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A spat with neighbours over disposal of dirty water resulted in a minor Dalit girl from Gujarat being set ablaze on Sunday. Chandrika Parmar (15) suffered 70 per cent burns when her neighbours, also Dalits, launched a sudden attack on her and her family. She is battling for her life at the Ahmedabad Civil Hospital. […]

Senior UN human rights officials at aUnited Nations Human Rights Council side-eventon June 17, 2014, called for immediate efforts to end caste-based rape and violence against women. An urgent global calls for action from numerous human rights organizations, India’s UN representative, and policymakers from around the world in response to the gang-rape and hanging of two girls […]

Today a team of advocates lead by Adv. Prashant Ramteke went to Bhandara to understand the current situation.  And to their shock, they found out that  Sanjay’s wife (Mrs. Devikabai Ramteke) and Mr Raju Gadpayle ( Family Friend)  were in Bhandara jail where Police persisting with tortures. While taking to her, story of inhuman treatment given […]

Elite Indians continue to deny and expose the absence  of representation in Military. IS this a democracy? Over 60 years of independence and India did not find any lower caste officer to be the Army head. As he is appointed as Chief, please See the approach and criticism from educated class and the Army Hq. of India on twitter […]

Test the consideration in light of an young dalit woman’s observations from village that is translated from local language  

Recent book from Wendy Doniger’s ‘The Hindus: An Alternative History’ entails the story of India through Parihah (untouchable) perspective. Indians continue to deny the caste reality even after 60 years of Independence. Following is an example of pressure due to Caste love from section of affluent society in India. There is already neglect of Publishers […]

The situation will not normalise for Sohan Lal, a farmer who says he is around 50 years old and has lived in the village all his life. At dawn last Wednesday he found his daughter and her cousin hanging from the tree. Talking to the Observer in the family’s earthen-walled house, he pointed to the […]

Forget BJP getting into power after killing people (?). Forget India that commutes caste atrocities on Dalits everyday.. Forget Brahmins spoiling peace-loving India through caste.. But interesting to see “Indian media mocking Democracy..that used to be called ‘forth pillar of democracy’!!” Watch How??