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In 1998, Argentina was a rich and successful country on a double digit growth path. There was equitable development with unemployment at mere 3%.  During that time a bill similar to Lokpal Bill  ‘Public Accountability Bill (Rendición Pública de Cuentas)’ was introduced at the behest of few ELITE groups who were serious to institue an Extra Constitutional Control over the Government. There were frivolous complaints, officials […]

Dalit Network Netherlands pleased about Dutch policy support for 250 million Dalits Yesterday the Dutch Parliament adopted a motion requesting the Minister of Foreign Affairs to continue an active approach to combat caste-based discrimination and improving the position of the roughly 250 million Dalits (so-called ‘outcastes’) in South Asian countries like India,Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh. […]

Please find the radio-link below , entails the nature of caste discrimination happens across the developed world, sourced from India.

“Britain, in a major victory for the movement against caste based discrimination and atrocities, can soon declare caste prejudice unlawful under laws against racial discrimination becoming the first country of the world to do so. The development was imminent in the wake of the fact that the House of Lords had already passed the Equality […]

Forwarding an article published in Hindu on 4th sept.2010. If UK govt. recognize caste discrimination  as racism,it will be a milestone in the history.  As we all are well aware that when Hindus migrate outside India,their caste also migrates along with them. Our Great leader  Bodhisattva Dr Ambedkar had warned the Hindus long back about […]

‘The recent verdict of the Bombay High Court in the Khairlanji massacre case convicting all the accused to life imprisonment could have been a welcome one and gone a long way in restoring ordinary people’s faith in the country’s justice system and its rule of law framework’ says Samar. Please read what he observes in an […]

According to the fact finding report of INSEC, the clothes of deceased women and girl including their private clothes were found scattered in the spot where incident took place. One cave with 10 persons staying capacity is located in the incident spot. Kaulo herbs were found in the large bag with soaking of the blood, […]

In the first such legislative move anywhere in the world, and much to the embarrassment of India’s official position, the British House of Lords has passed a law that treats caste as “an aspect of race”. On March 24, the House of Lords passed the Equality Bill empowering the British government to include “caste” within […]

A recent report ” Understanding Untouchability” (Click here to access) is well-researched document prepared by Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights (RFK Center USA) and Navsarjan Trust, Gujrat.  Some of the Snapshots are given below (Analytics):

Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University is located at Wardha, near Nagpur, Maharashtra.  Formed in 1997 to promote and develop Hindi languague and literature, this University was established by Union government through Act of  Indian Parliament.  However, like any other educational instituion of the country, this university also has turn itself into a brahmanical space reverberating […]

Durpati Nepali hides her face in shame as she recalls how she was forced to return to work as a prostitute after her husband was killed during Nepal’s 10-year civil war. The 35-year-old mother of five says she resorted to prostitution — an occupation she first took up aged just 14 — in desperation after […]

November 21, 2009 The Honorable Barack Obama, President of the United States, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500 Dear President, First of all thank you for committing  to an  open and all  accessible administration structure in the history of America that has far-reaching  consequences in different parts of the globe wherever democratic  dysfunctionalities exist.  With this letter, we expect […]

By PARDEEP ATTRI The Romas, a discriminated minority in Hungary, turn to Ambedkar and Buddhism in their quest for dignity and equality. Romas constitute one of the biggest minority blocks in Europe and have a history of being constantly… discriminated against, persecuted and stigmatised by white Europeans. Photo: Jai Bhim Network A fight against injustice: […]

The validity of caste virus outside India is not clear yet by Indian officials. However in practice, the Indian society is surviving within psychological barriers those are directly spurted from birth. Of late few activists daring to bring out such discriminatory attitudes upfront. Killing  it is farther task. No surprises…denial are many especially from Hindu […]

A Statement from Ms. Navanethem Pillay, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights forwarded by the Asian Human Rights Commission. A group of representatives from caste-affected communities in Asia recently gave me a piece of brick from the wall of a torn-down latrine. The brick symbolized the global struggle against the degrading practice of making […]

NOt India but  Nepal has emerged as the first country from South Asia — the region where untouchability has been traditionally practiced — to declare support for the draft principles and guidelines published by UNHRC four months ago for “effective elimination of discrimination based on work and descent” — the UN terminology for caste inequities. […]

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk T. Murugiah has proposed that the registration of caste-based Indian associations be abolished to avoid a split in the community, especially among the Tamils.He said the Home Ministry should enforce stricter vetting on applications for setting up of associations which were based on caste because, if not […]

This is just an aperture to peep into Indian legal system wherein  criminals are defended  under false grounds that builds the presumption that Indian judicial environment is just unjust.  Widely known Rape case of Shiney Ahuja is just an example to put ahead grim-black  face of Caste-India. Equally ill-known the creator of inhuman Caste society, Manu is worshiped and put in high respect by the […]

June 26, 2009, A Black American’s first-hand experience of Caste India comes calling AS he notices even the elite zones of Delhi University are INHUMANLY flooded with discrimnative tendancies with caste and color biases. Following is an  excerpt from the story told by Diepiriye Kuku to the  OUTLOOK Team .   “In spite of friendship and love in […]

 Following is a thought-provoking article by Jag Surya and yet a very down to earth realisation of  present Indian society which is far from catering ‘one man- one value ‘ as coined by father of Modern Constitutions, Dr Ambedkar. The segregation remains at worst in Indian villages , exemplified in Khairlanji .  Irony is  ane ducated lot from Indian middle class when crosses national bourdarieds  […]

‘Democratic Secular Republic of Nepal’ is an investigative write-up from  Vidya Bhushan Rawat who  is not only an activist but a thinker.     Cynics in India might feel offended as how the only ‘Hindu’ Rastra of the world has democratically sealed the fate of an over pampered as well as highly autocratic monarchy in […]

As a part of value based agenda, ODRF (Omni Development Relief  Fund) team’s organised effort in advocating the human Rights issues bears fruit in March 2008. The Pennsylvania General Assembly passed resolution supporting disadvantaged communities in India. There persists an equivocal opinion within Assembly Representatives that Indian Government and Corporate Sector should strengthen ‘Affirmative Action Policy’ in order to insure social inclusion. It’s true […]

 Following is a letter to Atrocitynews from a British citizen who has been following the recent murder case of Scarlette. He claims involvement of two people and Goan police is trying to cover-up the case. It is learnt that due to pressure created from politico-criminal nexus, the case will have the usual fate of atrocity case . When […]

She has penned down a story of a young black girl of Nigerian descent in her first novel- Borrowed Body, which makes you reminisce of the movie Color Purple. Valerie Mason-John is a playwright, author and performance poet. This former journalist wrote extensively about Australian aboriginal land rites and articles for various publications. She was […]

Meet in Bangkok


Leaders of non-governmental organisations campaigning on human rights of Dalits in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka will gather in Bangkok. This meeting is designed to build strategy to strengthen Dalit rights movement in Asia. Approximately 20 participants from Dalit groups, as well as solidarity groups, will be attending the meeting. Asia Dalit Rights […]

From The Economist print edition India’s labour divisions SIR – Your briefing on business and caste in India claims there is “no strong evidence” that companies discriminate against dalits and other members of the lower castes (“With reservations”, October 6th). Our two-year study, which we will soon present, found widespread discrimination against highly qualified low-caste […]

Caste based discrimination is the Indian variant of apartheid. For decades Indians have been separated and divided according to the caste hierarchy. In spite of several laws and even Constitutional guarantees India remains largely divided along the caste lines.Caste based discrimination is omnipresent in India. It is reflected across the societal spectrum. It is so […]

We saw a historic resolution. The first official US response to untouchability on LEGISLATIVE DAY OF JULY 23, 2007 . It was 110TH CONGRESS – FIRST SESSION DEBATE – The House proceeded with forty minutes of debate on H. Con. Res. 139. Considered under suspension of the rules. Mr. Sherman moved to suspend the rules and agree […]

House of Representatives Passes Historic Resolution on Untouchability on July 23,2007. House Concurrent Resolution 139 is the First Official Statement on Untouchability by US Congress. The House of Representatives today overwhelmingly passed HCR 139, “expressing the sense of the Congress that the United States should address the ongoing problem of untouchability in India,” by voice […]

Congressman Trent Franks (AZ-02)  introduced a Concurrent Resolution of which he is the original sponsor, “expressing the sense of Congress that the United States should address the problem of untouchability in India.  In accordance with the Resolution, Congressman Franks offered the follow speech on the Floor of the House: Pic01: Amrican Congress The Resolution   […]

 The eminent members of UK parliament who discussed on Dalit issue;  Pic02:  Mr Jeremy Corbyn  Pic01:Rob Morris   8 May 2007 : The discussions—continued Hundreds of millions of people in India have that potential, but they do not receive the kind of patronage that Dr. Ambedkar was fortunate enough to have in his youth. They do not […]

1000 American High School Students Learn About Caste Discrimination and the Dalits In American public high schools, the caste system in India is briefly studied and given only cursory attention. However, in Highland Ranch, Colorado, over 1000 high school students at ThunderRidge High School (TRHS) attended a Dalit Awareness Day Assembly where speakers from the […]

Ms Swati from Stockholm reports.. “A demonstration was held in Stockholm city. We worked hard towards mobilizing students and people but we were 17 people on the day of demonstration, there were many factors and things we learnt in the process. We, Joanne D’silva and I,  are very grateful to Dalit solidarity network for supporting […]

Ms Swati reports from Sweden: “We started the seminar with the introduction of Prof Adsule ( Mumbai University) and Mr. Hans Magnusson (Member of Dalit Solidarity Network). In the first part of session, we screened  documentary ‘Lesser human’, and in the second half we showed a 4 minutes documentary which highlighted important statistics of increasing atrocities and brutalities on Dalits in […]

UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination calls on Indian government to find a solution to segregation. Caste discrimination also has a religious dimension. The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) has called on the Indian government to ensure an immediate end to violence against Dalits and repeal the ‘Armed […]

Peaceful demonstrations are planned in Sweden against Caste discrimination and caste based atrocities in India. We must remember such protests worldwide do six things 1. They make Indian Public administration responsible for observing rule of law 2. Possible Worldwide sensitisation and help for suffering individuals 3. Educate global civil society on global human rights movement […]

As a follow-up of the worldwide protest against caste discrimination, Indian students in Sweden have organised series of lectures in Stockholm. The topic for next-lecture is, though new to the audience, but is illuminating in many ways. The topic is related to burning issue: ‘caste virus’. Such series of lectures would go long way to […]

Britain is this week highlighting contemporary forms of slavery following Sunday’s 200th anniversary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act. “Despite legislative advances rendering the practice illegal, caste discrimination remains a tragic day-to-day reality, particularly in South Asia,” Foreign Office Minister Ian McCartney said. Pic1: MacCartany; Foreign office minister “Individuals and communities are segregated […]

Hearing on Caste Discrimination in India was done before British Parliament by Stephen Crabb MP, Chairman of the Conservative Party Human Rights Commission The Conservative Party Human Rights Commission held a hearing in Parliament yesterday (March 29) on the plight of the Dalits or “untouchables” in India, in the week that Britain marks the 200th […]