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Atrocitynews takes this onus to let the readers know that democracy movement in Burma is taking lives OF PEOPLE . Here is a report from Hozan Alan Senauke highlighting the fear among masses. It’s time to create world opinion in favour of peace + Burma Witness: Journey to a Land Cloaked in Fear Hozan Alan SenaukeDecember […]

Following is the Protest-letter written by Korean Solidarity to Indian Embassy in Seoul last year. We recovered it from Korea today. We are just presenting it to readers for obvious reasons. Masses should unitedly fight against prejudices and anti-civilisation structures with fervor. Thanks to all Korean brothers and sisters for this!

Please watch the following video, and see for yourself the Chitpawan Subcaste among brahmins in India struggling to get over identity crisis. (In marathi) This is going to give rise strange kind of genesis to  caste crystallisation in modern India. As we know caste is exportable. The high caste that enjoy fruits of economic gwoth are in this or that […]

 Fast-track court judge S S Das hearing the Khairlanji Dalit massacre trial on Wednesday warned the defence lawyer, Sudeep Jaiswal, for his “flagrant violation of judicial precedence during court proceedings”. As a result, Jaiswal left the court in a huff, though proceedings continued. He did not turn up in the court to take part in […]

 Following is an excellant write-up from VidyaBhushan Rawat on Dr Ambedkar written on his (parinibbana) death anniversary, the 6th December 2007.     + Universal Declaration of Human Rights signed on December 10th, 1948 and a majority of nations including the so-called imperial power, newly independent states, every one, agreed to certain principals of human life […]

Even after over a year, the interest of the foreign media does not seem to wane.On 11 & 12th November a Singapur correspondent of the world famous magazine,The Wall Street Journal &  a native of U.S.A.,Mr.Yaroslav Trofimov  met Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange .Later he visited Khairlanji.He saw the dilapidated hut of the Bhotmange family.He met the new […]

 No Proceedings since 30 November  The continuous adjournments are taken by the C.B.I.They filed an application in the court that due to the Rabbi Season, the witnesses are busy in their fields . Therefore, they called off the hearing due on 6,7,12 & 13th December.The next  witnesses  to be examined were Shivlal Galbale , Rambhau […]

 The court assembles at 11 A.M.But since the defence lawyer Adv.Jaiswal is not yet arrived to contiue the cross-examination of the previous witneess , Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange , the next witness , Sidhhartha Gajbhiye is called to be examined by the special public prosecutor Adv.Ujwal Nikam. Judge: What is your name? Wit: Sidhartha Gajbhiye. Judge : […]

Pic01: Increasing stand  every year; world watches

                                        ‘There is no reservation for the posts of Ayurved Medical officers in the Nagpur division’ so says the Deputy Director of health department in Nagpur division,Mr.V.N.Gedam who himself enjoys the fruits of the reservation.But when told that the if Pune division had reserved seats for the backward categories for 30 vacancies, then why the […]