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In a very shocking incident, the main Witness of the Khairlanji Massacre, Mr Rajendra Gajbhiye was dashed by an unidentified four-wheeler from bihind while he was goin to his village in order to attend a ceremony. Rajendra was brutally hurt by the dash and was admitted to  local hospital. He was accompanied by two Police Body-Guards who […]

Pic01 Ever compassionate-smiling Bodhi, brother Nitin Dongre This  day marks 1st Death Anniversary of Lieutenant of humanity; Brother Nitin was indeed hero of generation. His fragnant qualities cross miles and avons!   WREAD MORE

‘Democratic Secular Republic of Nepal’ is an investigative write-up from  Vidya Bhushan Rawat who  is not only an activist but a thinker.     Cynics in India might feel offended as how the only ‘Hindu’ Rastra of the world has democratically sealed the fate of an over pampered as well as highly autocratic monarchy in […]

he Uthapuram wall with the fence that was electrified by caste Hindus. A SINISTER electrical device attached to a wall that segregates Dalits from caste Hindus was removed by government officials at Uthapuram village in Madurai district on April 17. The device, it is said, was meant to warn Dalits against crossing the wall.While the […]


An article of the day from Tehelka To know the course India could have taken, we only need to take a look at our neighbourhood. Nepal, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Pakistan and Afghanistan all have Manuvaadi social hierarchies similar to India, but in the absence of an Ambedkar and his socio-political philosophy, which found superb articulation in […]

Report by  Pradeep People wouldn’t do this job for a million pounds and untouchable sweeper is doing just for two times meal!!! The Employment of Manual Scavengers and Construction of Dry Latrines (Prohibition) Act was enacted in 1993, but has proved ineffective in eliminating manual scavenging. The Act prohibits the employment of manual scavengers or […]