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Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Research and Training Institute ( BARTI is a  premier institute into Research & Training on Scheduled Caste and their problems in Maharastra. The Institute  assumed to have cracked the code of Caste and Corruption in different way. The office tried to improve public delivery system of Caste Validity Certificates besides their original mandate and […]

There has been sudden upsurge of frivolous castist activities happening on Web Media especially social portals. Such a virulent agenda is put forth  by none other than a few fundamentalist groups including self-regulated RTI  ( right to information) activists who are internet-savvy. Targeting the credentials of honest officers coming from particular social groups is on their agenda. For example, Chief Information Commissioner ( Mr […]

In an assembly of prominent activists from India and USA, today, the Chief Secretary of Maharastra, Mr Ratnakar Gaikwad  expressed his strong will to make every attempt to stand against anti-democratic forces in India. He is the most-senior bureaucrat (IAS-1975 Batch)  in the State, who holds  the position of nodal officer for Prevention of Caste Atrocity too.  He is known for his ability to create positive […]