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The Government of India continues to defy commonsense by refusing to accept caste based discrimination is discrimination defined in the International Convention on Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD). The Indian delegation to substantiate this position also made a statement that Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vyshyas,Soodras and Dalits no more exists in India. The independent experts reviewing India’s […]

Following is a snapshot of an interview  conducted by the Atrocitynews correspondent with a defence Lawyer Mr Jaiswal, right  after the court proceedings. Atrocity correspondent: Sir, you have said in your arguments that Prevention Of Atrocity Act under  section 3(1)(x),(xi) applies when the crime is in public view. But suppose, the crime is in house […]

The courts proceedings for Kherlanji case started at around 1 pm on 22nd Feb 2007 Court                             –  Sessions court Bhandara The Honorable Judge     –  S.S.Das  P.P from CBI                –   Ajaj Khan Defense lawyers        –   Adv. Jaiswal and Adv. Khandewale Adv. Ajaj Khan: Sir, I request the 36 accused to be discharged, since no incriminating       evidence was […]

An Indian girl of 14 who was allegedly raped has written to President APJ Abdul Kalam asking him to give her “justice or permission to die”.The girl from northern Bihar state said she was “unable to bear” continued threats from the family of the alleged rapist and men belonging to his caste.The alleged rapist was […]

Some theatre activists of Nagpur have decided to make a full-length feature film on the Khairlanji Buddhist massacre that rocked the country in September last. Informing this in Nagpur on Saturday evening, Mr. Jiwne, a well-known theatre personality of the city, said that the noted Marathi actor Suhas Palshikar has agreed to act in the film as […]

“If television and newspaper coverage of the anti-reservation agitation was indulgent and one-sided, the lack of diversity in the newsroom is surely a major culprit”, Siddharth Varadarajan  shares an experience . MY FIRST brush with caste prejudice in higher education came in 1999, when a group of Dalit students from the University College of Medical Sciences […]

“Accustomed, as we are, to lawyers and judges saying that the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989 is being misused, I was amazed to find and document over the last few years, that in fact, the Act is not being used at all”, says Colin Gonsalves. Dalits who try to […]

Today the District court at Bhandara released 35 out of 46 accused from the charges.  Interesting to know, such was an express demand made by CBI a week earlier. Now only 11 are left under charges. In the discharged  35 accused includs Siddheshwar Bharne, the then head of the Andhalgaon police station in Bhandara district, under whose […]

The Khairlanji Action Committee has taken a strong exception to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) seeking discharge of 35 accused of the brutal Dalit killings at Khairlanji. The action committee has sought that the CBI should probe the incident afresh. The CBI had pleaded a trial court at Mohadi in Bhandara district on Monday […]

After the Khairlanji Action Committee, now it is the turn of the RPI leader  to blame the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for giving a clean chit to 35 accused in the Khairlanji Dalit massacre. Athawale, who was in Nagpur to attend the felicitation programme of Bihar Governor RS Gavai, said that they had demanded […]

“A friend asked, “So, what’s that caste-system thing? How’s that affecting the Indian economy?” He is a more regular gym-goer than I am, I must say”, clears Charu Saxena. . His question came as he sat there huffing at the arm-crunching machine, as the ongoing buzz of conversation settled momentarily on the amazingly fast growth […]

Dalit anger seems to be on the boil. Suddenly, there is a rash of violent protests across the country. What is the trigger? What are the reasons for Dalit anger to cross the tipping point now when they are steadily gaining political clout? While there’s bound to be a complex combination of factors for a […]

A BBC survey indicates that most Indians are proud of being Indian but are also against the caste system, seen as an obstacle to social harmony. Thus results belie claims by Hindu extremists that terrorism and ‘forced conversions’ are the main cause of tensions in society and reason to persecute Muslims and Christians. Nearly two-thirds […]

“The quest for superiority, primarily over other species and thereafter over the same species, is a trait common to almost every living thing on earth.This is specially so in a species known as Homo sapiens, the assemblage of a unit, which lived in caves and united themselves against wild animals but after successfully repelling them, […]

RW via BBSNews – New York, February 13, 2007 — India has systematically failed to uphold its international legal obligations to ensure the fundamental human rights of Dalits, or so-called untouchables, despite laws and policies against caste discrimination, the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice and Human Rights Watch said in a new report […]

More than 50 years after caste discrimination was outlawed in India, millions of “untouchable” low-caste Hindus remain subject to daily petty humiliations, police violence, rape and even murder, a major new report claimed yesterday. Despite India’s massive economic advances of the last decade, it is estimated that a crime is still committed against a Dalit […]

Alarmed at the growing rate of atrocities against dalits and high acquittal rates in such crimes, the Centre has appointed a high-level committee for effective coordination to devise ways and means to curb such offences. The Committee headed by union minister for social justice and empowerment would also see effective implementation of the Protection of […]

Dalit women from Krishna, Guntur, East Godavari, Ranga Reddy, Kadapa and Visakhapatnam districts converged here under the banner of `Dalit Sthree Sakthi'(DSS) to fight atrocities committed against them.DSS convenor Jhansi Geddam chaired their first annual general body meeting here on Wednesday. The two-day meeting will adopt a declaration seeking steps by the administration to end […]

A Dalit schoolgirl was gang-raped and murdered in a Bihar village, police in Patna said on Thursday. The incident took place on Wednesday in Kaurandihri tola in Bhojpur district, 60 km from Patna. Police said the girl was gangraped and her throat slit. A police complaint has been lodged against five people of same village […]

Social scientists have inquired into whether the religious and societal notions (or ideologies) of behavior in different societies confirm or come in conflict with the secular and universalistic approach to human rights. They have tried to identify the (religious and social) codes of behavior that conflicted with or supported the universal rights. Some have considered […]

Recently the Doctors from Youth for Equality along with the Indian Medical Association supported by media agitated against reservation policy in favour of Dalits and lower castes and spelt out loudly that Doctors from Reservation category are non meritorious. Coming from similar background, Dr Dhende showed a master piece of his Pediatric surgery (M.Ch.) talent by operating […]

 India has systematically failed to uphold its international legal obligations to ensure the fundamental human rights of Dalits, despite laws and policies against caste discrimination, say the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice and Human Rights Watch in a new report released today. More than 165 million Dalits in India are condemned to a lifetime […]

Following is a paper from OXFAM thinktank; it is quite interesting reading in  the light of present state of Indian Economy  and its poor people. Indian GDP  is growing at 8%  or even more but least of its impact seen on the  poverty indicators, especially pathetic conditions of Dalits telll us how they continue to strive for better life having supppressed at the bottom of pyramid, […]

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S.S.MOORTHY | | writes  It is a draconian incident. Whatever may be the nature and reason of enemity. Whatever caste or religion the parties in rivalry belong to, ultimately the sufferer is a women. In Hindu Muslim riots, the affected are women from both the sides, Hindu or Muslim the female is raped, even if […]

During a recent investigation, we came across the shocking case of a tribal woman who was raped by the Superintend of Police in North Chhatisgadh. This happened after she tried to get her husband to surrender before the police. Her husnad, who had come to surrender, was shot in front of her eyes and then […]

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Dr B.R. Ambedkar has written, “        It is usual to hear all those who feel moved by the deplorable condition of the Untouchables unburden themselves by uttering the cry, ‘We must do something for the Untouchables.’ One seldom hears any of the persons interested in the problem saying, ‘Let us do something to change the […]

 The National Commission for Scheduled Castes has taken a serious note of the failure of many states in setting up special courts for speedy trial of cases related to atrocities on Dalits and has even questioned the role of “men in uniform” in protecting the community. “There are several states which are yet to comply […]

“We voted for Ravindra Pawar all these years, but this time we vowed to teach him a lesson”, says RPI’s Gautam Sable / reports Rakshit Sonawane from Indian Express   At Thakkar Bappa Nagar, resentment against their big dada NCP corporator was brewing for long. But this time, the slum dwellers had had enough. They turned […]

Dalit Murasu, a widely-read Tamil monthly crusading for the oppressed, completed its tenth year in January. The magazine’s editor, M. Punitha Pandian, has reason to be proud of the milestone — it has not been easy running a magazine with almost no financial support. Bringing out each issue was a challenge, but Pandian and his […]

In a meeting with British Parlimentarian Mr Stefen Crab, Bhotmange reiterated following demands ; 1. The CBI should make the procecution so strong with evidences and proofs that no guilty should be left unpunished 2. People who are directly known to have leg in the crime are set free, CBI should get them in custody, because […]

As reported earlier, Puna based team of software professionals  was working on a longterm  Anti-atrocity mechanism. The team has already accomplished first mile stone by building with registration of 2000 voleenteers.  Secondly, as the safety of unprotected is the vital issue, the team has also come up with a detailed project report on combating caste violance with the help of information technology tools. Nonetheless it is based on their recent response […]

 Vidya Bhushan Rawat writes prolifically on social and psychological discrimination within Indian societies with wider perspective.  Atrocitynews takes opportunity to share with readers, yet another time ; please comment. The issue of racial discrimination has been in the news for quite some time. Some Indian pretended that they have been discriminated against in Britain while rarely speaking […]

In a big thumbs up to independent publishing and the fight against the caste system, the Indian Young Publisher Award has gone to a journalist who has devoted himself to exclusively bringing out books on caste related issues.  Sujoy Dhar from Indo-Asian News Service reports… S. Anand won the award Sunday night for his lateral […]

Patna: Caste consciousness is rising not only in college campuses but even among the law enforcement agencies in certain states. The kitchens of a police station in Patna are allegedly divided and named on the basis of castes. “We have separate kitchens for Yadavs, Rajputs, Bhumihars, Brahmins and Harijans. These are the names given to […]

Read following internet news and see for yourself ; how  noxious Indian High offficials are in condemning EU resolution that respects Dalit rights!  It takes no  shame on their part , having come from high caste background,  to deny the long denied rights and human dispositions to the suffering Dalits. That is surely a step forward to  frustrated India; cuffed  by the policymakers  and corporate […]

Today a team lead by Stefen Crab, Member of House of Commons, U.K., is in Kherlanji to take stock of the situation. Team includes David Griffith. Atrocitynews correspondant tell us that the team got shocked to hear the dastardly story of caste violance through Bhotmange, the only surviving father. They were even taken aback by the role of State Investigation  Agency in a civilised world […]

Following is a  paper written by Admiral Vishnu Bhagwat.  Admiral Vishnu Baghwat assumed charge of the Indian Navy, as the 15th Chief of Naval Staff, on 30 September 1996. Admiral Bhagwat  has been a strong votary of Ambedkar  & his Economic vision which has remained on the margins, as not much scholarship is available on that. […]