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fOLLOWING IS A REPORT DIRECTLY FROM IIT-KANPUR. READERS PLEASE HAVE A GO AND YOU WILL COME TO KNOW IITS HAVE FAILED US AS A NATION…   IIT Kanpur-Selection Committee conducted an interview for the post of Deputy Registrars (1SC, 1UR) on 21 November 2011 (Monday). Many SC candidates, who came from various highly reputed institutions […]

Rohidas Tupe was stoned to death by the Castiest hooligans last week. He belonged to ex-untouchable, Mang community from Pal Taluka, Fulambari Dist rict of Aurangabad To Know MORE , click here for the Background History !! Recent result of Session’s court over the heinous atrocity is : Seven people, including three women, were on Tuesday […]

“Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati is all set to complete her first five-year tenure as chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, India’s largest state by population. This is significant in itself. She became UP chief minister in May 2007 for the fourth time, with a majority in the Assembly that allowed her to sail through the entire term without a […]

Justice C S Karnan of the Madras high court, who alleged humiliation by fellow judges on November 2 (first reported in TOI), on Thursday said other dalit judges, too, are targeted and their reputation tarnished whenever they assert their self-respect. He added that “more than four or five high court judges” have humiliated him on […]

Occupy Wall Street (OWS) Movement is the most highly improbable event that could have occurred to USA in recent times. Who could have imagined five years ago that USA could face nation-wide protests of such a scale? The woes of protesters are many and they have found a medium to vent their frustration through Occupy […]

The seesion court has no other work than to play a spoil sport and comment on the various Atrocities commited on Dalits across the Country. The Court, while pronouncing quantum of sentence for the convicts in heinous Mirchpur Atrocity Case, noted that the convicts have been in custody for more than a year. The court also […]

Vital parameters, too, have changed for the better in UP. The recent Human Development Index report reveals that its Net State Domestic Product (NSDP) grew by 76% in the last five years, almost at par with Gujarat. The planning ministry revealed that UP was among five states which had higher growth rates than their 11th […]