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A recent report ” Understanding Untouchability” (Click here to access) is well-researched document prepared by Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights (RFK Center USA) and Navsarjan Trust, Gujrat.  Some of the Snapshots are given below (Analytics):

Following are the excerpts from the international Daily ‘Guardian’… George Orwell, in his 1949 essay Reflections on Gandhi, said that “saints should always be judged guilty until they are proved innocent”. If only. Gandhi despised his own sexual desires, and despised sex in any context except for procreation. He preached that the failure to control […]

 Narendra Modi’s bid to take the grand “trunk” road to Dalit hearts in Surendranagar yesterday was a jumbo gimmick to “hoodwink” them, the community feels. The chief minister had led a march through the Saurashtra town, followed by a decked-out elephant carrying an oversized replica of the Constitution, in an attempt to showcase his respect […]

Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University is located at Wardha, near Nagpur, Maharashtra.  Formed in 1997 to promote and develop Hindi languague and literature, this University was established by Union government through Act of  Indian Parliament.  However, like any other educational instituion of the country, this university also has turn itself into a brahmanical space reverberating […]

In a shocking news, An education trust in Jintur, Parbhani district of Maharastra has decided not to enroll Dalits and poor Muslims in their schools. Dated 1st July 2008, such amendment which can kill the democratic nature of Indian social life was passed in a board meeting wherein Mr Mukund Savji Kalamkar chaired the  proceedings. Other ill members who were party to a decision were- […]

Mr.Avinash Kumar is an unusual Indian Police officer (IPS) in Wardha region of Maharashtra. He has held with himself an office to mutilate Dalit awareness and Buddhist activism. Besides few other official responsibilities, he is preoccupied in beating youths who courage socio-politic spirit. A recent case that has come up, adores him a terror avtar. Owing to his organising a […]

To, The Ministry, Human Resource and Development, Government of India, New Delhi. Subject: Caste based discrimination with SC/ST students in IIT Kanpur Respected Sir/ Madam, Indian Institute of Technologies (IITs) are premier institutions of our country that were built by the Union Government to develop best engineering and technological brains for our country. For this […]