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 Following are today’s photoshots of  ‘Dharane Andolan’ in Beed. All dalit organisations and parties pariticipated first time.  All dalit activist decided to fight for justice. With a representation to the  collectorate, activists gave ultimatum till 1st feb 2009 for arresting accused in Shindi case, Vida, Khadki and  Ladewad gaon otherwise a Big March in Beed  would be called.

Today,Guardian Minister Mr Babanrao Pachpute visited  Shindi where two educated girls from Buddhist families were beaten and paraded mercilessly. He took up unconcerned stance  instead of really building moral of the family and helping girls rehabilitate. It is learnt from Atrocitynews correspondant that the Minister pulled out its short words , nay, long tounge and admonished family by saying […]

Seeing the ruination of democratic values and civil rights in the country of Fule, Shahu and Ambedkar, the activits from all corners of the Beed District are converging at the District headquarter today. They are here to take a call of their suffering sisters and brothers. Social boycott, humiliation or  caste violance has made thier life , a wood. The […]

The well known Romanticism of villages thru Panchayati raj has come to stale as it is devaluing the sociatal morality. The Gandhian concepts have bore wild fruits of deep humiliation and of castiest sore. Neither women nor the  Heads of Panchayat are left safe at the hands of castiest goons who are unstoppably ruling the […]

  Name of Victims:       1. Miss. Panchshila Ashruba Shinde                                           2. Miss Diksha Ashruba Shinde   Caste:                         Mahar   Type of crime:           Beating, molestation, exposed to disgrace   Date and place  Of the crime:              19th Jan 2009, Shindi Tal – Kaij Dist- Beed   F.I.R.:                         354, 323,504,147,149                                     Atrocity Act, 3(1)10, 3(1)11,   Police Station: […]

The village politics in and around Beed district  is opening up for a call from the caste-superiors in denying the essentials to suffering Buddhist Community that includes newly convert Mangs and Mahars. The scene in Beed is  CasteYouth  are flying on pillions  with a message -‘Mutilate  the Buddhists who dare to protest for their rights’. The police essentially allies of majority remaining dull,no efforts to stop […]

In a continual depiction of caste hatred even after the cognizance of community dissatisfaction, the castiestness of Indian society is coming to streets in an ugly fashion.  The Police administration, the judiciary and the local Panchayat are aggreeing to the nodes of higher powers in the caste structure. The psychophantic hatred is reported widely  from […]