Shindi Village may not speak facts, acts do



Name of Victims:       1. Miss. Panchshila Ashruba Shinde

                                          2. Miss Diksha Ashruba Shinde


Caste:                         Mahar


Type of crime:           Beating, molestation, exposed to disgrace


Date and place

 Of the crime:              19th Jan 2009, Shindi Tal – Kaij Dist- Beed


F.I.R.:                         354, 323,504,147,149

                                    Atrocity Act, 3(1)10, 3(1)11,


Police Station:            Kaij Tal – Kaij Dist –Beed


Main Accused:           1. Jagganath  Mssslidhar Jadhav

                                    2. Bharat Rajaram Jadhav

                                    3. Kailas Gopal Deshmukh

                                    4. Barik Gopal Deshmukh

                                    5. Tukaram Rajaram Jadhav

                                    6. Datta Ashruba Deshmukh

                                    7. Sham Rambhau Jadhav

                                    8. Mrs. Limbabai Ashruba Deshmukh

                                    9. Anil Radhakisan Jadhav

                                    10. Devidas Babasaheb Jadhav

                                    11. Shashikant Murlidhar Jadhav

                                    12. Mrs. Manubai Murlidhar Jadhav

                                    All accused from Maratha caste at. Shindi Tq.kaij Dist. Beed.




Background of the case:


Miss Diksha Ashruba Shinde (age 20) and her sister Miss Panchshila Shinde (age 18 ) resident of Shindi village belonging to (newly Converted Buddhist fold) from schedule caste background studying B.A. –I and H.S.C respectively.


Manchashila, the educated girl of village along with her supporting mother

Pic 01: Panchshila, the educated girl of village along with her staunch mother

After routine college, Panchshila returned home nearly at 12.30 on  19th Jan 2009 and had with Diksha and were heading for their farm to help mother, father and brother. On the way to field, accused Jagganath Jadhav and Bharat Jadhav saw them and commented “Salam Tumacha Sabhetela” (Salute to your silence ladies!) . Alonng with that they uttered nasty words however the girls did not react and went to the field.


 In the evening at around 5.45 p.m Panchshila, Diksha and her elder sister Suvarna’s daughter named Priya (age 4) were returning  from  field, accused Jagganath Jadhav, Bharat Jadhav, Kailas Deshmukh and Barik Deshmukh walking back side of both sister Diksha and Panchshila with whistle and ringing songs in the mobile. After some time Jagganath Jadhav pushed  Panchshila. She asked him why he is doing so. But Jagganath slapped  both the sisters. He also abused on caste lines “ Dhedgyano Lay Mazlat kay ani amahala  vicharayachi tumachi maharachi himmat hai ka ?” ( “You untouchables have no right to ask whatever we do) and  four accused started hurling abuses containing caste and mother. This was not Worst. Beating started. Four accused used stick, still, hand and legs. They smashed girls on chick , hand, chest, waist and pulled hairs.  Jagganath called his colleagues named as 1.Tukaram Rajaram Jadhav 2. Datta Ashruba Deshmukh 3. Anil Jadhav 4. Devidas Jadhav 5. Shashikant Jadhav 6. Shyam Jadhav 7. Manubai Jadhav 8. Limbabai Deshmukh. They soon started abusing “lay mazalet dhed” ( “These Mahars have crossed the limits”) and warned to kill. They brought  them while beating in the village. Diksha could no withstand. She felt down. She can not talk or walk. However Panchshila ran fast and told the incidence to her brother and other family members.



With the ready intervention of a Dalit activist, Mr. Rajesh Sonvane they went to police station  at 10 p.m on 19th Jan 2009. To their surprise irresponsible Police Inspector Mr Pawar was not ready to register the FIR.  When Mr. Rajesh Sonvane  called Superintendent of Pawar then only  P.I could register case at late in night at 2 P.M.


 During this night Diksha’s health condition went bad to worst. She was serious and her brother went to Kaij Rural hospital with Diksha , Dr. Pritam Raut a medical officer too did not care much .

Diksha is in worst condition

Pic 02: Diksha is in worst condition

Dr Pritam sent back Diksha and her brother to home. Next morning her condition deteriorated further as she was under huge psychological trauma.During that time, another Civil rights activist Ms. Manisha Tokale and her team reached Shindi village. She supported the family emotionally and lead them  to Kaij Rural hospital. As if planned  Dr. Pritam Raut was on leave . Their Diksha went unconscious due to lack of oxygen support , immediately Diksha was referred to Ambajogai governmental hospital.

18 year old Diksha Shinde being taken to hospital by her brother

Pic 03: 18 year old Diksha Shinde being taken to hospital by her brother


Present situation: Diksha and Panchshila health condition is good but they are under psycholigcal fear . Both girls and her family member also under the stress. Police officer did enquiry of both girls and her family. S.P. and District collector of Beed met  Diksha and Panchshila. While S.P was talking , Diksha said if the accused are not arrest she may commit suicide in the collector office.  


The electricity for Dalit community is cut off. People are not allowed to shop in the village. Its social boycott. Dalits are unsecured in the village. They are under stress and fear from upper caste people in the village.


Mrs Manish Tokale (Centre  for Human Rights activist) taking the lead

Pic 04: Mrs Manish Tokale (Centre for Human Rights activist) taking the lead


Tainted Legal course : 

  • Till date other eight accused are not arrested
  • Dr. Pritam Raut is not punished under POA Act Section 4
  • Dalit girls beating invites Atrocity Act Section 3 (1) 3, but applied.
  • Local leaders Mr. Sanjay Patil and Amar Patil are supporting with money & muscle power, nno police action against them under POA Section 8.

2 Responses to “Shindi Village may not speak facts, acts do”

  1. We don’t see these news on TV.. This is very bad..these things will only culminate to a genocide…

  2. 2 jadhav

    please send me your openion about that case?

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