No school entry to Dalits and Muslims: Caste in Indian Schools 002MH2010


In a shocking news, An education trust in Jintur, Parbhani district of Maharastra has decided not to enroll Dalits and poor Muslims in their schools.

Dated 1st July 2008, such amendment which can kill the democratic nature of Indian social life was passed in a board meeting wherein Mr Mukund Savji Kalamkar chaired the  proceedings.

Other ill members who were party to a decision were-
1. Dr. N. J. Holani
2. Mr. Chandrakant Kade
3. Mr. Deepak Watthamwar
4. Mrs. Shailaja Kalamkar
5. Mr. A. V. Deshpande

6. Mr. D. V. Sontakke ( The Principal)

Most of the members are (well?) educated and are from higher caste backgrounds. In the board meeting it was finalised that if any of the students from these communities were entertained there would be disciplinary action intiated against the Principal.

People from all backgrounds in nearby villages are shocked and are registering a people-regret over ill decision of the school management who are quite educated and resourceful. However being politically heavy weight, its unthinkable that punitive action would be intiated against the culprits of humanity.

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