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In 1998, Argentina was a rich and successful country on a double digit growth path. There was equitable development with unemployment at mere 3%.  During that time a bill similar to Lokpal Bill  ‘Public Accountability Bill (Rendición Pública de Cuentas)’ was introduced at the behest of few ELITE groups who were serious to institue an Extra Constitutional Control over the Government. There were frivolous complaints, officials […]

Dalit Network Netherlands pleased about Dutch policy support for 250 million Dalits Yesterday the Dutch Parliament adopted a motion requesting the Minister of Foreign Affairs to continue an active approach to combat caste-based discrimination and improving the position of the roughly 250 million Dalits (so-called ‘outcastes’) in South Asian countries like India,Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh. […]

Please find the radio-link below , entails the nature of caste discrimination happens across the developed world, sourced from India.

“Britain, in a major victory for the movement against caste based discrimination and atrocities, can soon declare caste prejudice unlawful under laws against racial discrimination becoming the first country of the world to do so. The development was imminent in the wake of the fact that the House of Lords had already passed the Equality […]

Forwarding an article published in Hindu on 4th sept.2010. If UK govt. recognize caste discrimination  as racism,it will be a milestone in the history.  As we all are well aware that when Hindus migrate outside India,their caste also migrates along with them. Our Great leader  Bodhisattva Dr Ambedkar had warned the Hindus long back about […]

‘The recent verdict of the Bombay High Court in the Khairlanji massacre case convicting all the accused to life imprisonment could have been a welcome one and gone a long way in restoring ordinary people’s faith in the country’s justice system and its rule of law framework’ says Samar. Please read what he observes in an […]

According to the fact finding report of INSEC, the clothes of deceased women and girl including their private clothes were found scattered in the spot where incident took place. One cave with 10 persons staying capacity is located in the incident spot. Kaulo herbs were found in the large bag with soaking of the blood, […]