Officer destroys Public Office; Caste virus 001MH2010


Mr.Avinash Kumar is an unusual Indian Police officer (IPS) in Wardha region of Maharashtra. He has held with himself an office to mutilate Dalit awareness and Buddhist activism. Besides few other official responsibilities, he is preoccupied in beating youths who courage socio-politic spirit.

A recent case that has come up, adores him a terror avtar. Owing to his organising a social gathering,  youth from a respected Buddhist family, Mr Avinash Sawai was assumedly (false) implicated in a robbery case of 1000 Rs (20 USD). Arrested in the early morning 4AM, Avinash  taken into Police Custody for six long days  and physical torture meeted out day and night which made the youth bleed profusely. Under psudo medical testimony, the medical care was denied, courts were fooled. The days following, victim was further beaten in front of his mother first, then in public procession, caste vendetta seen in the abuses while smashing private body parts by boots.

Victim runs an active educational movement in the region, but now it is an affected office as no youth will come forward to join him. There seems to be no-serious care-takers of public office in Wardha.

Thanks to terror from an Indian Police !

One Response to “Officer destroys Public Office; Caste virus 001MH2010”

  1. 1 nkjninja

    Wardha SP Avinash Kumar should not be tolerated anymore and should be suspended immediately

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