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The result is the same, the system protects prejudice. Only way to suffering ex-untouchables is to leave the village. The district court today granted a bail to the accused and in spur of moment these demons have shaped into community heros for their deeds, terrifying the victims more. The judgement has increased their appetite for […]

RAPE OF DALIT GIRL AT PIPALGAON SADAK , Tahsil- Lakhni, District- Bhandara, MAHARASHTRA. Our correspondant Sandeep reports…    Many of us must have read about this incidence from different sources, but to get detail first hand information, I asked one of my friend to visit the place and find the real facts regarding the actual incidence. […]

Violation of fundamental rights enshrined in Constitution of India by proposing features like section 4 under ‘The Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Reservation in Posts and Services) Bill 2008’ With reference to above mentioned subject, we people of the unprivileged community of India would like to bring the following facts in your kind notice for […]

In a continual pouring  caste-hatred out, where even Police administration failed, Dalit lives are put at stake. They left with two options: Either obey the dictates of castiest supremacy or die at their will, is a message that passes thru every village in Beed District. In a most horrendous incident, Dalit family in Shindi is torn apart by burning […]