Urge to intiate ‘Revolution’


Dear Friends,
Most of you will be aware of a landmark judgement, the Madras High court passed on 20th November 2008 banning entry of human beings into sewer manholes and septic tanks in Tamilnadu and asking the State Government to file an action taken report on 11 specific directions complying with the court order. Even 3 days back, the Chennai metrowater Chairman confirmed that no worker is being used to clean sewer lines and septic tanks and  that they will be filing the report in the court before 15th January.
But, the authorities seemed to have kept low only for a month. Unfortunately, today after the sun set,  3 workers were made to clean a sewer manhole in North chennai in which a sewer board worker Mr.Ettiappan aged 50 died inside the sewer line like a stray dog. Even the strongest high court order is being thrown to the dustbin.
While, the authorities and Government staff down to the local Asst engineer care very little about social responsibility, accountability and minimum ethics, the Politicians are busy flooding a By-election consitituency with alcohol. Yes. Democracy is being de-robed (undermining is too mild a word)  by corrupting the common man with bribery and immersing him in alcohol.A so-called literate state like  Tamilnadu is certainly heading for a point of no-return. What is happening in Tamilnadu today will be the  norm in entire India.
As everyone is hankering for power through all ruthless means, words like justice, empowerment, equity etc will be bereft of any meaning. Caste,corruption and status quo will become all the more deeply entrenched. It is time for civil society to act, to start a real 2nd freedom movement through not just writing, speaking but through concrete action.
For the past 3 hours, I have been  coordinating the story on Ettiappan’s death, pleading with all the print media to give much space as it deserves tomorrow, for this contempt of court and negligence of the Government. They have promised, hopefully, the news will not get diluted in all the sound and fury of the by-election.
Request each of you to contemplate on this and give your positive response.How,  all right thinking civil society in the entire of India can unite and work, both at micro level as well as national level. The change that is happening is too slow and painful.
What is required is a Second Freedom Movement (SFM) that should spread like  wild fire and burn all the bad into ashes in a constructive way.. Not the typical response of middle class, candle light vigils.
We are better off. Hence, we owe it to Ettiappan and his orphaned wife & children.

2 Responses to “Urge to intiate ‘Revolution’”

  1. 1 Vyoma

    GO get some job you morons.

  2. 2 kumarpush

    you hindu Vyoma,get off your ass from this forum ,you bastard hindu.

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