Shindi: Police favour for…


The village politics in and around Beed district  is opening up for a call from the caste-superiors in denying the essentials to suffering Buddhist Community that includes newly convert Mangs and Mahars. The scene in Beed is  CasteYouth  are flying on pillions  with a message -‘Mutilate  the Buddhists who dare to protest for their rights’.

The police essentially allies of majority remaining dull,no efforts to stop this menance,nay, helping the castiest goons by appling IPC sect 295 on the women groups. 5 women  activists are in Police custody who hurled set of bangles at Babanrao Pachpute, the gaurdian Minister of the region who is infamous for his dillay-dalli in administartion and caste biases.

Ministers have their say in the forthcoming election sets them happy when such incidences happen specially at when elections near.

Police terrorising already 'Broken' people

Pic 01: Police terrorising already 'Broken' people

2 Responses to “Shindi: Police favour for…”

  1. 1 T S TAYADE

    All Govt. in state as well as central should stop all low rate loans like “nano” project in gujrat @ 0.1 for Rs. 9500 crores. term period 20yrs & that funds should be incurred to help increasing living stds with education and all other facilities starting with inter caste marriages & after it will result in brekage of caste base soc in india.

  2. 2 kumarpushp

    Hindus are born barbaric and dalits have to sell their TV sets to buy the arm to protect themself.where all dalit organisation gone or hidding their face in Beed.time has come dalits have to follow the path showed by dr ambedkar.

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