste barriers? People or the Government? The Public are well aware about the ‘discrepancies’ existing in the System.

    The aim is to punish one and all involved in the crime and not to profess if one was a proud Buddhist or a proud Hindu.WE ARE BORN HUMANS.Does any religion deny that?NO.

    I am here to fight the cause and the caste discrimination and not religion!

    Jai Hind.


  34. 34 Sudhamoy Mandal

    All the sympathisers of Bhotmange family should form a platform to embolden their voices so as to echo this clarion call of protest through the length and breadth of our country! All of us must march unitedly with a single goal to crush all kinds of attrocities and injustices on the poor and downtrodden people of this country.

  35. 35 Sidharth Dhale / Prakash Ohal

    Thankyou very much India

    On more humanbeing from Buddhist religion Mr. Dinesh Wankhede died who was seriously injured in our beloved police department firing in Amravati while protesting against Khairlanji massacare. Thanks to the Indian media for headlines about this news in all leading newspapers, news channels. Keep it up. Now one request to the people from Buddhist religion please dont protest against this, or our brothers from Hindu religion will feel bad, they are so kind to us. pray to them.
    now other words to say.

  36. Dear Buddhist Bandhu,It is shame for India and their hindu clan who raped and murdered the Buddhist family im Maharasthra. How Buddhist and dalits can stay in country like India.So what is the solution .in my openion a seprate land away from the hindus is the best solution.

    • You really deserve a big hug right now. This post provided me some super useful information. I just shared this on my page and 35 people have already seen it. I really enjoyed reading what you had to say. Very nice write up!

  37. 38 prashanthb


    i think buddism is more old than hinduism. i checked out in the venkatappa art gallery in bangalore and found out that all the old sculptures were of mahaveer or buddha . only after certain century\period did i see hindu sculptures.

  38. 39 nishant

    jai bhim to all
    After watching all these seen I only want to tell all the Hindu people
    to say

    Because Hindu name basically an urdu word which muslims people
    gave it to hindu. Before arrival of Muslims in India the word Hindu
    was not there. Even it is not present in book like BHAGWAD GETA .

    When Muslims came in India they saw that the brahmins
    used to trouble the untouchables and the shudras.


  39. 40 Anuradha kamat

    Dear frds,
    Its shame to live in world where people who can torture a family for absolutely no fault of theirs ..I just don understand how can v boast to b the High Valued people in world Whe r the values in shameful act..Why r v calling it as assault on dalit but its a assault on humanity .. No words to condemn the act.. Even in Hell v vl not find devils like thm…N do u kno im still in deep pain to see the poster of the half naked photoes of the victums .. Isnt it was last desgrase to the victums..
    God give thm peace …

  40. 41 Gary

    Hindus have discraminated untouchables for the last 3000 years.Worst human rights violation in the world. Every day women are raped, dalits are being killed. Hindu priestes marry 7 years old girls to the temple, called Devdassi and use them as prostitutes. There childern are left to become beggers and prostitutes There is no difrence between Nazi and Hindus. Swastika belongs to both of them . In order to rule they have created 5000 cast, each discraminate the other, that is where from British learnt to devide and rule. They never cared for India, they let Muslims and British rule.
    It is sickening to write more.

  41. This event is one of the most shameful thing for INDIA.Actually we don’t know how many events would happening there.This we gets known because of some good media partners of society.To remove all such events & thinking of undemocracy ,peoples should be socially intellectuals.Here most of peoples are only accadmicaly intectuals.


    Shame on this insane act of so called upper castians. They should be hanged till death and we all scheduled castes (dhor, mahar, charmakar, dhobi, maang, khatik, buddhist…etc) must come together to create brotherhood among ourselves. Our unity will definitely bring development and propsperity to our new generation. The politicians who tried to hide this shameful act should also be hanged till death. Thanks to BBC News. Our Indian media is biased and is in the hands of handful so called upper castians. That is why such news do not spread in the world. I beg the World Bank and International Monetary Fund that our Government is taking from these institutions in the name of downtrodden people and that fund does not reach to the real beneficiary.

    Thanks once again to the BBC News.



  43. 44 Shekappa Bansode

    Thanks to BBC
    my wish – hang them to death

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