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Consistently showing violent behavior towards innocent civilians and particularly to Dalits and Nomadic Tribes is not new thing for Administration. The result is  deaths in custody.  Police Torture is especially designed to break the backbone of Indian Civil Rights Movement . Take the case in Faltan,Maharastra. More than 140 very young students are sent to Jail by police even […]

  On August 18, 2008, more than 35,000 villagers were displaced by a massive flood of the Koshi River in Nepal. The damage has been tremendous, and has led to increasing hunger and poverty. At the time of breaching about 168,000 Cusec diverted into west Kusaha, Lakahi, Ghuski, Shreepur, Hazipur, Haripur, Madhuban and Basantapur Village […]

Khobragade’s story parallels Dr. Goerge Washington Carver of the U.S.A who had done a staggering amount of work on agricultural plants but had to face a lot of discrimination because he happened to be black.  D R Khobragade is a Buddhist ( ex-Untouchable who got converted to Buddhism after Dr Ambedkar) and inventor of High yielding rice […]

Last year, on March 3rd, 2010, another Dalit, Balmukund Bharti, final year MBBS student from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi committed suicide. He was from Kundeshwar village from Tikamgarh district of Madhya Pradesh. He was a bright student from a very humble background.   Knowing the history of caste-discrimination in AIIMS […]