Beed in anarchy: ‘Panchyati Raj’ is ‘Caste Raj’


The well known Romanticism of villages thru Panchayati raj has come to stale as it is devaluing the sociatal morality. The Gandhian concepts have bore wild fruits of deep humiliation and of castiest sore. Neither women nor the  Heads of Panchayat are left safe at the hands of castiest goons who are unstoppably ruling the Rural India. The warning given by Dr Ambedkar is not far but its reality.

Incidence 01: Panchayat ‘Vida’-Sarpanch Mr Chandrakand Dadarao Waghamare was asked by upper caste goons to grant free shop licences with no deposits which was not accepted by the Head. The 26th Jan republic day function required a Village assembly to be gathered under the presidency of Sarpanch in which the caste-goons thru stones at the Assembly head Waghamare also injured the Head along with sticks. After which the Police acted. Some were arrested; some were not but one thing was made sure white-wash the whole anarchy..6 family members of the compalinant (Mr Waghamare) were arrested by police under  frivolous charges.

Incidence 02 : Panchayat ‘Ladewad Gaon’-Sarpanch Mr. Baliram Shinde who shares similar story . He was barred from the hoisting the National flag on Republic day. The convention is  that the Chief of the Village assembly has to preside over the Republic day function. Mr Keshav Bapuran Shepap along with his gang not only abused the Head but also beaten him and asked to hoist the flag their hands. Mr Shinde was beaten and along with his men. He has nothing left but to go  on hunger strike before Beed collectorate. Atrocitynews would publish the pics of the strike soon, if possible. 

Incidence 03 : Panchayat ‘Khadki”-In an event that could rule out India as a true Democracy while celebrating 59th republic day seeing the social picture at the village level so  stinking and harmful for suffering lot. There needs a genuine effort from Govt and civil society to adress the caste-ills. See the situation in Village Khadkai. The uppercaste fellows forcibly wanted the Dalit homes on their name. When they could not get hold of any allotment, due to the efficacy of the Village Assembly, upper caste mob burnt 6 homes belonging to the Dalit Sarpanch Mr Dadasaheb Waghamare and his brothers. Accused Raghunath Bhonsale and Praddep Balasaheb launched false complaints against the victims (whose houses are burnt) as a usual tactics to remain far from the punishment ad terrorise the Victims further. Police acts only on behalf of money and muscle power and contains the Victims who suppressed doubly. What a mockery of democracy!

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