Students excell, Vice-chancellor fails: Shocking story of Gandhi Hindi University


Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University is located at Wardha, near Nagpur, Maharashtra.  Formed in 1997 to promote and develop Hindi languague and literature, this University was established by Union government through Act of  Indian Parliament.  However, like any other educational instituion of the country, this university also has turn itself into a brahmanical space reverberating with nepotism and anti-Dalit/caste prejudices. Given below is prejudice history prepared by Dalit students, who are protesting against the University administration for quite some time. What is happening in this University is nothing peculiar but is just one reflection of the debasement of our university system. Is Pandit Ramchandra Guha listening?

The  Cloak of a secularist couldn’t change Mr. Vibhuti Narayan Roy who has been honored with the post of Vice-Chancellor in Mahatma Gandhi Hindi University after serving the Police Department. Since then, the incidences of atrocities on dalit students have been piling up.  The  dalit students have to face fatigue due to typical hidden caste-chemistry sizzling within Student community.  Addition to it,  teacher prejudices that are featuring  ‘an increasing trend’ across educational echelons . Especially when multi-suffering  dalit student excells, all forces are deliberated to demotivate  him internally.

Following incidences if taken into account, Mahatma Gandi Hindi University can be classified as criminally caste prejudiced and anti-civil that can destroy  reputation earned by some educational institutions running in sync with National affirmative policy!

Case1 :  After securing the gold medal in M.Phil from college of translation, Rahul Kamble was not nominated for Ph.D. The university decided to nominate only two students from college of translation. Rahul Kamble was shown to be on third rank in the nomination list. But when one of the nominated students did not claim the seat, Rahul Kamble put forward his claim. However he was hassled up for three months. To understand the complete procedure of nomination within university, he submitted  application under Right to Information (R.T.I.) Act. Dean of the college of Translation , Prof. Aatmprakash Shreevastav rejected his claim of nomination under the pretext of using R.T.I. act. He further went to Vice Chancellor Vibhuti Narayan Roy with a petition.  But instead of justice, he was ordered to seek apology from Prof. Aatmprakash Shreevastav. Rahul apologized Shreevastav four times , he even prostrated him. But the chancellor did not relent to give him admission to Ph.D. In disgust, Rahul warned to stage the protest. Ambedkar Student forum raised Rahul’s issue.

Convocation ceremony was organized in the university on 8th December. Dalit students boycotted it. They did not go to collect their medals. Rahul Kamble began his hunger strike from the same day. Many other dalit students joined him for consecutive hunger strikes. Even though University Grants Commission Chairman , Sukhdev Thorat who has come there as a guest in convocation ceremony, went to the protesting students expressing his sympathy and told the Vice Chancellor to accept Rahul’s nomination, Vibhuti Roy did not relent. The students met Chancellor Namvar Singh. He told them that the extent of nomination of Dalit students in Gandhi University is much more than Ambedkar universities. The students requested Chancellor to visit protesting students in the campus. But in spite of being merely at a distance of 100 feets , he did not go to meet them. The vice-chancellor did not feel the need to meet and speak with the protesting students in the camp, even though he used to stroll in the morning within garden of university campus. He said that even if the students protest for six months or six years, the nomination will not be accepted.

Meanwhile Deputy vice- chancellor and anthropologist Dr. Nadim Husain got disturbed since he had to change his path of morning walk due to protesting students. Rakesh Shreevastav, a former trade unionist and special officer on duty, said that nomination will not be accepted even if Wardha, Maharashtra or whole of India burns.

Case 2 :  The J.R.F. topper, Santosh Baghel was denied nomination of Ph.D. in the comparative literature subject by vice chancellor during last semester. Santosh has been a brilliant student and a medalist in the university. Santosh also had to go for strike. Dalit students had protested in front of District Administration. But not a single representative of university went there to meet the students. It was impossible to organize and protest within university campus that time. The police- vice chancellor’s threat had always been there. Later when the students petitioned to the U.G.C. along with SC/ST commission, they came to know that the Gandhi University is not obliging the reservation rules from last three years.

Case 3 :  It was a convention led down by  former vice-chancellor to assign mostly a Research Guide who shares Dalit backgound in the  literature department.

Case 4 :  In 2009, the Ph.D. entrance test and interviews were conducted by concerned departments. The panel consisted of a Dean of Cultural College, President of the Department, a Reader and a doctorate person to represent Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribe. When the result got declared, the successful number of Dalit students exceeded the general category students. They were declared successful over and above the reservation seats who could  secure the seats within general category. Then the nomination for ten seats  declared. But the earlier result was annulled. The exam was re-conducted. It is noteworthy to see how the second examination was carried out. Anon-university teacher framed the question paper, validated the answers and got enpaneled in the interview board. This time there was nobody to represent SC/ST. The result was declared within three days. In this examination, only the upper caste students were selected. The interesting thing was that there was no departmental teacher. The seats got also increased from 10 to 13. Ambedkar Students Forum had organized Candle March on 6th December, 2009 to commemorate Dr.B.R.Ambedkar’s death anniversary. This march was carried from Gandhi University to Ambedkar statue in Wardha. The march consisted of Dalit as well as other students. But after the march, firstly Dalit Professor Lella Kaarunyakara who also participated in the march was served with show cause notice. It was alleged that he uttered castiest slogans. The slogans were ‘Go hell Brahmanism, Manuvad, Casteism’, etc. It was said in the notice that Professor Kaarunyakara had diluted the university’s atmosphere. He was also warned that if he did not reply within seven days, the unilateral decision would be declared. This notice was served by Vice-Chancellor Vibhuti Narayan himself. Secondly, the cultural progamme of Indians-Iranians was organized on the same day of Sunday. Thirdly, another programme was organized on the same day on Gandhi Hills of the university to discuss Libernhan Commission report .

The centre for Dalit and Tribes Studies decided to observe Dr. Babasaheb Ambekdar’s  death anniversary on 6th December, 2008. The university was demanded three thousand rupees for the expenses. But only two thousand rupees were sanctioned and on the same day, a different programme of poetry reading was organized in the library. As a result, the Dalit and Tribal Studies did not organize any programme.

Case 7:  The foundation stone of Building for Dalit and Tribal Studies was brought down. It was laid down by U.G.C. Chairman, Sukhdev  Thorat on  22nd February, 2007.

Case 8: One Crore rupees were sanctioned for constructing building for Dalit and Tribal Studies, but these were utilized to construct another Building.

Case 9: After Vice-Chancellor  Vibhuti Narayan took charge of the university, four teachers have been served with show cause notice and all of them are Dalits and Adivasis.

Case 10: During his tenure, Vibhuti  Narayan has appointed fifty temporary posts but not a single one of them is Dalit or Adivasi.

Case 11: The incidents of prejudices against Dalits and Adivasis are many but it is not possible to present them in a particular form. However, there are various occasions on which only Dalits can perceive those to be discriminatory practices by the university authorities.

Case 12: Dalit Student’s Rajiv Gandhi Fellowship was held up for eight months.

Case 13: The vice-chancellor had called the Uttar Pradesh’s Dalit leaders as ‘scoundrels’ in a university programme.

Case 14: The vice chancellor says that the Dalit students come to the University only for Fellowships.

Case 15: Assistant Register of finance department, Sushil Pakhade is the only permanent officer, but he has been transferred to Department of Distance Learning.

Case 16: A resident student of the hostel, Amarendra Sharma is a accused in the court case under SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocity ) Act , but he was designated as warden of the hostel. When Dalit students protested, he was transferred to different hostel.

Case 17: No student failed in the university examination, but three students of Dalit and Tribal studies were declared failed.

On one hand, there are atrocities against Dalits are piling up; the cases of casteism are starkly visible too-

Assistant Professor of Department of Peace and Non-violence, Manoj Roy has been chosen in charge for Delhi centre not in accordance with University rules. He is salaried , but he does not teach the students. Instead , he is assigned with Ministers in Delhi and U.G.C.

Third instance, Vice Chancellor calls himself secularist but Manoj Roy has declared a man of R.S.S.(Rashtriya Swamyasevak Sangha). Manoj Roy has increased t Right to Information Act Application fees from ten rupees to Fifty rupees which is ultravires. Since he shared caste backgound with Vice-chancellor, backing is welcomed in all ill acts primarily prejudiced decisions.

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