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Dalits in rural Karnataka suffer from landlessness. As land is important source of income and livelihood of rural folk in Indian society, it determines economic and social status of families. Poverty of rural dalits is mainly determined with level of land assets. Nearly 53% of dalit households do not have any piece of agriculture land, […]

At a time when the state is facing severe criticism for crime against women, a panchayat in the state has reportedly offered money to the family of one of the victims to shield the accused. The father of a 13-year-old victim, who was allegedly raped by a 62-year-old food vendor for four months, alleges that […]

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Research and Training Institute ( BARTI is a  premier institute into Research & Training on Scheduled Caste and their problems in Maharastra. The Institute  assumed to have cracked the code of Caste and Corruption in different way. The office tried to improve public delivery system of Caste Validity Certificates besides their original mandate and […]

The police firing on dalits at Than town in Surendranagar district was the latest in a series of police atrocities committed on Scheduled Caste people in Gujarat. Most acts of police brutality towards dalits go unreported but even the five cases — including the Than incident — that were officially recorded in the last three […]

Uttuk Manjhi (35), wife of a daily wager Barho Majhi, has been burnt alive in Bihar’s Gaya district by the upper caste Yadav landowners. The uppercaste  accused, Subedar Yadav – a former Sarpanch – and his two nephews Yogesh and Mukesh, had promised her a house under the Indira Awas Yojana. They used to visit the […]

He sat at the back of the crowded bus, hiding part of his face with an ‘angochcha’, looking away at the passing countryside. But one glance and she knew it was him. She got off the bus, rushed home, told her elders. They made a call, and at the next stop, the police stood waiting […]