Today Beed BAND , 12.00 AM


Seeing the ruination of democratic values and civil rights in the country of Fule, Shahu and Ambedkar, the activits from all corners of the Beed District are converging at the District headquarter today. They are here to take a call of their suffering sisters and brothers. Social boycott, humiliation or  caste violance has made thier life , a wood. The heads of village assembly in all the three places like Khadki, Ladewad Gaon and Vida village were humiliated in public defying the consituitonal morality. Educated sisters from Shindi village were treated like animals. The call for today’s BAND can be seen as sentimental echo  targeted at dumb administartion.

Till this time, no untoward incident reported from Beed. Our correspondant conveys that Today’s Day long-Band is all inclusive in asense it takes into account participation from diffrent caste groups.

The band will be followed by a 60,000 activist protest March in two days time.


Lets unite against the caste hatred and absolve related ill mentality…Comment

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