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The Ambedkar principles* “employment and additional principles” on economic and social exclusion formulated to assist all foreign investors in south Asia to address caste discrimination. 1. Caste discrimination remains a serious problem in the countries of South Asia. The Principles outlined below are an attempt to address this. They are intended to acknowledge the degree […]

It is learnt from open sources that NDTV is planning to brodcast a special programe on US American resolution which is directed on Untouchability practices in India. This will be first time that Indian media would be hightlighting the international efforts on a issue of such a significance to Human Civilisation. Wonders are : how hostile Indian media acts further […]

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Amitabha writes…. Great work DFN and Manuski! Copngrates to Mr.Franks and team for this historical resolution.we need to propogate this news all over world so that the sleeping Indian govt should wake up… Hindu barbaric society is exposed in USA. How long this govt.will hide the truth of untouchability? UPA chairman sonia Gandhi and Manmohansingh […]

Court Proceedings on Khairlanji massacre as on 9th july are as follows.  Of which morning part is reported earlier;   The court re-reassembles at 3.p.m. Adv.Jaiswal is ready for cross-examination of witness, Suresh Khandate,who is  called into the witness box. Adv.Jaiswal:Suresh, When did you suffer from Chicken Gunya? Wit: 2 months from 20th september 2006. Adv.Jaiswal:How did […]

 Chapter 3 : Birth Major Ramji Sakpal and Bhimabai were blessed with 14th child on 14th April 1891. Bhimrao was their last child.  Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar  sometimes laughingly would say , “I am fourteenth jewel to my parents”. Out of 14 children, 7 died even before reaching 2 years of age. Among the remaining seven, 3 were […]

Caste based discrimination is the Indian variant of apartheid. For decades Indians have been separated and divided according to the caste hierarchy. In spite of several laws and even Constitutional guarantees India remains largely divided along the caste lines.Caste based discrimination is omnipresent in India. It is reflected across the societal spectrum. It is so […]

                        The court is aseembled at11:oo A.M. The judge is seating in his chair. The defence lawyers, Adv.Ajaj Khan & special public prosecutor Adv.Ujwal Nikam have already occupied their respective seats. But Defence lawyers  are not visible in the court-room. At 11:40 A.M  Adv.Khandewale arrives. The court reprimands him…. Judge : Adv.Khandewale, You are late by 40 minutes; […]