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Tumsar judicial magistrate A K Kale granted bail to ten of the 35 accused arrested in the Khairlanji Buddhist Massacre. The reason cited was that ’90 day deadline’ for filing of chargesheet against them was over. As per section 167 of CrPC, it is mandatory for the investigation agency to file chargesheet against the accused within 90 days […]

  Chap1 Familytree Mahar caste is the prominent caste among the Untouchables in India. Today the socio-history of this caste has faded out completely. The small information available with us helps us in understanding  Mahars being aborigins of Maharastra. They were very talented, cultured and fighter group and once upon they were rulers too. The Hindu religion reformist, Mr. Rajaram Ramkrishna […]

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The spontaneous outbreak of Dalit protests over the ghastly caste atrocity at Khairlanji, and the violent reactions to the desecration of Ambedkar’s statue in Kanpur, have sent media pundits into a spin. They cannot believe that protests of such magnitude can take place without political forces backing them. Dalits have never needed to be prompted […]

“Prime Minister Manmohan Singh reiterated on Wednesday that Muslims have not got an equal share of the country’s development results. Brushing aside BJP`s charge of Muslim appeasement, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Wednesday said his Government was committed to removing inequities for Muslims. Manmohan Singh went a step further when he became the first leader […]

A day after the Central Bureau of Investigation filed its chargesheet in the Khairlanji case, a magistrate’s court here on Thursday remanded 46 persons, including the 11 accused named in the chargesheet, to judicial custody. Besides the 11 accused, the CBI team produced 35 others who have been detained in connection with the killing of […]

You may download the scanned chapters of Marathi version of the Biography by clicking in the box down. Ambedkar biography Tranlsate them and give [chapter+page number] as name of subject/file Send it directly to How a reader can contribute? Process Pic ANB: The making of ‘Online Dr Ambedkar biography’   .

CBI files chargesheet against 11 in the Khairlanji Murder case, further investigation continues             CBI today filed a chargesheet against 11 persons for murdering four members of a family in Khairlanji village of Bhandara District of Maharastra. The chargesheet was filed in the court of Judicial Magistrate First Class, Mohadi Taluka, Maharastra against 11 […]

The CBI today filed a chargesheet against 11 persons (as against 24 reported earlier:unofficial sources) for their alleged involvement in the Khairlanji murder case which provoked a nationwide protest across the state. The 11 have been chargesheeted under charges of murder, criminal conspiracy, unlawful assembly with deadly weapons and outraging the modesty of women. However, […]

Caste discrimination continues to hamper the objectives of Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS),points out a report …        Caste discrimination continues to hamper the objectives of Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS). This has been pointed out by a report — “Focus on children under six”, brought out by Right to Food Campaign, highlighting the […]

India’s caste system gets fresh, Freudian analysis in new book by UC Berkeley folklorist Alan Dundes  Caste and untouchability in India have puzzled social historians for centuries. Why are millions of Indians deemed “untouchable?” Can a person change his or her caste? Why is cleanliness so prized — and yet cowdung used as a cleansing […]

Indian woman liberation day  is celebrated on every 25th December owing to  Dr BR Ambedkar`s revolutionary burning of Manusmriti on 25 Dec 1927 at Mahad. This is the occasion when it is said that Indian women got a notional freedom from Religious slavery. The women organizations irrespective of caste bindings and religious faiths across the […]

Monoj_del writes his critical observation on the earlier comment posted by doctorsrk: “Intercast Marriages must be IN TWO WAY” Dear doctorsrk i agree with your opinion. But if we see the intercast marriages done in last decade, it seems that girls from upper cast(UC ) married with well educated/settled dalit guy only. Further in many […]

A 10-year-old girl from India’s lowest Hindu caste had her fingers chopped off for stealing a few spinach leaves from the field of an upper-caste farmer, a news report said Monday. The attack took place in a village in Bhagalpur district of India’s eastern Bihar state last week, the Hindustan Times newspaper reported. Khushboo’s parents […]

The CBI has filed charge-sheet in Khairlanji buddhist Massacre, before the JMFC court in Mohadi. CBI sources claimed to have readied the chargesheet well in advance before the deadline of December 28. While delivering a fresh insight into the brutal murder of four members of the Bhotmange family in Khairlanji, CBI is likely to present an […]

Question in a sane mind: There is so much of suffering around, so much of disparity around, so much of unhappiness prevailing in minds and so many socio-economic-political problems the world is engulfed into. The question naturally comes then is; Who will bring in happiness to this world? who will cut down the universal human sufferings? Who will find answers to the global problems? Answer […]

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This is a comment from our doctor brother.. doctorsrk | | Twrites….  “The only way to end ‘caste’ is not by violence or protest, its by promotion of intercaste marriages. then only a casteless society will develop. But the psych of caste is deeply rooted in our society, even there are subcastes among Dalits, […]

CBI ,the central Indian investigating agency which is now incharge of  Kherlanji Buddhist Massacre investigations, is getting over with its final stages of investigations. The confirmed sources informed Atrocitynews that CBI is  filing the chargesheet tomorrow. Lets keep fingers crossed till that time. We will get back to you with the details of the Chargesheet tomorrow.

Various individuals and organizations from UK forming the International Forum for Prevention of Atrocities Against Dalits (IFPAD) demonstrated against the brutal rape and massacre of 4 members of a Dalit family in Khairlanji village, Maharashtra, India, in front of the Indian Embassy, London on December 12, 2006 from 11.00 am to 3.00 pm. Mr. Dharam […]

 A middle-aged Dalit woman in Bihar was tonsured and paraded half-naked on the orders of the husband of a woman village head for allegedly stealing a few bananas. Basra Devi, in her mid 50s, of Balua Basanta village in Vaishali district was meted out the “punishment” on Saturday. “I was forcibly tonsured and paraded half-naked […]

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“Dear Madam/Sir: It’s a towering move towards advocating social justice for the Dalit and tribal communities that are living in apathy in India and reflects EU commitment to protect human rights . The recognition to the age old tyranny in itself is the first move towards voicing the injustice but there are challenges ahead to […]

 Here is yet another thought provoking artilcle from  Vidya Bhushan Rawat. In this article he shares his view on present Indian media ‘untoucahble attitude’ towards  Dalit and Buddhist issues.   As the year 2006 is coming to an end, there is time for introspection and many issues, which need our attention. The media said that it represented people […]

The militant Dalit protests provoked by the Khairlanji carnage highlight India’s failure to combat social exclusion and the need for an alternative strategy. .   There are three ways of looking at the militant Dalit protests that recently broke out in Maharashtra, and caused the unfortunate destruction of public property, including the torching of the […]


Atrocitynews special:   Do we need another revolution?   Constitutional mandate to end discrimination, silent Indian Parliament and Roaring philosophy of Dr. Ambedkar. by   **Star Columnist of  Atrocitynews Board of Directors of the East India Company ruled India till 1858. After the mutiny of 1857, the power was transferred to the British Parliament through famous […]

Congress president and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi has condemned the killing of a Buddhist family by villagers in Khairlanji of Maharashtra. Pic1: Sonia Gandhi Speaking at a rally in Mumbai on Saturday, she said that the CBI which is investigating the matter will bring justice to Bhotmange whose wife and daughter were paraded naked, raped and […]

Phase Pardhis are one of India’s denotified tribes but the authorities and society in general continue to think of them as criminals. DILIP D’SOUZA writes of their daily humiliations and struggle to survive. THAT morning, the most curious moment came when a woman thrust a piece of paper into my hand. It was a letter. […]

Despite the repeal of the Criminal Tribe Act in 1949, members of the ‘denotified’ tribes in Maharashtra continue to face harassment at the hands of the police and leaders of the upper castes. by DIONNE BUNSHA in Kalamb WHEN Banabai Banshi Pawar set herself on fire in a crowded courtroom at Kalamb in Maharashtra’s Usmanabad […]

During the World Buddhist Leaders Council, Tibet’s “god-king” urges Indian Buddhist sects to remove any sign of social discrimination and join together to form a single denomination. The Dalai Lama has called on Indian Buddhist Dalits to “transcend the Hindu caste system” that exists in India and instead fight this vice. He lamented the “differences […]

New Chief Justice of India, Balakrishanan Justice K G Balakrishnan, the senior-most judge of the Supreme Court, will be the new Chief Justice of India, the first-ever Dalit to occupy the coveted post. Law Ministry sources said President A P J Abdul Kalam approved the new appointment on Friday. He replaces Chief Justice Y K Sabharwal […]

  Coming soon An exhilarating article, that would make you think abysmal, that can shake you throughly, that can  challenge Indian Present, that can narrate untold Indian history>>>only on   Atrocitynews special     till then keep reading!

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                     ………………………..HistoricResolution……………………….. Pic1:European Parliament in sesssion .  EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT Session document :   MOTION FOR A RESOLUTION pursuant to Rule 91 of the Rules of Procedure by the Committee on Development on the human rights situation of the Dalits in India.  The European Parliament, Having regard to the hearing held by its Committee on Development on 18 […]

Role of media in recent dalit outrage: The media ignores dalits and their problems until they turn violent. Riots, Strikes and public protests are not an unknown phenomena in any part of the nation but what has really surprised everyone is the leaderless mob of women and children seen in parts of Maharastra during the […]

National Human Right Commission has issued a notice to Chief Secretary and DG of Police maharatsra on Kherlanji Massacre that killed entire Buddhist family leaving behind the helpless father. The worst of caste crimes against a Buddhist educated family was committed bya bloody casteist mob of 50-60 in the month of october in so called ‘progressive’ state […]

Tension is palpable in village Shahpur under Himmatnagar panchayat under Kochadhaman police station after 18 houses belonging to the Musahar community were torched on Sunday night following a dispute over the right to fish in a government pond. According to reports, there was a verbal duel over fishing in 3.55 acre government land between the […]

 WHEN the Gangapur village panchayat unanimously decided not to allow a former sarpanch, a Patel, divert government money into personal use, little did the Dalits know that the entire Patel community would ostracise them. While today—more than a month after the social boycott started— the Dalits are facing livelihood threat, officials are yet to take […]

From very close sources  it was learnt that the efforts from CBI are underway to make the case very solid . It is also learnt that CBI has met with some substantial success. The case seems to be buliding up against the agents of inhumanity who made mokery of humanity. CBI apperently has  got helful gestures from able witnesses in […]

Educate, Agitate and Organize: Complete path to transform self and world taught by Babasaheb Ambedkar Khairlanji: A tipping point The Khairlanji massacre should act as a great turning around for the entire humanity. The masses displayed a huge enthusiasm for change and demonstrated that they are ready to court arrests, go to jails and even […]

Khairlanji: Women’s organisations action committee meets at Mahad on Indian Women’s Liberation Day, 25th December, 2006. The spokeswoman of the commitee reports… In yet another significant move post Kherlanji massacre Protest, women’s organizations in Maharashtra are meeting together at Mahad in State of Maharashtra on 25th Dec. 2006. If the women’s problems irrespective of their […]

Maharastra State Winter assembly session got concluded recently in second capital of Maharastra, Nagpur. People in Maharastra had great expectations from it in the backdrop of Kherlanji Massacre that there would be some concrete program against atrocities chalked out.  But nothing came out , only depiction of shameful State is visible now! A Telgu Portal reports………………….. “A record […]

In the recent happening, CBI is seem to have engaged itself in the investigation of Kherlanji masscre. The masterman who helped the accsued in destroying the evidences is none other than the local BJP MLA Mr Kukade. He is said to be the main master behind the scene, for all purposes villagers engineered the dealy […]